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  1. I find that the search on evernote is very very weak - for example - if you have a recipe that is 'Rosemary and Olive Bread' in the title and you search for 'Olive bread' it will be returned way way down the list - beyond entries that have both Olive and Bread in them more randomly in the text entry itself. I find compared to google and the like it's just not very smart. Am I missing a setting that will improve this?
  2. For me (and it's clear to the new CEO) where it all went wrong - when Evernote suddenly decided it was a lifestyle brand and started selling backpacks and mugs - As soon as I saw them I knew the number was up.
  3. Plus that assumes that a) the price remains consistent and that evernote doesn't disappear - at least when you bought software you know TCO and that as long as you had hardware that would run it, you could run it forever.
  4. So when they announced this - I got an email saying as a long term customer, I could have premium for a 'discount' of $59 - however I notice that if you pay on the website as a new customer it's $45? Are they really trying to stiff existing customers like this?
  5. Mods - I think this is the right place? There is a really interesting analysis of Evernote here (make a cup of tea before reading): What do people think?
  6. Evernote is getting a little out of control with the spam - everytime I open a client there is some evernote business spam to dismiss but to add insult to injury, evernote is now spamming my notifications with rubbish like below
  7. i can't speak for the security concerns of most people except to say that it is a major issue among the folks i work with -- universities, for example, will make a deal with google to run their it stuff, while prohibiting use of dropbox for university-related stuff. that's very, very bad for dropbox. dropbox has no deals with any universities (as far as i know), and few with businesses (as far as i know), so (like evernote) it is still a minor player out there. meanwhile, google and microsoft are running full steam ahead. But let's be clear about what actually happens (I'm an academic who looks at information usage and digital technology) the academic staff at least completely ignore this and use dropbox anyway - it's ubiquitous in the sector. Same with google docs - all of our students have gapps accounts - the usage of google docs is tiny, they all use word.
  8. This was easier than I thought - Created notebook use evernote clearly Link evernote to Nvivo, import notebook
  9. I'm undertaking a research project and as part of it I need to capture forum posts for analysis - (vBulletin) - its tricky when they are over three pages and don't have a "display all thread" option - is there any easy way to do it in evernote or do I need to use a different tool for capture?
  10. Yep. "Unlimited" pretty much means what it says, and to complain when people take you at your word, especially when you use phrases like "remember everything" or bill yourself as the place for "everything you do" invites trouble. They had problems with it from day one, and I don't think anyone is surprised that people took advantage of the service that was advertised. I wonder (about this and other decisions) how this went from being an idea to an actual feature without someone raising their hand and asking questions. Oh well. One thing worth noting is that Evernote (as always) is willing to refund people's money if they aren't satisfied. That's a great policy -- some (well, probably most, but we don't tend to comment on good stuff) of their decisions are good ones Heh - this makes me think - a few years ago in the UK, I complained to the advertising standards people (I forget what they are called) that one of the mobile networks were selling a contract as unlimited data and where in the small print, they noted that unlimited mean 50mb (no not 500mb, 50mb). I was amazed when my complaint was knocked back as they said that 50mb could be described as unlimited....
  11. Introducing Work Chat

    Amazing to me how hard Evernote is working to turn it's vocal champions into the opposite - I often do sessions internally and to clients about digital tools - evernote was always on the list, now I mention it only if raised by a question and then I talk about the mistakes I think the company havemade.
  12. Introducing Work Chat

    Amen - in the latest update I have to keep getting rid of "helpful" prompts that wanted to tell me about how wonderful workchat is.
  13. Yes it's interesting - that is the point that the alarm bells starting ringing with me - you can see a shift in the tone of the external communications - the language has shifted from being about a very clear product/business model to an increasingly value "don't think, feel the love" level of discourse. I need to think about what my options are - simply because although Evernote's new business model makes sense for them, it makes sense for to me to try and migrate to something else before the product rot gets too bad.
  14. The supermarket example would work if I was forced to shop in a 4" box - on a mobile device (I don't tend to use the desktop), UI matters.
  15. Introducing Work Chat

    I was wondering the same thing - work chat is just clutter to me - how do I disable it and remove the button?