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  1. Same here. Just crashed 3 times in a row. Just a half hour ago, clipper just crashed, then Evernote Windows just crashed, and now my iPad version just crashed. I'm starting to suspect that these are related because of the heavy traffic on Evernote servers - along with hyperlinks and other unique practices of certain users (which should not cause a crash).
  2. I just added a tag to approximately 5,000 notes in my desktop as a work-around for the limited search capabilities. When I finally completed the sync, I went to my laptop and performed a sync. It completed the sync without any warning. Except the new tag was missing! So ... in order to work around limited search capabilities (did I mention limited search capabilities?) I now find an unreliable sync. At some point, as more people place more notes in Evernote and then notice that they need better search capabilities, as well as more than 100 saved searches, this is simply going to exacerbate the problem. I hope someone is working on this.
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