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  1. I can confirm what eafpres says. I have to reload each page. Further, the context menu clipping still doesn't work at all. PS: Example website: https://www.nfcworld.com/2018/08/07/357810/android-9-nfc-secure-element-tee-biometric-security/
  2. I'm having the issue that the extension doesn't clip anything when I try to "clip selection", i. e. it also doesn't show any dialogue. Please see the log file posted in part here. *edit* Actually sometimes it is starting to load and I try to clip it, but nothing happens, the wheel just keeps spinning.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Happy to provide the full log if needed. Excerpt:
  4. Dear Stephane Lo, could you elaborate for me (via forum comment or private message) on the "Better handling of CJK languages in search"? I'd like to know what you improved in this regard in detail, as I use one of the CJK very frequently in and with Evernote. Thanks in advance.
  5. @gazumped: Is note auto-backup / -syncing still only every 8 minutes? I don't know even though I'm a Premium user, because I luckily didn't run into any trouble the last few years.
  6. Dear Dmitry, I unfortunately used "Powerbot" before (the non-beta version, to my knowledge??). I say "unfortunately" because now, even when I install the Beta version, as I already used my 30 days free trial, I am forced to buy it! Right? So I guess there's no way to beta-test your extension for free? I'd really buy a licence, but ... if you compare your pricing with the price of an Evernote Premium subscription I guess you'll realize my gripe...... Thanks for your help in advance.
  7. What if my note wasn't synced yet, but was only just created locally? I don't find the option mentioned by you. I just see a "Restore" line, which is greyed out though for me, even though I'm a Premium user. What? Every 8 hours only? -.- That is no note/version history functionality! That is just a "backup" function, but it won't allow me to gradually roll back items I made within the last five or one minute. I fell for your deceptive marketing. -.- I can't understand why you cannot include true note history functionality for 40 € / year, when the volume of data is much smaller than what people throw into Dropbox etc. Because Dropbox, Box, Google Drive sync every individual change, why can't Evernote do so too? (At least locally, if not via Sync) Finally: Why does "Edit > Undo" simply not work?! It almost never works when I try it! It's like that since at least one year... It's an absolute disgrace that this still isn't fixed or working properly. (Like in every other PC software since 1997!) But it's probably just your way to lure people into Premium...
  8. Is this an official thread, does the Evernote team actually look here? My No. 1 feature request right now: I currently cannot search for search-strings in the note titles only, which waters down the search result quality. Thus, I want to be able to select in which note fields (title, content or even URL or tags field?) my search will be conducted. (Due to certain bugs, but also because it can always happen that I look for a note whose title is also used in the content of another mostly unrelated note.)
  9. Anyone with 100.000 notes needs to get a live. And take off two weeks to delete at least 50.000 of their 100.000 notes.
  10. Dear Evernote team, thanks for the great new forum (software), looks sleek! But: Unfortunately, while there is finally the option to change my username, it doesn't accept my password! It just says "Your current password is incorrect", even though I tried both my Evernote and my (different) Evernote Forum password from the old forum! What else could I do? There must be a bug in there! I shall provide a NEW username but my OLD password, right? Thanks for your help in advance! With compliments
  11. Hey judas, thanks for the tip, interesting stuff! ...unfortunately, I don't find this in the current PDFCreator v.1.2.1, can anyone go into detail (ideally some screenshots or a quick video or a link to such a tutorial) here? Thanks for your help in advance, highly appreciated! Kind regards
  12. Your support was unable to help me. Wonder why the support guys can't refer or escalate the case? So stupid... Clearly there was a reason (as of one information the posted error messages were sent manually by an engineer for a reason I still don't know) for my issue, but I still don't know it. Even moving the database didn't help, as NOW Evernote could actually accept the new location, but not the *.exb file! :shock: So at the moment, after I was asked to supply my password initially, it's redownloading the whole huge database. Frankly, I don't pay for downloading but sure your as a company do incur these costs. I hope I at least had no unsynced notes in EN desktop (which would be gone otherwise!), luckily I don't have any local notebook... This is no good advertisement to convince me or anyone to switch to premium!
  13. sickpuma, please see my thread for your information. As far as I know this isn't yet fixed in the new 4.2.2 build, as this upgrade was about the installer issue...I expect an answer next week on the support ticket...
  14. *edit* Case-ID: 198434 I didn't expect this to be such a big deal. I just thought it was still my fault (human error ). While I wonder how this should change anything, as I currently have only the above information to submit anyways... By the way, imho using the forum also has an advantage for Evernote, this way they don't need to reply to the same stuff over and over again, as this thread is accessible to the (registered) public and not just in my (encrypted ) e-mail folder!
  15. mrossk, good point. It's not true though that TC mounts as removable drive as default, yet I think I had it activated on several containers. But I deactivated it anyways, because there was not much usage except for WinAmp *buh* bugging me to "manage" these drives. -.- Yet sadly this didn't help, I checked again and got the first error message posted above again when looking into the log file. I'm a bit unhappy that no one seems to care though, I mean I provided the log content and description and am ready to deliver more stuff if necessary, yet I need some kind of input from the Evernote Pro's/Devs!
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