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  1. My team battle-tested Evernote's Work Chat feature last night. It worked great as long as one person edited the note at a time.

    1. What I'd love is the ability to have multiple people edit a note simultaneously (like taking meeting notes, for example), with the different users' edits in different colors — much like track changes in Word or even the things that Google Docs can do.
    2. The swirling "I am editing this" avatars are far too subtle. A "you are editing" bar at the top of the note would be better.
    3. If we cannot ever edit simultaneously (potential technical limitations, I get it), how about a button to request access, so that we don't have to keep jumping from the note to the chat window to request access?
    4. A "there have been changes made to this note, click this to see those changes" button/link/indicator, to let the others know about the new stuff.

    Thank you very much for you time.

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  2. @Macfixer: That capability has been there for several versions - both the menu way of doing it as you show, but also simply right-click (Cmd-click) on any item already in the sidebar, and you have the option to "Remove from Sidebar".


    Don't know if that right-click method is still present in v6....


    I knew that — was posting for those complaining about the "ZOMG Work Chat BEING FORCED ON ME!!" crowd.

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  3. I'm using tinypic.com to get the url to post images here... Although I started out with 500kb allowable uploads here, I'm now down to less than 30kb... 


    Yeah, I ran into the same problem. What I do is take the screenshot with Skitch, or drag a screenshot into Skitch. Then, use the "direct image url" option when sharing it (and switch off the short URLs). Poof "unlimited" image sharing.


    Kinda kludgey, but it works. I hope that helps!

  4. I run Evernote for Mac 6 on my iMac and MacBook Air, and on iPad 4 and iPhone 6+

    Exploring the new version on my iMac made me think whether I've gone blind or not: where is the "Send Mail" button..? Some developers think that everyone wants to share everything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but we are many more that runs a business and DO NOT want to share a whole folder or just a single note with dozens of people. Give me back my "Email to"-button or tell me where you have buried it, so I can work with people, who does not use Evernote or FB, Twitter or any other social media..!


    The easiest way to get to it is to right-click on a note and choose "More Sharing…" — "Email Note…" is at the bottom.


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  5. Please fix the UI by allowing us to revert to the old theme or allow customization.


    Also several of my coworkers are reporting errors (in performance and capabilities).


    BTW Is there a better (official) place to submit complains?


    Thank you.


    These forums are being monitored, and therefore represent the best way to complain.

  6. The UI in 6.0.1 is dog-slow. Window dragging, window resizing… scrolling through the contents of a note is even slow! What possessed you to make the background behind the notes behind-window transparent? My notes should be my notes! Spend a minute in Mail, Finder… is there anywhere else in the OS where the thing that you're doing your primary work on is just transparent for no reason?


    Well… we have the Finder:



    …and Mail.app:



    …and both seem to show transparency "for no reason" as far as I can tell. Maybe Evernote is wrong, but they're following Apple's lead on Apple's platform.

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  7. This isn't an aesthetic judgment or a knee-jerk "YOU GUYS CHANGED HOW IT LOOKS AND I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK" post.


    It's functional feedback: the new look of Evernote 6 is so bright that it hurts my eyes to look at after a very short period. I work on a computer every day and have no eye conditions or other disabilities; the Evernote 6 window is just now really, really, really white and bright. Whiter and brighter than any app I can think of.


    I've never had an app so bright that it's actually uncomfortable to look at for more than a few minutes, but man, Evernote is the first.


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  8. Found a bug in the first 10 seconds of using 6.0.1 for the Mac. Print a note, click cancel, note title is changed to "Untitled." Do you guys test your software? I will submit a formal bug report...maybe it's fixed in 6.0.2.





    I can confirm this on my end, too (v6.0.1)

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  9. The easiest way is to "select all", then, from the File menu, choose "Export Notes…" and choose the .enex format.

    If you have a lot of notebooks, create a folder for each notebook, then export one notebook at a time, as I think just doing a bulk export will not preserve the structure.


    I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.

  10. No that is not right. I un subscribed last week and I got an email TODAY 20th November:


    Subject: Evernote Tip 5 of 5: How to find anything

    Date: 20/11/2014 14:31:27 GMT


    Macfixer "How else would you want to be contacted ...... A phone call at dinnertime. I DONT WANT THE EVERNOTE ***** IF THEY WANTTO PHONE ME AT DINNER TIME  I WILL TELL THEM TO PISS OFF. 


    Breathe. Relax. It's email, keep that in mind. This isn't life or death here.


    Have you put in a ticket with tech support re: the email?

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  11. Hi, 


    I've been using Evernote Premium for work for a year now. As an anthropologist, I need to scan and annotate fieldwork notes in Skitch. Then, sometimes I have to add comments on the Skitch note saved on Evernote.


    To do this, as it is not possible to write directly on the Skitch note once saved on Evernote, I used to convert my Skitch note on PDF on Evernote. But this option is no longer possible on the new version


    I know I could "annotate the note" on evernote, which creates a .png note on evernote, but then I'm loosing all the data that's included in the title, which means wasting a lot of time for me. 


    Could somebody help me solve this problem ?


    Thanks in advance. 


    Best regards,




    I have version 5.7.2 of Evernote installed and version 2.7.6 of Skitch installed. 


    I dragged a PDF that I made into Skitch and marked it up. Skitch kept it as a PDF. Then I synced it to Evernote. The file showed up as a PDF in Evernote. I annotated the original PDF in Evernote (I added some more arrows), then saved it. Evernote kept it as a PDF. Its not converting anything into any other formats. What am I doing wrong?

  12. I just upgraded to 5.6, and I can confirm that on 10.7.5, it the release version continues to crash when moving notes, the same problem that existed for me from at least beta 7 to beta 10. I have submitted crash reports for the release version, and a support ticket as well, in addition to process samples for the crashes I had in the beta version. Hopefully a solution will be around the corner.


    For any other users like me who are an 10.7.5, I would advise staying on 5.5.2 until this problem is sorted out, or at least keeping a copy of that version backed up so you can roll back if needed. This problem makes Evernote very, very unreliable and is a frequent interruption to getting work done. 


    Note — The database format has changed from 5.5.2 to 5.6.0 — a new copy of your data would need to be re-downloaded from the cloud.

  13. I have the option to update to betas, worked all the time in the past but this morning (9am GMT, 9th August) just tried to update automatically, it downloads all the file but then I get an error 

    "An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later."


    I had to download from link provided in this thread and that worked.


    Mac os Yosemite.


    Sounds like you got a corrupted build. Glad you're up and running again.

  14. Loaded Beta 3 this a.m. Prior to this update (though I skipped Beta 2), I was able to drag an Apple mail message from Apple mail into an EN note and bring over the full email (.eml file). As of Beta 3, when I do this action, EN is only including a URL back to the original message. Assuming this was a product change, this is a significant step backward. No longer can I store a message I want to save with a note independent of Apple Mail. Please tell me this capability was not removed!!

     Works fine for me…



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