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  1. Atlas worked very well, at least in iOS and the Mac app. I have never understood why Evernote dumped it. The app still records the location where a note is created, so it seems the company has left room to bring back the function later (as they promised to do 2-3 years ago when they dropped it), but they have been silent since then.
  2. Setting the location is easy enough, but without being able to search or filter by location, it is nearly pointless. This was a function that worked well before Evernote removed it. I have tried the IdeaPlaces iOS app as a substitute, but it is cluttered and does not seem to find every note.
  3. I had the same problem, and have reindexing underway now. Thanks, @DTLow!
  4. It has been over a year since Atlas was removed. Still waiting for any kind of replacement for Atlas view, or anything that works with the location data that is attached to nearly every note I make.
  5. Please bring back the Atlas view (or location filter, or whatever you want to call it - it's the function that matters). This is particularly important for mobile devices, but is also very useful on the desktop. Being able to search by latitude and longitude is not a viable substitute. Example: I snap a photo in Evernote on my iPhone of an interesting looking restaurant when I dropped my daughter off somewhere. Two years later, we are in the same neighborhood with time for a bite to eat, but we can't remember the name of the restaurant. Before Atlas was removed from the iOS app, this would be another "Evernote for the win!" moment - I could open the app, check notes created nearby, and pull up the photo of the restaurant, giving me the name as well as the precise location. With the current app, there is simply no way to retrieve that information.
  6. After all of the complaints about the removal of Atlas from the iOS app, why on Earth would EN remove the Atlas view from the Mac app too?
  7. This is just ridiculous. When Evernote dropped Atlas from iOS (also without explanation), the company claimed it was working on a location "filter" that would replace the function. NINE MONTHS LATER, we have received... nothing. I expect the same for the Mac app. I've been a premium subscriber since 2009, and I am tremendously disappointed in the direction this product has been taken over the past 12-18 months.
  8. Another long-time (since 2009) full premium user disappointed at the loss of Atlas view (or ANY location functionality at all) in the iOS app. I can't understand why it is available in the Mac application but not on our phones,* which are what we usually have with us when we are away from home and office. *NOTE TO EVERNOTE: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE ABOVE COMMENT AS A REASON TO ELIMINATE THE ATLAS VIEW IN THE MAC APP. Seriously, it has been 5 months since Atlas view was eliminated, and I haven't seen the promised "filter" to replace it.
  9. Just opted out. I've been an Evernote premium user since 2009, and just passed 30,000 notes. I do NOT want to have to find another application to do EN's job. What I find most surprising about this change is that with the announcement about the move to Google's servers, EN also proudly announced that notes will be encrypted at rest. I thought that was a sign that management took our concerns about security and privacy seriously (or at least understood it was a marketing problem). I appreciate that there is an option to opt out of the machine-learning tool, but I'm more concerned that anyone thought it was a good idea to push through a change that includes employees reading note content without a specific, limited reason or express customer authorization.
  10. I'm running EN 6.7.1 (direct) on a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.11.5). I've been a premium user since 2009, and currently have approximately 28,000 notes. For the last couple of months, sync has been very slow (regardless of wifi speed), and -- more frustrating -- note content has been invisible and inaccessible during sync. This is true for notes that have already been synced to this particular computer for years. If I need something quickly, the only way to get at it is to turn off the wifi on the computer to stop the sync; otherwise, I have to wait for the sync to complete before I can access anything. Note previews, at least, are available during sync, so I know what I'm waiting for. Is anyone else seeing this?
  11. I've had the same problem, and came across the same work around - glad to see it isn't just me. Submitting a bug report now.
  12. I send a lot of new notes to my "Inbox" (default) notebook, then periodically go through them to retitle them, tag them, and move them to their permanent notebook homes. I can't do that in the "classic" web version anymore, because titles can no longer be edited in that mode. In the web beta, I can edit titles and tags, but I can't merge notes, which I can live with for the moment (I assume it's temporary). The thing that irritates me most about the beta is that when I am reviewing my Inbox notebook and reassign a note to a different notebook, my view follows the note into the newly-assigned notebook, instead of staying in the Inbox with the note disappearing from sight. Completely unworkable.
  13. I also can't edit the titles to notes in notebooks that are NOT shared in the classic web version. Since it is nearly impossible to edit anything *except* the titles in the beta, this is a bit of a pain. (Windows 7, Chrome 37.0.2062.124 m)
  14. Every note I create from my iPhone 5 in iOS starting from the Photos app with the new sharing extension shows Date Created in December, 1969. No problem with my iPad, though. And yes, the date and time on the phone are correct. EN Support has essentially admitted defeat - their last message to me said "Upon research, It appears that it is the default date based on older UNIX codes on your device. That is all the information I was able to find to solve your issue. To further assist you with getting this resolved, my recommendation would be to reach out to Apple Support through. http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/contact/ I would be more than happy to help leave this E-Mail ticket open for another 10 days, feel free to reach out to me should you need further assistance or if you would like to follow up with me." I suppose I can try, but I am skeptical that Apple is going to be able to do anything about a problem that only impacts one app's sharing extension (as far as I can tell after two days on iOS 8). Has anyone else noticed similar problems?
  15. Thanks, Jason Hoyt and CogSciLibrarian! I had Automator record me not just clicking the web clipper button but also changing the notebook to my default notebook instead of what Evernote suggested (the suggested tags are excellent, but my notebooks are time-based and EN almost always suggests an older notebook than I'm currently using), and then pressing save. I used Keyboard Maestro to assign a hotkey to it, and it now clips Safari pages directly into my default notebook without my having to do anything further.
  16. If you go to the web & it doesn't show who it's shared to, then I've seen this happen when you share with someone but they don't join. That isn't the problem. I have the same issue, with notes in unshared notebooks that I have never offered to share with anyone. And notes that should be shared with only one person sometimes show up as shared with 2. One possibility I need to look at is whether it relates to notes I have created using the Outlook email clipper plug-in. Those notes tend to have the "author" or "created by" field filled in with the person who sent me the email, which makes me nervous - am I somehow sharing the note with them? Doesn't appear to be the case, but it's discomfiting nonetheless. This problem may be related.
  17. Half or more of my Facebook posts are photos, and a lot of those are pictures of my kids and their various projects. I also have had a notebook for a while dedicated to pictures of my kids and their various projects, but haven't been particularly organized about adding pictures to it - it just wasn't a big part of my EN workflow or my photography workflow. What I needed was a way to import the pictures I already thought were worth sharing and add them automatically. The web service If This, Then That can automatically create an Evernote note when you post a photo to FB, with a copy of the caption and a link to the photo on FB, but for some reason can't include the image itself in the note. For several months, I used that as a "good enough" option, but it wasn't really, and a couple of weeks ago I started paging through the available options at IFTTT.com to see what else I could come up with. After some trial and error, I realized I could set IFTTT to automatically email my Gmail account a copy of every photo I posted to FB, with the image, caption, and link, with a subject line that included the name of my EN archive notebook and the tags I wanted to attach to the note. Once I had that going, I set up a filter on Gmail to automatically forward every message from IFTTT to my Evernote email address. Works like a charm. If you aren't using IFTTT with Evernote (and lots of other services), it's definitely worth checking out. Lifehacker ran an article about it a few months ago that gives just a few examples of what you can do with it, and another specifically about using it with Evernote.
  18. Used to be that when I created a note by dragging a photo out of iPhoto down to my EN icon on the dock, the new note used the location data from the photo. Last night, I tried it for the first time since moving to EN 5 (the direct download, not the Mac App Store version) and moving from iPhoto to Aperture, and although the location data shows up fine in Aperture, the Evernote note location kept coming up with my home address. Short of inputting the correct location by hand, is there a setting or other method of getting the location data from the photo into the note?
  19. I'm not as far along as you are, but that's what I'm working towards. And I've had the same experience with serendipity -- it's amazing what you can turn up once you start really tossing everything into EN.
  20. On the contrary, I found pretty quickly that I used EN more the more I put into it. EN is my archive, as well as my "current" file, and one I have full access to all the time, on any device. I may not need all of these notes, but I have no way to know which ones I'll need or when, and because there's effectively no cost to the storage and they're all immediately searchable, there's no reason not to hang on to them. In practice, I am frequently surprised by just how many times I do find myself pulling up an older note that I'd forgotten I had but which comes up as a search result.
  21. Just tossing in my two cents: Until I hit about 5000 notes, I kept most of my "personal" notes in my default notebook, had another notebook for most of my "work" notes, and had only one or two other notebooks for very specific categories (one for letterboxing, for example, and another for a big case that was going to trial). Once I hit the 5000 point, I found that it was difficult to keep my default notebook synced offline on my iPhone -- that single notebook was well over 2Gb, and it was unwieldy. Now I've broken it up by date created (pre-2011, 2011, 2012) and created a new "Inbox" as my default notebook. All four (plus my work notebook) are still synced offline on my phone, but it seems to work more smoothly and searches complete more quickly.
  22. That's how I do it on my MacBook Air as well, but at the office, on a PC, EN installed an "Add to Evernote" plug-in into Outlook, which seems to add the email directly, without forwarding. But forwarding the email (when I don't want to just drag & drop the attachment) is such an integral part of my standard workflow that I never use the button.
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