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  1. I don't see this option to be available for me (Evernote MacOS 10.15). Anyone has news on this?
  2. CMD+Option+F is indeed the shortcut I was looking for. Fortunately I have found a way to remap this shortcut in Settings > Shortcuts. Thanks @Macfixer!
  3. Feature request I have tried many knowledge base tools, including those from Zendesk. They'll all have one thing in common: they do not provide a desktop app like Evernote does. While I have managed to build a small knowledge base in Evernote (for anyone who's interested, this is what it looks like), it is far from ideal (branding, no native support for menu's), but actually, it is quite manageable. Idea The knowledge base has to be simple; just like the knowledge base created by Evernote itself (link). We need to be able to create categories and a homepage (or menu) to provide quick
  4. Feature In Windows, pressing CTRL+Q simultaneously will pop-up a search box to search within your note(book)s. This is very frequently used by myself; but I haven't found a familiar shortcut on the Mac yet. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for Mac, downloaded from the App Store. Request Is it possible to add such shortcut (e.g. Option+Q) to the Mac app in the next release?
  5. +1, this is absolutely terrifying. Issue Each time you'll add a table to your note, there's about 60px padding added to the top of the table (see attachment). The same goes to the web version.
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