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  1. Thinking about switching to OneNote because of lack of this feature, and moreso Evernote's demonstration that they aren't listening to users (going on 9 years without response to this). I've been a subscriber and advocate for Evernote for years but now that I use OneNote in some contexts (and can use paragraph reordering shortcuts in it as well as Word), it's a terrible frustration not to have it in Evernote's editor. (I'm now a Mac user by the way, though have used on all platforms) Any feedback @EverNote?
  2. My bad: it was Snappy which did what I describe above! I am very grateful that Snappy still works on the current MacOS but they haven't developed for years (I even supported them on Patreon on when they were talking about expanding the service but never heard from them), so I would be very grateful if Evernote would consider building that functionality into Skitch!
  3. The best thing about Skitch was that I could select a part of the screen and make it always-on-top regardless of which app was open, etc. Now it seems to open the captured area in window which is both NOT always-on-top and too big to be useful even if it were always on top 😢 Can we get the old behavior back? 🙏 🙏 🙏
  4. PLEASE make "Show Less" on the widget show ONLY the buttons, not the most recent preview. This is ESPECIALLY important if "Show Notes in Widget" is turned off: currently tapping "Show Less" takes away the buttons [actually useful], leaving ONLY the message "Recently viewed notes will appear here"--which is INCORRECT because notes will NOT appear since" Show Notes in Widget" is turned off! (So in fact, it should NOT say "Recently viewed notes will appear here" if "Show Notes in Widget" is turned off!)
  5. Tags! 1) Please make tags visible in main note view 2) please make it possible to add/edit tags from the main note view
  6. Please give ability to add tags directly from viewing a note instead of making user go into "info" screen and then press another thing Tagging should be immediately accessible as it is a core function of Evernote, NOT a detail to be hidden behind a "more info" dialog! Thanks!
  7. Apologies if this has been covered here (I read multiple relevant threads before I found one that wasn't closed!), but I am really hoping easy access to "send note via email" will be added back. This isn't even so much for my workflow (I use automation software so it's still only a keystroke), but for other users and for my feeling comfortable that Evernote isn't going to transition from a darling to a hated company like so many tech companies have. I actually actively promote Evernote use in a large academic medical community, both formally and informally, but having to explain the many steps re how to share a note via email leads to me feeling I'm making excuses for the company, and disincentivizes people from using it Worse, having a clear "Share" button offer a dialog that does not indicate you're working with a proprietary communication platform feels like manipulation. Further manipulative that there's a drop-down glyph next to "Share," but the drop-down doesn't include "Email a Copy," although that IS an option! It feels very much like Evernote wants to force people to go on their site whenever info is shared, rather than letting the user choose (and burying "Email a Copy" several menu layers deep does NOT really count ). Finally, for people who never look several menu layers deep, they will not know the convenience of their gmail contacts being immediately accessible via auto-fill. This is one of the features that makes Evernote a truly cross-platform tool: I can be in a foreign country, log in ONCE to Evernote, and read and share my notes. I don't have to look up email addresses or cajole people into creating an account to be able to read my info. Hope you can see my concerns. Thanks
  8. Wow, that is REALLY not a solution, especially since iOS forces URLs to open in safari. So if we get a link in an email and click it, then see something we want to save, we have to: 1) wait for safari to open and load the web page 2) go through steps to copy the URL 3) open evernote and wait for it to load 4) create a new note 5) paste in the URL 6) close the note and then re-open it to make evernote convert the url to a link 7) click link and wait for page to load AGAIN 8) select desired text 9) click share, then select clip to evernote However, if we had a bookmarklet (that sized appropriately for mobile pages), we would 1) tap bookmarks, then the bookmarklet 2) hit save 3) unfortunately, later have to go to Evernote and delete unwanted text because safari deselects text when bookmarks button is pressed
  9. THANK you Joe! Frankly I probably would not have figured that out! I recommend you add a "copy image" menu item to the edit menu as this is an extremely helpful feature that would take a lot of experimentation to figure out (I think most people--like me--would decide that they are unable to "select" the image and thus give up!)...
  10. My request is simply for there to be a "send" link on the post-clipping dialog (vs having to go through multiple steps to share something I just clipped). This will be useful for multiple reasons, including my scheme below, and will prevent the extra step, CPU load, and network activity currently required! (Currently, I have to click "edit," then wait for a new window to open and load the contents, then click "send"…) Evernote allows me to get content into services that would otherwise have trouble reading a particular site (such as medical sites which require login and which are not handled well by services such as pocket and SoundGecko). What I am doing now is going to the "printer version" of an article, then clicking web clipper, then clicking "edit"… then "send"… Then an IFTTT recipe sees that there was a shared Evernote link, and Gmails that link to SoundGecko. Then SoundGecko gets the actual article, bypassing the need for user authentication, etc.! So if I can hit "send" directly after clicking the web clipper, I save multiple steps, prevent unnecessary CPU and network activity, and streamline this process :-) Thanks for your consideration :-)
  11. Ability to create links to notes is essential for me if I were to completely give up OneNote...
  12. That option helps, but I often take pictures of a large part of an 8.5x11 page, and one can't properly zoom all the way out on pics of that size...So if you want to read all the way across such a page you have to scroll back and forth in a very frustrating and inefficient way. So please allow zoom all the way out to "fit to screen," please!
  13. Dave, Glad to hear about the coming table support. Please give keyboard shortcuts (in Word I'm used to being able to add and remove columns/rows quickly) which greatly facilitates work flow while recording information recorded in tabular form!
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