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  1. I just received the offer to install/upgrade to 10.4.3 automagically (I was using 10.3.7) and I accept it. I let the computer work for several minutes. At some point the evernote processess were not consuming much CPU anymore (about 1%) which is unusual since an upgrade would consume a lot of disc and CPU until the version is fully restarted. This restarting phase never occurred. I tried to start evernote, no success. Even the "pinned" evernote entry I had in my task bar was now an empty white icon. At some point I decided to stop all the evernote process and to restart evern
  2. There is a different in the output between checklist and checkbox. When you "check" a given checklist entry, its text will become all strighthrough. The new default seem to have checklist created. The "workaround" that I use to enter quickly a checkbox (the former one supported that doesn`t strikethrough the text) consist in entering <space><[><]>, i.e <space> followed by the 2 [] characters. It works well for me and since then I am happy with checklist and checkbox.
  3. From what I recall, I have experienced this on almost every monday morning when my laptop hasn`t been used during the week-end. My laptop is in hibernate mode every time I don`t use it (current states is saved to disk and resume when I start using it). After 2 days of hibernating, when I attempt to "continue" to use Evernote on monday morning, all notes would appear as blank, no exception. The only solution I have found to this problem, is to kill all the evernote process. Cleanly quitting and restarting Evernote hasn`t resolved the problem (there are still process running) for
  4. @DorenI am under the impression that your request will be merged into this one : I think you should follow that other thread + look at the comment from @Shane D. done here:
  5. This is resolved inside of 10.2.4. Immediately after installing the new version I tried it. For some reason, it was alway giving me an URL that looks like "evernote:///view/1872691/s16/...." regardless of the first or second option I use. After few minutes, it start to work properly, consistently. I am not sure why.
  6. @pauljgeary Were you using version 10.1 before and faced a change of behavior inside of 10.2, or is this your first installation of version 10? I am curious is something is affecting 10.2 that was "ok" in 10.1. As of encryption, I notice a big change too (I am using 10.1). In order to change something that is encrypted, we need to decrypted it fully first using the option "Decrypt Permanently", then do our changes and re-encrypt it once again. Quite of a big change from previous releases where we were able to change directly the value.
  7. For the problem 1, I faced it twice, each time after not using EN for a couple of days on an sleep laptop (week-end). To resolve this, I had to kill all the evernote running process running and restart evernote. To install the legacy version in parallel to EN 10, please refer to this thread:
  8. @Steve Klinghoffer This is an unexpected behavior and should be raise toward Evernote. I am using both versions in parallel since day 1 and I haven't experienced any problem to add notes from EN 10 while the legacy version is running.
  9. @sm788 Several users are installing the "legacy" version parallel to Evernote 10 to access functionalities that might be missing in version 10. If you can't find the export to PDF than you should consider installing such version in parallel. It is extremely easy to perform such installation. Here is the link for the instructions: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwAR2TNqp-eGRH3Ds8Vfu-CiKPjYolJzZ_keR9eWQaDahJ2GN-7hwn595zI8w&__s=bsetfdgzirbvqtopurph
  10. @filthyPierre Please refer to the following link for the procedure to install what they called the "legacy" version next to the version 10: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwAR2TNqp-eGRH3Ds8Vfu-CiKPjYolJzZ_keR9eWQaDahJ2GN-7hwn595zI8w&__s=bsetfdgzirbvqtopurph This will install the latest version 6.25 in parallel to the version 10 if you still want to try it over time.
  11. I just realized that the number of notes reported between Evernote 10 windows (8732), Evernote legacy for windows (8741) and the web version (8737). Anyone knows of a way to identify the "missing" notes ?
  12. I faced a similar problem this morning with version 10.1.7, but in my case it was not the latest notes but all of them that I was not able to see their content. I went to task manager and kill all my evernote process. Then I was able to restart it and access my notes once again. In my case, Evernote has been started yesterday and I put my computer to sleep and go this situation in the morning. After doing so, I haven`t face the problem during the remaining of the day.
  13. @Richard M. Ruby Several people, including myself, are using the "Legacy version" in parallel to the new version for missing feature. You could do the same or completely switch to the legacy version until you get the proper feedback that the missing parts that are so important for you are present in the new version. Unfortunately, this situation will have the bad consequence that you lost your original setup ... As for the real subject of your email, I think several users are sharing your feeling. I wished the installation of Evernote 10 would have been done directly in parallel to the
  14. If restarting EV doesn't resolve your situation, my suggestion would be to kill any evenote process manually before restarting it. I faced a similar situation and that's what I did
  15. I faced a similar situation today for the first time since I installed Evernote 10. It wasn`t affecting only opening a note in a new window, but all notes wouldn`t be able to refresh its content. Restarting evernote client hasn`t resolved the situation, instead I went to the task manager to stop any evernote task running and my problem got resolved. I`ll try to pay more attention about what leads to this, or what else could be attempt to resolve the situation.
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