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  1. Not available in the new Evernote 10(.5) as far as I am aware and was able to figure out. Is there any update on this, roadmap-wise?
  2. I can confirm what eafpres says. I have to reload each page. Further, the context menu clipping still doesn't work at all. PS: Example website: https://www.nfcworld.com/2018/08/07/357810/android-9-nfc-secure-element-tee-biometric-security/
  3. I'm having the issue that the extension doesn't clip anything when I try to "clip selection", i. e. it also doesn't show any dialogue. Please see the log file posted in part here. *edit* Actually sometimes it is starting to load and I try to clip it, but nothing happens, the wheel just keeps spinning.
  4. I'm having the same issue. Happy to provide the full log if needed. Excerpt:
  5. What if my note wasn't synced yet, but was only just created locally? I don't find the option mentioned by you. I just see a "Restore" line, which is greyed out though for me, even though I'm a Premium user. What? Every 8 hours only? -.- That is no note/version history functionality! That is just a "backup" function, but it won't allow me to gradually roll back items I made within the last five or one minute. I fell for your deceptive marketing. -.- I can't understand why you cannot include true note history functionality for 40 € / year, when the volume of data is much smaller than
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