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  1. I'm sure it's hard not to when you spent the last decade in Evernote. I bet many people who switch to another platform secretly (or not so secretly) wish that Evernote did what they wanted it to in the first place so they never had to switch.
  2. I agree that it's not necessary helpful. But I'm sure it's also cathartic for people to have a forum to complain and vent their frustration with Evernote (often not undeserved). Frankly, if Evernote we're doing such a bang-up job of keeping up with its users' needs and managing expectations, these conversations would not get as heated. I can't think of a forum for another software platform where people get as nasty and brutal to each other. Agree, except that if one has already switched to a different product or tried it, I don't see why that person would not share their experience here. Hopefully, that will save a few other people a few hours or a few dollars.
  3. Why does it bother you that some other person found a solution to the problem in a form of a different app that he or she wanted to share here? If Evernote cannot meet a certain need, I don't see why it's an issue to suggest a different solution in a forum directed to Evernote users. It's like some Cold War era mentality - don't you dare cross the Iron curtain and say anything positive about the other side!
  4. Why so much hostility and defensiveness? Even the behemoths like MS Word and OneNote can collapse text. If MS thought it was a "necessary" feature to include in their package (let alone Workflowy and Notion among the "newcomers" who have actually been around for years at this point ), it's not such a ridiculous thing to expect from Evernote who directly competes with these services. There is no need to admonish a person whose views have obviously been validated by Evernote's competition and are not limited to a single user in any imaginable way. In my view, the sad part is that even if Evernote does end up introducing this feature, it's still playing catch up (and not just with a very old user request) but also with feature parity with it's competition. At some point the users would want to mold the software into something that works for them; and not mold the way they work and think to fit someone else's vision for the software.
  5. Tried to use Notion exclusively for 2 months but now see myself going back to Evernote. The biggest challenge is getting information into Notion quickly. The organizational freedom in Notion is great, but I ended up spending too much time trying to figure out the best way to organize data as opposed to working with it. It did help me simplify how I use Evernote going forward, so in that regard it was a useful exercise.
  6. Unless Notion implements a true email integration (as opposed to relying on 3rd party services like Zapier, Workato or IFTTT), I don't see it being a strong contender to Evernote. One should not be paying premium subscription for a service and then require another expensive subscription just to get your data in. Until then it will be a fun toy or just a standalone tool that can complement someone's Evernote use but not replace it. I just don't see email going away, regardless of what collaboration features a note-taking or database platform may have. Everyone has access to email no matter what software they actually use. Not everyone can be convinced to take notes or store data or documents under specific constraints that each platform will inevitably impose. Any software developer who doesn't get it will fail eventually and will be relegated to some geeky niche (e.g., Workflowy), and that is why Evernote and OneNote are still around and have significant followings and why people use things like Trello even though it's nothing but an electronic version of post its. .
  7. Thank you, DTLow, that's very helpful. So do you just keep the project tags or do you delete them eventually?
  8. Have you looked into RightNote? It does pretty much that and syncs with Evernote. The UI is a bit Windows 97 and it's only available on a PC, so I haven't used it for anything significant.
  9. That certainly works, too. Perhaps I was overthinking this a bit. I just liked having the links in a separate space from the note content itself . How do you get the note links to show up like that? Also, using this method, can you set up a search to show the parent and all of its children? (I find it helpful to set up a GTD Project as a parent note and Next Actions as children, so when I run the search above I can easily see what project I'm working on and what needs to be done).
  10. Yes, that's certainly a limitation. I think just having a custom field that we could use would help a lot, as opposed to trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  11. If you want to relate one note to another note or have a parent-child relationship among several notes without messing with tags or TOC feature, you can do the following: Copy the internal link of your "parent" note Paste the link into the parent note's SourceUrl (using Ctrl + I shortcut and scrolling through the other options) Create a "child" note Paste the same parent link into the child note's SourceUrl field. What this will allow you to do: Immediately Return to the parent note from each child note by clicking the sourceurl (works on iOS as well) with TOC you only get a one-way link to the child notes, but no way to get back to the parent note from a child note (except for the back button) Search for all related notes by searching for SourceUrl of the parent note type in sourceurl:"[insert internal link of the parent]" in the search field Create AHK shortcuts to create child notes and to search for related notes Avoid creating throw-away tags just to quickly relate a few notes to each other Especially useful for implementing a GTD workflow where a project note can have many related next actions or tasks (each of which can be tracked and tagged independently) Here are the AHK scripts that let you do the above quickly: //press Ctr+Y to quickly edit SourceUrl of a note #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^y:: Send ^+{i} Sleep 500 Send {tab}{tab}{tab}{tab} Sleep 500 Send ^{a} Return //press Ctr+S to quickly create a child note that will inherit the parent note's url #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^s:: Send ^!{l} Send ^{n} Sleep 1000 Send ^+{i} Sleep 500 Send {tab}{tab}{tab}{tab} Sleep 500 Send ^{a} Send ^{v} Sleep 500 Send {ENTER} Return //press Ctr+L to quickly find all related notes (that share the parent's source url) - you need to have the parent note selected for this to work. #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^l:: Send ^!{l} Send {F6} Send sourceurl:" Send ^{v} Send " Return
  12. Added that in the table above
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