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  1. This does not seem to be true in some regions - in the UK - the price has increased and people about to have their renewal are showing the new price so they do not seem to be grandfathered into an older price.
  2. Which only really gives you two options: 1) Incompetence 2) Lies Neither are a great advert for Evernote.
  3. Just because of my petty nature - if they do hit me with a price increase, I'll send them a letter before action and then head off to small claims court. Why were they daft enough to send out an email promising no price increase - just before increasing the price.
  4. Which is still more expensive in the UK than previously - from £44 to £54.
  5. Yes in the UK at least it does seem to have increased in price.
  6. What is the difference between "custom" and "full customization" in regards to the dashboard? Overall I see very little of interest here - although I completely accepted that many users likely have a use for linking their calendar and doing tasks in evernote.
  7. Well office365 has a public roadmap so I know months in advance what I am getting - I don't recall ever receiving an email that was as vague as this from Microsoft (actually I don't remember ever receiving an email off Microsoft).
  8. Maybe it's because of how I use evernote that I don't find tasks an interesting feature at all or something I'd ever use? Because I'm an M365 user - tasks being integrated with my email and live documents is where that provides benefit.
  9. This is an absolutely terrible email comm - amateur hour. Your plan is changing but don't worry it's going to have great new things such as... em...er.... well we'll get back to you with the details... It provides no real information and just creates confusion.
  10. Tried that approach myself - simply does not work - tried on a range of android (and iOS devices as well). It's simply buggy.
  11. I dropped in to see if the problems I'd been having were a one-off but clearly not - the current evernote is a disaster - too unstable for everyday usage.
  12. Let's see: * Windows 10 Home 1803 * Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019 * Evernote * Onedrive 18.222 So what happened was I was using evernote, and opened up a PDF that is attached to a note. Acrobat is the designated handler/reader and it opened it. Onedrive then popped up a notification that acro32.exe (or whatever acrobat is called) was created files in Onedrive. It then created short-cut URLs for all of my notebooks in onedrive. The image in my first point are the short-cuts that have been created in my document folder of my onedrive account. I simply don't understand what could have caused this behaviour.
  13. This is very odd - I opened a document in Adobe Acrobat from my evernote and then it automatically created short-cut URLs to all of my notebooks in onedrive... em.. how? why? The short-cuts don't actually work and do naything but why created and why added to one-drive?
  14. I find that the search on evernote is very very weak - for example - if you have a recipe that is 'Rosemary and Olive Bread' in the title and you search for 'Olive bread' it will be returned way way down the list - beyond entries that have both Olive and Bread in them more randomly in the text entry itself. I find compared to google and the like it's just not very smart. Am I missing a setting that will improve this?
  15. This is frankly confusing and cumbersome - and it would be better if we can clear reminders from the reminders list rather than having to go to each note.
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