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    I have more than 7000 notes and the re-index process really spends lots of time (approx. 500 notes/5mins). I am not sure whether it is a bug.


    How do we know when it is done? I have a Macbook (2015) and I have no clue when it is busy. There is no HD light and indexing isn't a particularly processor intensive activity. I have almost 8,000 notes at around 7GB in size. I didn't leave it open for a long period of time, maybe 30-45min max before I closed the lid and went to work.


    Should I leave it open for an hour or more tonight?



    We do emit a completion message in activity log, but not via UI.  You don't need to wait for the completion, nor leave it open at night.  The reindexing will continue when you open the lid again.  Even if you quit the app, it will pick up the job when you open the app again.  For most users, we hope the reindexing will go unnoticeably.



    In the future, perhaps pop up a Notification that indexing is done?

  2. Hi Marcus!


    I've been holding back on Evernote because of the lack of Markdown support. I was very excited to hear about this beta, so I signed up right away. I should note that I've only been using this beta, and haven't really used the 'regular' version of Evernote. I like it so far, but I don't really like how I can't see the 'source' of my markdown text.


    I would suggest to show the text the way apps like iA Writer does, while editing. And show the 'parsed' text when viewing a note.






    I have three more comments on the way Markdown is parsed in Evernote:

    - I'd love to she Markdown headings

    - For the 'checklists', I really like the way Github has implemented this. You create a checklist like so:

    - [ ] Not checked item- [x] Checked item- [ ] Another not checked item

    - I'm also a big fan of the default tables in markdown:

    | Table head 1 | Table head 2 ||--------------|--------------|| Table content | Table content || Table content 2 | Table Content 2 |

    Basically, in my ideal world Evernote would support full Github Flavored Markdown.


    I know the Markdown implementation is in an early stage, but that makes this the best time to give my take on it.



    Great work so far and I can't wait the test the coming versions!



    Unrelated: Man, that screenshot makes me miss Sparrow  :unsure:


    No.  I think you guys are missing it.  We're not looking for another import/export option.  We're not looking for gimmicks like what is in this beta.  We're looking for the Markdown experience.  If that can possibly resonate with you, then you might begin to understand how sub-par the current editor feels to us, and how frustrating it is that zero headway has been made (current beta included—zero).


    Again, look at an app like Day One.  Actually use it for a while.  They nailed it.  Perhaps achieving this experience means some fundamental rethinking of how Evernote handles and persists data.  It probably does.  But engineers and power users would love you for it.  And love goes a long way in tech.



    Thanks.. this is exactly the feedback I was looking for.


    I won't argue that our current experience is great - we're trying to get there but we've got a ways to go.  However, I don't necessarily agree that adding markdown support and creating a great writing experience are contingent upon each other.  Tools like Day One or IAWriter (I love that one) are really beautiful markdown editors.  Agreed.  However, In my opinion, there are also really great rich text editors as well.  I really like typing in Medium's editor, for example.  Evernote's new web editor, although young, is much more about creating a better writing experience


    Sorry this update didn't do it for you.  We'll keep trying, but don't write us off just yet.



    Thank you for your honesty, and your candor. It makes us feel loved.

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    I think the transparency is a weak design decision (on Apple's part as well as Evernote's).


    Have faith in your design and pick a colour and stick to it.





    And Marcus, I've got Reduce Transparency selected in Apple's Accessibility prefs so transparency is not a factor in my case.


    Ergo the dark option, if the EN design team so desired, could be a full-bodied black with no background bleed occurring, and it should not appear muddy.



    The design team is using Apple's design guidelines. They have no control over the color or level of transparency, unfortunately:



    "A source list that provides the primary navigation or selection mechanism for the app as a whole is translucent. For example, the Finder sidebar, which helps users navigate the file system, uses translucency."


    By the way, we haven't changed syncing in 6.0.16 so I don't think this is different than the previous version.   I believe this is how we've always worked since our big sync update back in September of last year.   We will automatically sync after you make changes so those changes are captured on the service as soon as possible.  This way your updates will be seen on your mobile devices or other clients quickly.  We only use the preference update times to sync if there haven't been any edits in the Mac client.


    @Marcus, thanks for clarifying how sync works.

    May I suggest that you state on the EN Mac Preferences Sync tab that regardless of the sync interval, automatic syncs are done as the user edits a Notes.  Actually, having just tried to state this, I realize I'm not clear on the autosync.  Can you please tell us the exact criteria EN uses to trigger a sync while a Note is being edited.  Since there is no "Done" or "Save" button, how does EN know when the user is finished editing?  Please give us a much detail as possible so we all can understand.



    ^^ Yes, this.

  6. I'm sure some users will like the new dark sidebar option but, unless my eyes deceive me, it looks a little muddy when compared to the sleeker shinier sidebar of EN v5.


    One anomaly I've noticed with this new beta: Freshly edited notes are syncing instantly and automatically even though I have syncing prefs set to Every Hour.


    I am *totally* loving the dark sidebar. Makes it easier to see "this is Evernote" with a quick glance.

  7. First Impressions of EN Mac 6.0.7 running on Yosemite:

    1. Selected Note in the Note LIst is now highlighted by a white background (other Notes have a grey background)   :) 
      1. This works ONLY in the TOP List view, and the SIDE list view
      2. The Snippet View, unfortunately, does NOT work like this.  The background of the selected Note in Snippet view is still a grey background.   :( 

        EVERNOTE:  Please fix this

      3. This makes it MUCH easier to SEE the currently active note.   :)
      4. However, if you leave your mouse hovering over the selected note, it shows the Note Title in a grey background, defeating the purpose of the nice WHITE background.   :( 

        EVERNOTE:  Please fix this:  If I hover over the selected Note, show the full Title with a WHITE background.

    2. Performance seems very good.   :D 

      (Running an old MacBook Air 13-in (MId 2011), 1.7 GHz i5, 4GB RAM)

    3. Tables seems to work OK for me   :) 
      1. The Column Resize cursor now appears directly over the Column border line.  Previously it appears to the left of the border line.
      2. Changing the column size flowed very naturally and quickly without any issues.
      3. I was able to create a table, add text, and edit the text without any issues.
    4. Customizable Toolbar   :) 
      1. OK, first, thank you VERY MUCH
      2. Unfortunately there's not much to customize, but it's the right first step.  Maybe more later???
        1. I was going to list the choices, but then thought I'd just show you:
        2. EN-Mac-607-Toolbar-Options.png


    Well that's about it for "First Impressions".  No issues so far, but then I haven't really tested it for prior bugs, and this is based ONLY on about one hour of usage.


    Please post your experience with this new version, good and bad.




    I have now updated two Macs from Ver 6.0.6 to 6.0.7 without any issues, one on Mavericks, one on Yosemite.  So I truly hope that no NEW bugs have been introduced with this update.



    …I think it's more of a concession for the folks who'd like to remove the Work Chat option from the toolbar, IMO.

  8. Love the new app — makes scanning into Evernote very frictionless.


    My feedback would be to:

    • Give some sort of "target" to aim my camera at — otherwise, am I too far away? Too close? Even if Evernote does some background mojo to automatically detect edges, an on-screen "try to place the document this far away" reticle goes a long way.
    • When I'm cropping the finished scan, have to drag 4 corners is a drag. I'd like a way to drag an entire side at once.

    Keep up the great work!

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