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  1. I have the same issue. It seems that Version 8.23 beta2 (370198-release/8.23) has just expired and Evernote has not put out a new version. HELP PLEASE EVERNOTE. I have entries that are not synced.
  2. It would be really helpful to have some timeline for new features. Certainly with Evernote iOS there has not been a single feature that I recall this year so far. All I have seen are minor fixes. Knowing a timeline (hopefully a nice short one) for starting to see new features would be great.
  3. I have just had a couple of pop-ups on my upgraded EN (iPad) asking me to take a survey. I think it is a disgrace and completely disingenuous to ask us what we like about Evernote but to not ask what we would like to see improved. You simply ask what we like and then on the next screen say thank you.
  4. I agree totally that it would be very helpful. For anyone that is a serious writer we need to know wordcounts and since Evernote does offer blogs on how to use the program to write a book it seems like a natural request. Besides it seems ios is the only platform where it is not available.
  5. Latest iOS Beta for iPad. Not sure where to find the actual version.
  6. My iPad version of Evernote Beta is freezing constantly making it unusable so I need help quickly. So far: 1. iOS is up to date 2. Evernote Beta is up to date 3. I have re-installed the app The only "non-standard" thing I may be doing is using a Microsoft foldable Bluetooth keyboard but this is not an issue with other programs or with Evernote until today. Any ideas please... Thanks.
  7. I use tagging rather than multiple notebooks to keep all of my notes and data organized. As a result the tag list sits permanently open on my sidebar. Having the Notes, Notebooks, Atlas etc icons on the sidebar as well tends to make them get lost. I would love to see these icons along the top bar up beside the Notifications item where there is plenty of unused real estate. Thanks.
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