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  1. I faced this problem for the first time while attempting to copy an image directly from another application (I can`t remember if it was outlook or JIRA). My second attempt was successful, which was to perform a "screenshot" of the image and paste it in Evernote. Just sharing in case it could help some until this get resolved officially.
  2. I faced the problem again this morning, like almost every monday. I have 10.7.6 installed. The workaround is very easy for me, just restart evenote. I normally don`t get the problem during the week.
  3. @kewi Killing all the processes has always resolved this for me, but since several releases when I face the problem I can resolve it by simply doing a file->Quit Evernote, and then restart it. Have you tried this before killing all the processes? @Lindsay1234Have you been able to resolve your situation using one of the 2 approaches mentioned here?
  4. Just to be clear that the solution that works for most of us consist in doing a file>quit to exit evernote, as simply closing the main window was not enough. Original situations that I faced regarding this were requiring that I do list and kill all the evernote process manually on my windows environment. You might want to check this too. I suggest that you follow the following active thread :
  5. It looks like it is monday once again... and I have just faced the empty note situation: Even the about is experiencing the problem: It's time to restart Evernote for me...
  6. Me too, but on Windows, I had the issue on monday morning. Normally I would have the issue first thing on the monday morning but not this time, so I assumed that the problem could have been resolved. Meanwhile, an hour or so after starting my day, I faced the problem once again but couldn't investigate it fully since I was at that time on a rush at work and I needed Evernote to work immediately. So I did File->Quit, like I used to do everything the problem occured, and restart Evernote to see my notes content again.
  7. I agree with your that the reminder is the one feature I would have liked to see appering in this 5.33 version as we wait for the full 10.x version to be available to us. I haven`t started the legacy windows version since 2 weeks, meaning that 10.x windows is OK for my needs, but the web version is missing that single feature. I integrate my process with the service Remember The Milk (RTM) and the evenote reminders are at the heart of such integration.
  8. @jenholl I am not an evernote employee so I won't be able to provide you the answers your are looking for. I am using postach.io since several years too, but I haven't post anything new recently, since the introduction of Evernote10. I'll try to find some time to explore you situation and see if I can propose something.
  9. As mentionned by @gazumped, both of the pages look similar to me too (chrome/windows10). @jenholl can you share a screenshot showing the diff between evernote and postach.io?
  10. I received 10.4.4 last week and once again I experienced the problem on monday morning. So far, I faced this problem almost every monday morning. Not a big deal since I can quit/kill the evernote processes as a workaround, but the situation is still there.
  11. I was glad to ear that the "Top-list view" was made available once again inside of the 10.4.3 version as I like to use such perspective to see my search result at the top of the note that I am editing. While using it, though, I felt like it was a different experience since I had to constantly resize the window of the list view to see more results, something I wasn`t doing much in the past. So I decided to compare with the previous version to discover that the new UI is showing up half of the entries then before. Here is a sample snapshot of both 10.4.3 (left) and 6.25.2 (right) on to
  12. I just received the offer to install/upgrade to 10.4.3 automagically (I was using 10.3.7) and I accept it. I let the computer work for several minutes. At some point the evernote processess were not consuming much CPU anymore (about 1%) which is unusual since an upgrade would consume a lot of disc and CPU until the version is fully restarted. This restarting phase never occurred. I tried to start evernote, no success. Even the "pinned" evernote entry I had in my task bar was now an empty white icon. At some point I decided to stop all the evernote process and to restart evern
  13. There is a different in the output between checklist and checkbox. When you "check" a given checklist entry, its text will become all strighthrough. The new default seem to have checklist created. The "workaround" that I use to enter quickly a checkbox (the former one supported that doesn`t strikethrough the text) consist in entering <space><[><]>, i.e <space> followed by the 2 [] characters. It works well for me and since then I am happy with checklist and checkbox.
  14. From what I recall, I have experienced this on almost every monday morning when my laptop hasn`t been used during the week-end. My laptop is in hibernate mode every time I don`t use it (current states is saved to disk and resume when I start using it). After 2 days of hibernating, when I attempt to "continue" to use Evernote on monday morning, all notes would appear as blank, no exception. The only solution I have found to this problem, is to kill all the evernote process. Cleanly quitting and restarting Evernote hasn`t resolved the problem (there are still process running) for
  15. @DorenI am under the impression that your request will be merged into this one : I think you should follow that other thread + look at the comment from @Shane D. done here:
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