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  1. I've used evernote from i think late 2010 / early 2011. This last 6 months is the very first time i am very dissapointed. Usually i have opened evernote for every single tasks and quick notes. Now I open notepad++ to make quick notes..
  2. @PinkElephant yes something like that. The search was finished and i was editing one note. And my computer is 6xcpu Intel i7 vpro 10th gen so i assume it is not about my computer performance.
  3. While editing a note, still this buggy evernote freezes and cannot event scroll a note...
  4. Hi All! I think i found a solution! I updated android system webview and suddenly images were working. Please try this if it helps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview
  5. @Shane D. Evernote for Android is useless for me since all images are unable to render. Could you please help us with this issue. Thanks.
  6. I installed older version to android. Im very pissed off about how Evernote works nowadays. Anyway have thiusands of notes that contain images. None of older notes with images work.
  7. Wtf, all my images are missing? Very useless since i have taken images and stored them to evernote. Btw, i chose this Evernote for Android and this forum put ios tag but not android tag to this post
  8. It is not a feature if it is buggy. Can you link some postst i can read about the feature. Anyway, if you are not using Evernote anymore,why you still here at forums?
  9. So frustrating! Who have coded this thing? 10 years of Evernote and this really sucks! So
  10. While editing, switching back and forth from another apps and pasting data, the Evernote freezes and cannot write and see anything. Very unstable and i loose my productivity. Have yo noticed same? It stays like that one minute or so.
  11. Hi, latest evernote, and pasted images from Outlook to evernote. No error messages but just some weird loading icon. How to solve?
  12. I've used evernote 10 years now. Now in few months ,several serious issues ...
  13. yes, everything is working smoothly. Useless page...
  14. no worries folks, everything is up and running https://status.evernote.com/ however the evernote.com has read label in heading saying temporary issue with apple sign in So that status page also sucks As a paying customer, i'm very worried about the current situation in Evernote. How about twitter then... ?
  15. Same here! So annoying!!! I have trusted evernote for 10 years and suddenly cannot trust anymore, i cannot find my notes!?!? Then What the heck?
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