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  1. I'm totally putting "SOLOPRENEUR" on my next batch of business cards
  2. I have version 5.7.2 of Evernote installed and version 2.7.6 of Skitch installed. I dragged a PDF that I made into Skitch and marked it up. Skitch kept it as a PDF. Then I synced it to Evernote. The file showed up as a PDF in Evernote. I annotated the original PDF in Evernote (I added some more arrows), then saved it. Evernote kept it as a PDF. Its not converting anything into any other formats. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Note — The database format has changed from 5.5.2 to 5.6.0 — a new copy of your data would need to be re-downloaded from the cloud.
  4. Sounds like you got a corrupted build. Glad you're up and running again.
  5. Love love love the new "choose a notebook" menu -- did it always have the "recently used notebook" option at the top?
  6. Works fine for me… http://note.io/1AbZyk9
  7. My Evernote note is kind of old (circa 2007), and when I click the "i" button to edit info on it, and clear the URL, the Get Info popout gets stuck and eventually the app crashes.
  8. We already have this feature, at least in the latest GA release 5.5.1. Just click on the Elephant icon in the main Apple menu (or use the shortcut setup in prefs) for "Quick Note". Don't know if it's still in the Beta or not. I knew that — but its attached to the menu bar. I want a windowed version of it.
  9. Yes, THIS. Would also love the option for a bare-bones note — no toolbars, no rich text. For quick note taking (think "writing down a phone message when you don't have pen and paper") to then go back later and embellish it with colors or bold text or what have you.
  10. I appreciate the effort at squashing bugs in these past few releases.
  11. This happened to me for the first time with beta 5. Maybe a Mavericks / dual monitor thing?
  12. Does 5.5 include the security update referenced in Phil's blog post?
  13. Hey! Clipper allows me to clip Animated GIFs again! Not mentioned in the release notes, but I'm glad I can finally get back to, umm, work.
  14. Warning: Sarcasm follows One of my very important uses of Evernote is to store my collection of animated gifs for any occasion™. However, even though the image is clipped as a GIF, it's no longer animated inside of Evernote. I have to drag the image from Safari to my Desktop, then drag it into Evernote, which is a (pun unintended) drag. Please solve this. The internet is worse off without the GIFs. And now, a classic for you.
  15. Yeah, we need to do a collabro notebook on GIFs… https://www.evernote.com/shard/s6/sh/3acc89d7-cc7e-4e1e-b0d4-5f11d0b7a4c1/d20be2fd147d6c92fc853ccab0c50b62
  16. Speaking of GIFs, it's not mentioned, but does this fix the "clipper grabs an animated GIF but fails to make it animated while in Evernote" bug? — am I barking up the wrong tree?
  17. You're not having a "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame." moment, are you?
  18. You're posting this in the Evernote Food forum — wrong place. You're looking for the Evernote for iOS forum. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.
  19. In the meantime, I'm snapping screenies with the built-in os x tool, then editing them in Skitch.
  20. I have 2 monitors. I can only snap on the main iMac screen, regardless whether or not it's the active screen. Skitch 2.6.2 (262912), Direct Download 10.9 DP8
  21. Did you select "Quit" from the Elephant menu before uninstalling?
  22. The "this file is a Skitch item" toolbar icon is superior to the "mark this item up in Skitch" toolbar icon. Perhaps lose the stripes in the former to simplify it?
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