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  1. Let's see: * Windows 10 Home 1803 * Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019 * Evernote * Onedrive 18.222 So what happened was I was using evernote, and opened up a PDF that is attached to a note. Acrobat is the designated handler/reader and it opened it. Onedrive then popped up a notification that acro32.exe (or whatever acrobat is called) was created files in Onedrive. It then created short-cut URLs for all of my notebooks in onedrive. The image in my first point are the short-cuts that have been created in my document folder of my onedrive account. I simply don't understand what could have caused this behaviour.
  2. This is very odd - I opened a document in Adobe Acrobat from my evernote and then it automatically created short-cut URLs to all of my notebooks in onedrive... em.. how? why? The short-cuts don't actually work and do naything but why created and why added to one-drive?
  3. I find that the search on evernote is very very weak - for example - if you have a recipe that is 'Rosemary and Olive Bread' in the title and you search for 'Olive bread' it will be returned way way down the list - beyond entries that have both Olive and Bread in them more randomly in the text entry itself. I find compared to google and the like it's just not very smart. Am I missing a setting that will improve this?
  4. This is frankly confusing and cumbersome - and it would be better if we can clear reminders from the reminders list rather than having to go to each note.
  5. Thanks for that - I think for the moment, I'll stick to my existing system and as you say stick things in evernote when I'm done with that. Thanks to all three of you for your comments.
  6. I'm a premium user and was looking as a way to get more out of my subscription! I will keep an eye on the limit.
  7. Let me describe my workflow and them maybe someone can make some suggestions or answer some questions. 1) I download PDFs from various academic journals 2) I place them within a drop-box folder 3) On my android tablet, I open the PDF (from within dropbox), annotate it, close it - dropbox saves the changes. Now, here is my question - can I eliminate dropbox in this process and simply do this all in Evernote - if I'm using my tablet, do I need to create a new note and attached the changed PDF after I do annotations or will evernote simply note the changed document? thanks in advance.
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