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  1. Versie 10.xx is around for so long time already, but due to thing like described above and much more, I can still NOT MOVE FROM VERSION 6.X TO VERSION 10.X. I thinks it's time to look around for alternatives, since Evernote is not fixing bugs in version 6.x and moving upwards to version 10.x is still no option for me since this version is lacking so much we had in version 6.x. Joost
  2. I appreciate the new developments and Evernote keeping me up to date with the rewrite to version 10. However, the encouragement to upgrade does not clearly state that the latest version does not cover all functionality included in version 6.25. I would miss the Outlook plugin and probably even more things. A good reason not to upgrade yet. I would appreciate if you guys could be clearer about that in the communication. I use Evernote on Windows + Android. Joost
  3. Since the great power of Evernote is that it's traveling with you from one hardware device to the other, I would like to have the custom dictionaries also traveling with me from one device (office to Home for example) to device. Currently the custom dictionary is a text-file called Custom Dictionary.txt which exists in the \localstorage folder. It would be very nice if the custom-dictionaries could be synced with the databases in order to work with the same custom dictionary on all my devices.
  4. I experience quite some differences with the new editor, especially with copying and pasting from websites, emails etc. When I copy a email right from using the Evernote button in my Outlook toolbar, it works well. And some small things are a bit worsened, like the horizontal line inserted within notes using the button on top of the editor. It's quite thick, compared to the nice hairline we used to have. Realized there is always a risk when developers decide to write something new from scratch. They insurmountable introduce new bugs we have to go thru.
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