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  1. Code block doesn't work for me. I entered ``` on an empty line before and/or after some text but it is not convertred into a code block. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Well, an empty list looks the same blurry or not. I think it's obvious. Focus on the snippet list and you will see what I mean.
  3. It is blurry on purpose but you are right I could have added some explanation. What can clearly be seen in the video is that the list of notes becomes empty when it is scrolled down or up. If it is scrolled just a little bit the content becomes visible again when clicking into the list but when scrolling a larger distance it stays empty. But when clicking into the empty list, the visible note in the note window on the right side is switched. It seems to be an update problem of the note list.
  4. Yes, this is annoying. Evernote please fix it for the next version. Here is a video showing the problem. https://youtu.be/69LCBH9CQLE
  5. Yes, I see this as well. Aditionally, the editor part on the right jumps so that I do not see the cursor any more and I have to do the editing without seeing it or I have to stop after each single delete, close the keyboard and scroll to the cursor again.
  6. I just updated to Evernote 8.6. The editor seems to be much faster but when deleting characters the editor jumps. Who could have missed that problem? I discovered it after 3 seconds.
  7. Yes, the notes contain a number of scanned PDFs. Again, the size is well within the limits provided by the premium account I am paying for. And it used to work with a previous version. I am also wondering why attachments seem to be part of the problem. Because when not using an offline notebook they are not even downloaded to my device if I am not clicking on them. The text parts of the notes are not very big.
  8. Thank you for your ideas but unfortunately, they don‘t help. I have more than 25GB free memory available and I have stopped all apps before using Evernote. I also tried to use large notes in online- and offline-notebooks. The problem remains. It is the note size. The only way to avoid the problem would be to split the large notes into smaller ones and e.g. use a TOC-note. Again, I am paying for a note size limit of >50 MB and there should be a solution because it worked in an earlier 8.3 version. It again seems to be a pre-mature delivery issue and bad testing procedures at Evernote which we are experiencing with almost every delivery.
  9. I am as well using 11.0.2 and the latest Evernote version. I did some further tests and I now can say that the lag I am seeing is directly correlated to the size of notes. Some of the notes I am working on at the moment are between 40 and 50 MB in size. The current Evernote version for iOS is obviously not suitable for larger notes. The larger a note gets the slower the app reacts. Evernote for iOS obviously is not able to handle the note size limits of a plus or premium account (>25 MB). That is a pitty because I am paying for a service that I don't get. Actually, I am getting more and more frustrated with Evernote. The iOS and Web clients have become more and more limited and no progress has been made for these platforms for a long time. If this continues there will soon be no benefit in using Evernote because other tools will certainly catch up. I keep looking for alternatives.
  10. No, it is not a sync issue. The response to character inputs is just very slow with larger notes as if the app is doing something after every single input which takes more time the bigger the note is. It already takes about 8-10 seconds after selecting a bigger note and clicking into it until the keyboard pops up or until I can scroll the note. In settings I have switched off background refresh and using 'Siri & Search' without success.
  11. I just installled the latest iOS 11.0.2 but the problem is the same. Evernote is especially slow when editing larger notes with PDFs in it.
  12. Evernote for iPad is now not useable for me any more. Here is a video showing that it took one and a half minutes to enter a date. Evernote-iPad.mp4
  13. Yes, some version 8.3x was indeed quite fast but the latest update after the switch to iOS 11 is now extremely slow. It could well be an iOS 11 issue. A re-installation did not help.
  14. The iOS app became unuseable for me. The response on a single key input takes seconds. Re-installation did not help. Evernote is more and more a one platform app for me. I would only call the Mac client as really useable. The iOS app does not work, the Web client is very limited in features, only the Mac app fulfills my needs. Multi-platform used to be the strength of Evernote but it is not anymore. I really need to look into alternatives.
  15. The Web Client was last updated more than a year ago. There were rumors that Evernote is working on a new client but it seems to me, nobody cares any more. I am still using it on a daily basis under Linux and I am still hating the work I need at home on my Mac to cope with the shortcomings of the interface and to turn my note into useable ones. Evernote please at least let us know whether there will be a new client for the Web which is more useful. While the number of my notes grows the risk of the need to switch to a different system is getting higher every day.
  16. Now I have the same problem with Firefox 55.0.1 and Red Hat Enterprize 6.4. Too bad.
  17. As some users have already mentioned the app is significantly slower than the one before and not faster as Evernote claims in their announcement. I have about 4000 notes and it sometimes takes several seconds on my iPad air 2 until a note's content appears after tapping on the list entry. Another 'fake news' by evernote.
  18. Evernote now admitted that when adding a note and immediately deleting it the note below is deleted! I don't remember whether this was what I experienced. Sometimes when I select notes in the list a different one is displayed. This could have been the reason to accidentally having deleted the wrong note. Looking at all the problems the new release seems to be another desaster for Evernote. I will look into alternatives now. The deletion of features in the web client and the iOS app is really annoying when the price increases at the same time.
  19. Possibly, but as a premium user I don't want to be a f...... beta tester!
  20. Yes, I should have known better. But why is this always the case with Evernote? With no other app I had such bad experiences and after the announcement I was optimistic. Bad decision. Anyway, I love the Mac client. I use it most of the time because the other apps (web, iOS) are so limited in features and feature wise the new iOS app is disappointing as well.
  21. Be very careful when using the new version! There us a high risk missing notes: When you delete a note it is not moved to the trash but completely deleted! It may happen that not the selected note gets deleted but another one and with problem 1 it is gone for ever!
  22. Evernote did it again: Proclaiming the best iOS version ever and what is the result: It crashes on start-up, re-install was necessary. Other bugs obvious within minutes after starting to use it: After some time wrong notes are shown in the right part and not the one selected in the left list. I had to restart the app several times to cope with that. At one point only the list of notes is visible covering the whole screen, restart necessary again. Trash is missing deleted notes. I had to delete them using the desktop app. Saved searches are missing from the list Deleted notes are really deleted and don't appear in the trash Other note deleted than the selected one and not into trash -> catastrophic! ???? I stopped using the app for now. I hope there will be an update soon. Is there any quality assurance system installed in Evernote? Unfortunately, I have to doubt after this experience. Apart from these problems the UI is not very much better than the one before. Some improvements yes but the UI before the last one was still the best and this has been years ago. It looks very much like the bad new web app. The left list only can be used really as a list which deserves this name with one setting: small without pictures and text body and even then I just see only 8 notes in the list, bad. On my iPad it only makes sense to use the landscape mode otherwise the note part gets too small and I always have to switch to fullscreen mode. It still seems that the developers did not care for the iPad very much. Considerung the announcement I expected something much better but on first glance I am disappointed. And the editor is still far from state of the art. Three different text sizes only? No different fonts. Only different foreground colors but no background coloring. No, this was not a big step but more a 'quantum leap' (smallest possible step between two energy states of an electron).
  23. When my notes get too long I split them up into several notes. Then I create a special note with links to all of these notes in a table of content. This can be done in an easy way by selecting the notes for the TOC. Each note gets a link back to the table of content at the top. In this way I can easily maneuver through these notes all belonging to a single topic. Sometimes I even use this in a more complex, nested way. The top TOC note links to Sub-TOC notes etc.
  24. Currently, it is not possible to change the number of columns/lines in the Web-client. You need to use a Desktop client to do this.
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