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  1. Wanted to show this New York Times page which Evernote has multiple problems with: using iOS Evernote extension fails to save any text at all (here is result of save) although you can get the text w/the Chrome extension, the resulting Evernote note is unreadable on mobile, as shown in this short video
  2. Yes, this is unacceptable. The user cannot continue to use Evernote if a link is clicked
  3. Lots of good news about keyboard shortcuts in the new versions...What celebrations we'd see if these shortcuts were added!
  4. Oh I've seen multiple discussions about this, along with complaints of it not being implemented x years. I know I can copy/paste to move paragraphs, but it's MUCH faster to hold down Cmd+Option (for example) and repeatedly press up and down arrows to reorganize a list!
  5. Yes I'm searching for solutions to this now. There ARE use-case scenarios for having links within the same note (I do NOT always want to separate info out into different notes, especially if I want a user to be able to scroll through a lot of information that is linear without having to go "back" and select the next note, especially if a lot of sections are very small. A table of contents within a note allows lots of info to be together and scrolled through, but let user still have option later to click on link to exactly the desired section.
  6. For YEARS, users have asked on Evernote forums for keyboard shortcuts to move the paragraph at the cursor up or by a paragraph. This allows users to rearrange paragraphs, bulleted items, etc quickly, moving them rapidly throughout the document without reaching for the mouse or doing a lot of copying/pasting. Because Evernote still hasn't added this, I do a lot of editing in Microsoft Word or OneNote (both of which let me move paragraphs up and down quickly and easily), and then copy to Evernote 😕 So pretty please, with sugar on top, give us the keyboard shortcuts?
  7. The QUICK NOTE functionality from the Evernote icon on the system menu bar: please, PLEASE 🙏 make the first line in the pop-up be the title of the new note! You can just COPY the first paragraph or first [n] characters into the subject line...you can even append the date/time at the end so that information isn't lost from the current title scheme of "Note - [date/time]"! Currently you can't even manually set the title of the note from the pop-up....you have to go find the note after creating it, and manually copy info to the title field! 😳 please given keyboard shortcut for "Convert to note"....silly to have to use the mouse 😊 [bonus: ideally let us change keyboard shortcut to activate the pop up as well :)] Thank you for listening!
  8. Clearing the search bar (even hitting Enter afterward) does NOT clear the search filter in the notes list. So to get back to viewing all notes, you have to click "All Notes" again. This is extremely frustrating for those of us with many "Shortcuts", since the "All Notes" button is below the shortcuts [it really should be ABOVE the shortcuts, as a number of us have pointed out ]. Also, since the keyboard shortcut to search doesn't select all text in the search bar (as happens with all other apps across multiple platforms!), there is an additional step (pressing Cmd+A) needed before clearing the text So, please: have the search criteria clear if we delete the text in the search bar have all text in search field be selected when we use the keyboard shortcut and it receives the focus put "All Notes" above "Shortcuts" Thank you!
  9. If there is a link in the contents of a note, right-clicking does not allow copying of the link. It should have "Copy link" in the context menu, or, at the very least, the context menu of the pop-up link on mouseover should have a "Copy link" item! Currently ones has to edit the link, the manually copy it from the link editor Thanks
  10. I note that copying an image while in the editor of this forum leads to the same problem: not pastable in other apps....but copying an image from a post being viewed in this forum does work...
  11. If I right-click on an image and click Copy, then I can paste within Evernote, but pasting anywhere else doesn't work . As Evernote has traditionally been a repository of easily-accessible things that can be used, this is problematic! Copying images from both the Mac client and the web client is problematic, but a bit different: If I copy from the Mac client, my clipboard viewer (from Keyboard Maestro) shows something like: If I copy an image from the web client, the same viewer shows the actual photo. However, if I try to paste from EITHER in another app (eg Microsoft Word), it doesn't work. Hope this can be fixed
  12. Searching within a note finds ONLY items in the current screenful of text. Same with web version. I actually have to switch to web version and use browser's Find to find within a note :(
  13. Save any article from New York Times with iOS share sheet -> it says “success,” but when you look in Evernote, the “web clip” in the note is blank except for: Support independent journalism. See subscription options So not only is the content not saved, but even the link won’t be found if you search for something in the article (because text isn’t there!)’ I tried saving articles from multiple browsers and The NY Times app with same result. Also same result whether vote the note in web client or iOS client. Here’s an example note with article: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/4fb9e40e-3924-32fd-e6f1-b1d1bbcd8b8d/750c1642523f1645e5ae4cd473c33cf2 Obviously cannot rely on information being saved because of this. Please fix!
  14. Zooming in and out changes the entire interface, with minimal effect on the note view. This is particular problem if I want to zoom in to read a PDF Also, pinch-to-zoom is not working at all. Do hope for these to be addressed. Thank you!
  15. I'm sure you know this, but important function that should be prioritized: Please add ability to set tags in iOS Share interface
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