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  1. I think this would occurs when EV is syncing the notes, can you confirm? One way to prevent this would then be to deactivate the instant sync and/or increase the elapse time between each full synch.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. When the problem occurs, it will regardless if I am still in the note of not. I have tried in the past restarting Restarting EN and that didn't resolve the problem. The problem is resolved by itself then will reappear again for a little while..
  3. On my side the "Instant Sync" is not reliable anymore and seems to rarely work as expected, i.e. as before the update. For instance, the below screenshot show that my note was not synced after 2 minutes and monitoring the situation I saw it being synced at the 5th minutes, i.e. when everything is sync again. Anyone faced this situation and found a way to restore the expected behavior ?
  4. If you need Free only, I doubt that postach.io will return to this offering. But they mentionned they will provide a new offering for people who can't afford, or need, what is part of their $90/year offering. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82003-postachio-puts-its-foot-down-with-premium-only-accounts/
  5. I think there is somewhere a problem with the Android Application regarding loading notes that take a lot of time, even notes that we expect to be stored locally in offline mode. As a premium user, I have several books that are marked for offline viewing and I faced recently problems loading notes that were expected to be stored locally. Quite annoying, I agree. For the last few days I have encountered that situation and just found out a workaround that seem to work for me. When the loading take forever I suspect that some kind of connections in the Evernote application are still pending and are affecting the whole behavior of Evernote. What I have done today was to disable my phone data network (i.e. no more access to internet), load an Evernote note that I know was available locally (that was finally fast), and then re-enable my phone data network. After that, the symptoms of slowliness disapeared: loading notes that I know where stored locally was instantaneous, and loading notes that requires a sync would take few seconds only. Maybe someone else could test this and confirm if it help. - Pierre PS: To shutdown the internet on my phone I long press the power button, select the second entry that I could translate as "Data network deactivated", same procedure to re-enable it. Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo.
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