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  1. Thanks for the assistance and that solved the problem for me It was not at all intuitive but I have done the edit I wanted.
  2. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to manage tags anymore. What am I missing? Surely editing and deleting tags should be easy?
  3. I found that I still needed to clear/turnoff the existing attempt at downloading a notebook, wait for it to clear and then start again. It took a while but they are all downloaded now and staying up to date.
  4. We are now well over a month since this was reported and still no fix. I find it incredibly disturbing how long everything seems to take at EN. This update was a full 2 years in the making and there are multiple pieces that need fixing including this one.
  5. Is there any update on this? I went through the recommended process of downloading one notebook at a time but, since completing that, I have now added new notes and they are not showing as downloading/syncing properly. See attached image.
  6. I have been sharing an Evernote entry with Reminders and then using the link in Reminders to take me to the note I need to review. It keeps all my Reminders in one place and I prefer it to using Evernote’s reminder feature. As of the latest EN update this feature seems not to be working. I have tried recreating my links but still no success.
  7. In the note info note location map there is no remove pin and drop pin feature available nor is there a floating blue dot showing my location, so while I can drag a pin there is no guidance as to where to drag to.
  8. Not sure if this is still to come but, while I can see a map in Note Info there is no location being added nor can one be added manually. If location is to remain a feature (yeah) is there a possibility of reintroducing the Places view?
  9. Thanks and I have used the mobile client for a good number of years and the note location has always been really important to me which is why I was so frustrated when EN dropped the Places view. With the web client, while I appreciate that it may not always be able to detect your location, I see no reason why it should not provide the opportunity to manually attach it and also to see the location of notes created in the mobile app. It simply does not show up at all on the web client making me nervous that EN will drop this feature altogether. They have had a habit of dropping features/apps rather than introducing them (Places and Evernote Food being a couple of examples).
  10. I cannot find any location information. This is a critical feature for me and you WILL lose me as a customer if you drop it. I am still waiting for the Places view to come back.
  11. I have the same issue. It seems that Version 8.23 beta2 (370198-release/8.23) has just expired and Evernote has not put out a new version. HELP PLEASE EVERNOTE. I have entries that are not synced.
  12. It would be really helpful to have some timeline for new features. Certainly with Evernote iOS there has not been a single feature that I recall this year so far. All I have seen are minor fixes. Knowing a timeline (hopefully a nice short one) for starting to see new features would be great.
  13. I have just had a couple of pop-ups on my upgraded EN (iPad) asking me to take a survey. I think it is a disgrace and completely disingenuous to ask us what we like about Evernote but to not ask what we would like to see improved. You simply ask what we like and then on the next screen say thank you.
  14. I agree totally that it would be very helpful. For anyone that is a serious writer we need to know wordcounts and since Evernote does offer blogs on how to use the program to write a book it seems like a natural request. Besides it seems ios is the only platform where it is not available.
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