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  1. Hi, I had moved mine sometime ago, but with the last update, Evernote seems to have moved the files back to the default directory. Does this sound correct, or ? I could easily use the Tools to move it back to where I did have it, but my concern is I would not have seen this execept by chance, and my back up service was not configured to back up the database from the default location, so it was a bit worrying that it got moved without my permission. Grant
  2. Hi Dave, for me, using Chrome, there is no search box in the upper right, but if I use Edge, I do see it... odd... that is indeed what I would like to see...
  3. Hi, Is there a user manual for evernote (for windows)? All I wanted to find out was if there where shortcuts to insert time and date. 25 minute later I still do not know. First I clicked on Help expecting a typical index off line help tool to pop up. Nope, off to a web page. Well at least i can search using that. Nope, just a bunch of articles on general topics with no search function. Off to this forum. Searched on ' user manual ', ' user guide ' and, nope, nothing... So now I bow to my fellow users on the forum for explaining what I missed as far as getting detailed instruction on how to use each function of evernote. Oh yeah, and if there are short cuts for inserting time and date. Thanks grant
  4. HI, I have this problem too. I would rather not have to delete files I know nothing about, unless instructed by the support team. I have tried clicking through, but the 5 items do not accept a check mark so I can not complete them. I have dismissed the whole box and restarted maybe 20 times since this started. (probably with a few updates inbetween) @Austin G, or @dconnet can you maybe help? I sent a ticket in last week, but have not gotten any reply than the automated one confirming they got my request. Ticket# 2427859 Grant Nelson (paying customer)
  5. DT Low, of course I searched this forum before going sending an email to support (I have been a member since 2011). My issue is, and others have it, but from what I saw, no straight forward solution, is a small thing, but I do pay for support, so would expect some kind of rely inside a week.. The issue: I always get (probably 20 times) the ' Evernote Essentials, lets Get Started' dialog box when I restart Evernote... its not possible to complete the 5 tasks either, which I assume would make it stop popping up... other posts say its supposed to stop after a number of times, or, of course, I should finish the tasks, but that does not work. If you can find an answer on the forum the helps more than the answers that already where supplied, i would be very happy. Metrodon, I will wait a few more day, and then try the Twitter mode... I agree, there is no reason to not answer me because my question is not as 'big' as other peoples... Regards, Grant
  6. Hi, I submitted a ticket on 17 March, and have no reply other than the first one where they said they got my request (Ticket# 2427859) and will reply soon. So far I have heard nothing, and sent two reminders. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Or they don't really care about supporting paying individuals? Grant
  7. Hi, The new display mode is nice, but when I add two pdfs to a page, how do I move then around - as in move one above the other? I do not see able to select the pdf to move or copy it. Also, I find it hard to get my cursor to before the first PDF so I can add some text above the PDF.... any thoughts? Thanks Grant
  8. +1 Any update on this after 3 years? ;-) It really would be handy.
  9. I scan PDFs into Evernote. These are not pre-indexed to make them searchable. I want to depend on Evernote to do that, as that is the most efficient process. They do become searchable, but the found words are not highlighted in the documents, which greatly reduces the overall efficiency value of Evernote search for PDFs. Has this ever been implemented? I read in some archived posts that it was a licensing issue with FoxIt, but it would seem after all these years or working together, this minor improvement would have been added. I see when I right click on the PDF and 'save searchable PDF' that it saves a file with just the indexed word, but mapped to the right location on the page, so everything is there, just someone needs to turn on the highlighting ;-)
  10. Search would be much more useful if Saved Searched would also save the Sort parameters. (maybe combine with with remembering the sort order for each notebook or tag selection too, instead of 'one sort order fits all approach used now)
  11. WYSIWYG Go Go Go, yes! Bump. +1 ! Then I could actually consider using for work.
  12. Hello Evernote: Being able to include sort order in saved searches has been a frequent guest for many years. It would be a very powerful, yet simple to use feature, that would really enhance the usefulness of Evernote. Thank you. Grant
  13. Hi, When creating a new notebook using the menu, you get the option to create a local notebook. Using shortcuts, or right click does not give you this option and creates an online notebook. Maybe I am doing someting wrong, and would like to hear If this how it does work, of course I can try to remember this minor querk, but if I forget, then I can not change an online notebook back to local, which seems unhandy too. Maybe I should send a bug request, or should I enter a feature request and will they react to that? Thanks, Grant
  14. Hi, where can I find a recent version of the Windows Guide in pdf form? I can find the online version, but not a pdf version for reading when offline. Thanks
  15. The s-pen only works on certain devices. The tablet has to have the sensors to accept the pen. Evernote has already created a stylus that works on all devices. I don't know if it is as precise as the s-pen, but it appears to be significantly better than an ordinary stylus. I don't own one of Evernote's styluss because my device has an s-pen. If you are interested, here is the link: https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/stylus?sku=STYL001001&utm_source=PLATFORM_EN_WINDOWS_DESKTOP&utm_medium=in_app&csrfBusterToken=b10d6dff The ´Evernote´ stylus you link to is only for iOS (apple), which I know is the ´only´ and thus ´all devices´ but some of us aliens use Android ;-) for which there is not yet (that I know of) such a fine pen
  16. I agree with Michel, using a reminder to ´pin´ a note to the top is a ´work around´ not an implementation. Its better than nothing, so I am glad to have learned about it, but it would still be nice to be able to pin a note so that it turns up in the actual note list. This goes in my list of really useful things Evernote seem un-interested in implementing, such as better formatting tools for note (link we have here when creating an entry; it is called Evernote after all), saving the sort order with saves searches, etc. Its these things that stop me from using it everyday, and keep me from recommending it to my colleagues, as I don´t want them to also run up against these small, but annoying, short comings where you end up having to waste time and simplicity with ´workarounds´ OK, sorry for the rant, but it feels good sometimes... :-D Grant
  17. Hi Brian, Maybe we need to look at the details, since I get the same behavior using the windows version... I think the confusion is that the file name as seen in the Evernote note remains the same, but each time I open a file to edit it, the document editor (LibreOffice in Windows, OfficeSuite in Android) creates a new file with "FileName" (number).docx. That 'number' goes up by one each time I open the file. If I dig into my evernote directories I find that on both platforms evernote is storing each one of these versions. So, in Evernote I see the file attachment with the original name, and it opens the latest version (in fact today I found I had lost all my changes in one document, but I am not sure why yet) but, in the background evernote is eating up space by saving each iteration of the document. Could this be because of the 'history' feature premium user have, and evernote is nicely saving each edit of a document too? That would make sense, but it could end up using a lot of SD card, or HD space, if the documents are large, without users being aware why. Maybe also, it could be that Evernote watches the date, and only does this during one day, and starts over with the numbering the next day... Today the numbers started at one again (but like I said, all my edits from the last days where also gone, so maybe I somehow messed things up). I will check tomorrow to see if the values are reset or not...
  18. Handwriting crashes Evernote on my HTC Desire 2 running Android version 2.3.3
  19. asus tf 700 Officesuite 7.4.1671 pro edition Evernote Version 5.8 bêta (but It also happened with an earlier version) Android Version 4.2.1
  20. I recently reset my android tablet, installed evernote and officesuite. I still get this problem of saving new versions with a number added when I select replace. Also, now officesuite has random ads taking up the bottom 15% of the sceern, and it claims the trial is 90 days, not 7 days. All in all enough oddities for me to ask if anyone else sees this and/or if there are fixes. Thanks. Grant
  21. Yeah, if I had a company called Evernotes I would have been sure solid, cross platform, editing/formatting was designed in from day one. Alas, the longer they wait to do something about it, the harder it will be to fix. But, we will have to patient and wait... we are trapped now
  22. There are industry (actually operating system) standards that do not make this approach necessary for PCs, for example most word processors, drawing packages, etc. have this 'create by scanning' feature which works for all scanners.. so Evernote could implement this nice feature if they felt like it. It would be nice to have a dialog for each time you scan something similar to the those used with the web, email and other capture tools they already offer (and do have to write for each type of browser, email package, etc. because there are no standards in this case...hummm). What comes close, is to use a smartphone or a tablet with a good camera and use the option to create a note with a photo. Usually the resolution, focus, and contrast are good enough not only to read again, but for the Evernote OCR to recognize pretty well. And you can add the title, contexts, etc. right away. Anyways, for PCs, the scan to folder is a nice feature too, and works OK if you remember to (regularly) go back and process all the notes that come in that way since they do not have useful titles, contexts, etc.
  23. Thanks for replying Brian. I indeed followed your workflow, and have even reinstalled evernote (but not officesuite) and its still saving every version in that unsaved notes directory. you might be looking in the wrong place, you need to look under the /user-xxxxx/unsaved_notes directory.
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