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  1. This seems to be "partially" fixed. There is a way to "externalize" links with Evernote Windows by pressing CTRL while selecting the menu option "Copy internal link". This will give you a link that Windows will be able to interpret and that you can put in any application. Here is a sample of the kind of link generated (trunkated): If you attempt to open such kind of a link after your did a search on a tag, your link will still not work even after installing 6.22 GA.
  2. I think this would occurs when EV is syncing the notes, can you confirm? One way to prevent this would then be to deactivate the instant sync and/or increase the elapse time between each full synch.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. When the problem occurs, it will regardless if I am still in the note of not. I have tried in the past restarting Restarting EN and that didn't resolve the problem. The problem is resolved by itself then will reappear again for a little while..
  4. On my side the "Instant Sync" is not reliable anymore and seems to rarely work as expected, i.e. as before the update. For instance, the below screenshot show that my note was not synced after 2 minutes and monitoring the situation I saw it being synced at the 5th minutes, i.e. when everything is sync again. Anyone faced this situation and found a way to restore the expected behavior ?
  5. The feature is now working once I have updated chrome to version 49.0.2623.110
  6. I am using google chrome and just did some new test based on the questions you asked. I am referring to the link to the note that we get when we do a CTRL->"Copy Note Link" from Evernote. I store such link inside Remember The Milk tasks to go directly to the Evernote notes associated with the task. The new tests revealed a situation with my Chrome and not Evernote. If I paste the link inside of Internet Explorer our Edge then the evernote note will open as expected. It is a new problem with the recent update from chrome as it used to work up to some point last week. I'll try to resolve this problem...
  7. Hi, Since I receive the last version of evernote the application is no longer responding to URL such as evernote:///view/1872691/s16/3... This used to open directly the note inside of evernote. Now Evernote doesn`t seem to receive it anymore. Anyone else experience this problem and has been able to resolve it? Thanks, Pierre
  8. oh my! I was about to do some research before asking the exact same question, and realize this post is dated from 2014!! @pirate727 have you opened an official ticket since? Anyone did? I am a long time user, faced this problem since a long time too but thought that it was related to my memory/swapping/etc but realized that when I do a search in outlook, where I have years of email, I don't experience the same lag/hanging problem. So I figured out that the problem should be on the Evernote side. Anyone would have some suggestions to prevent such hang situation on Windows?
  9. If you need Free only, I doubt that postach.io will return to this offering. But they mentionned they will provide a new offering for people who can't afford, or need, what is part of their $90/year offering. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82003-postachio-puts-its-foot-down-with-premium-only-accounts/
  10. Just to confirm that the new beta release has fixed my connection issue and I have been able to connect for the first time since a week from the computer where the problem occured. More info about the beta here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59858-evernote-for-windows-541-beta-1/
  11. We have the issue reported here for about a week now: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59206-cannot-connect-to-evernote-windows-after-54-update/ Unfortunately no one informed us where to download the beta 1 to install it since we cannot connect to evernote to switch channel.
  12. @RJRLand thanks for making me laugh this morning... I am a power user of evernote, evangelist of it at work and the family. I depend on it and in the current situation I am "lucky" that the situation occurred only on the computer I use the less. Happy that it occurred to me and not to a colleagues/friend/family member that I have converted to Evernote, otherwise I wouldn't know what to tell them after a week without being able to use their evernote. They are not all techies people, simple user, and technical support should be there for them. I see that only 5 persons are following this thread. Hopefully that means that the situation is not affecting much people... I'll update the thread if I ever receive any feedback from Support.
  13. RJRLand, What you have received is the normal second emails we receive from support. First one is normally about try to uninstall and reinstall, second is to try to uninstall, clean things with a special tool, and then reinstall. Once this will not work they will ask for some log files, that what's happen to me that I have reported already. This is the normal email exchange I got several time I had to investigate things that could'nt fixed just by reinstalling. You can try if you want, didn't work for me. Gazump, Who said it was not a logical and sensible step to take in support of investigating it? I am several days after those steps that has not worked for me and support say they will open a ticket. I am just surprised that I couldn't have access to my evernote installation for several days and the only person that posted here a solution so far was about rollbacking to a previous build. No word from Evernote through the ticket they apparently opened for me, nor in this thread. My questions is now, since I am willing to start over, what if I completely delete evernote from my machine, including my database, would that resolve my problem? I wouldn't attempt this if evernote cannot confirm this will resolve my problem.
  14. Is it just me that find it awkward that since 6 days some of us are no longer able to connect to their evernote installation and the thread is not receiving any update on the investigation? Is the only solutions is to delete our installation completely and to reinstall if from scratch, even if that require downloading several gig of data? Or even attempting to reinstall completely will not guaranty the problem will not occurs again?
  15. Rjrland It looks like your symptoms differ a little from the ones expressed so far and hopefully what you are experiencing and reporting with those error messages are different symptoms of the same problem. I am surprised no solutions have been submitted yet and I have not hear anyone working close with support and development to investigate this. Thanks for reporting your observations.
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