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  1. Tried that approach myself - simply does not work - tried on a range of android (and iOS devices as well). It's simply buggy.
  2. I dropped in to see if the problems I'd been having were a one-off but clearly not - the current evernote is a disaster - too unstable for everyday usage.
  3. Let's see: * Windows 10 Home 1803 * Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019 * Evernote * Onedrive 18.222 So what happened was I was using evernote, and opened up a PDF that is attached to a note. Acrobat is the designated handler/reader and it opened it. Onedrive then popped up a notification that acro32.exe (or whatever acrobat is called) was created files in Onedrive. It then created short-cut URLs for all of my notebooks in onedrive. The image in my first point are the short-cuts that have been created in my document folder of my onedrive account. I simply don't understand what could have caused this behaviour.
  4. This is very odd - I opened a document in Adobe Acrobat from my evernote and then it automatically created short-cut URLs to all of my notebooks in onedrive... em.. how? why? The short-cuts don't actually work and do naything but why created and why added to one-drive?
  5. I find that the search on evernote is very very weak - for example - if you have a recipe that is 'Rosemary and Olive Bread' in the title and you search for 'Olive bread' it will be returned way way down the list - beyond entries that have both Olive and Bread in them more randomly in the text entry itself. I find compared to google and the like it's just not very smart. Am I missing a setting that will improve this?
  6. This is frankly confusing and cumbersome - and it would be better if we can clear reminders from the reminders list rather than having to go to each note.
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