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  1. I exported a note, changed the background color like this: body { background-color: lightgray; } Opened it in a web browser and background was gray, then dragged it into EN and the background is pure white.
  2. I didn't copy a table, but two columns in a two-column section in my Word document.
  3. Copying from Word 2016 to Evernote 6.5.4 does not work at all, it gets pasted as one single column
  4. This is also annoying when you upgrade Evernote and some shortcut has changed, e.g. I keep hitting F3 for "Find Next" , but now that shortcut means "Add new tag"
  5. Apart for not having a dark theme, the Windows application is not honoring the Windows Control Panel background color setting (defaults to white, you can change it to gray and keep text black and it's less eye straining, at least for me) Even Notepad shows a gray background after changing the setting in Control Panel, but Evernote seems to have it hardcoded to pure white
  6. Works fine, thanks. Actually from a PNG file in the filesystem it works fine both dragging and copy/paste But when that same PNG file is in a webpage opened in Chrome, then right-click, then "Copy image" and paste into Evernote it shows black background. Not sure which of the 2 applications is the bug in.
  7. What functions are Ctrl+D and F4 assigned to?
  8. Many threads in this forum are about problems/lack of features/bugs about formatting and some answers justify that stating that Evernote should stay lightweight and simple. But formatting is (in my opinion) the main feature over just opening plain .txt files in an advanced editor. Both options allow you to: search text in all notes keep note creation and last modification datetime use URLs as hyperlinks quick usage / lightweight application And .txt is a more universal and standard storage format for your notes... you could even recover part of the text from a faulty hard drive. So Evernote developers: take this into account, I think it would be really frustrating to lose users against plain old text editors
  9. If I paste a transparent PNG file into a note, it is displayed with a black background. This is a problem when the image has black text on it Is there an option to choose the background color for images? (Or instead of choosing a color, just show the background color of the note -- usually white)
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