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  1. ? My workflow since this release came out: Bullet list applied to all the note instead of just the selected text Paste content from a previous copy and paste instead the selected copied content Seems occuring when the note contains a table and/or some content copied from web
  2. OK so third report of bugs... Lastest bug : cut and paste a table, then cut and paste some text but the table is copied instead of the text. The beta versions of 6.15 where mostly fine but since 6.15 GA my Evernote is barelly usuable. ?
  3. Bug : empty column added on tables (random ?) Edit a table in a note Quit the note Go back to the note: an empty column as been added at the right of the edited table Bug : font-size or formatting not working on some text (random?) I have a note with titles that are formatted with numbered list + horizontal rule below When I select a title and want to change its font-size, either the font-size is applied but not on the number from the numbered list or the font-size is not applied at all (though the new font-size value is display in the editing bar) I have an another not with text copied from a web page When I want to remove the format of this text, either the styles stay or only one the style is removed
  4. Bug: first clicked link in a note doesn't automatically switch to the browser window. In the Evernote desktop app, display a note that contains links. Click on a link : the link is opened in the browser but Evernote doesn''t switch to the browser window. Click on a link, then on a second link: both links are opened in the browser and Evernote switches to the browser on the second click. New notes created with ctrl+alt+n are not displayed on front of the current window (Windows 10 virtual desktop activated with Evernote on another desktop than my browser) I would like to have an option to set the window size of the new note, currently their size seemed to be either fullscreen (not at all pratical in my case) or mobile width (too small) UI consistency remark : ticked boxes are green in Evernote for Android but stay white in Evernote for Windows. Could be good to choose one of this comportment and use it on both platforms.
  5. With this beta sometime the content I just cut-copied between notes isn't saved, I have to check before sync or some content can be lost due to this bug. Seems random.
  6. ? In the left panel view, when I right-click on a notebook inside a notebook stack, I don't have an option to create a new note inside the right-clicked notebook. Is this normal ? Also, I don't find an official Evernote documentation on emojis. What is the way to use them in Evernote ? Thanks
  7. Does the rules (Ctrl+shift+-) are fixed in 6.10? I'm on 6.9 and for some notes the rules I add (manually or via hotkeys) are not visible.
  8. Another two random bugs: when I select a note, place the cursor within it and hit Enter there is no line break but the note is deselect and displayed as modified (blue arrow icon); when I search for words in my notes, the words are often not highlighted + I always have to scroll through the note until I reach the word (so the focus is not directy on the highlighted words).
  9. Two gif of the two problems I encounter with horizontal rules since 6.8: sometimes (I think only when font size is higher than 12) I can't add a rule by typing "---" + Enter or by the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+-; the blinking text cursor of the horizontal rule is practically at the same level as the line below the rule, so when I want to add a line break after a horizontal rule the line break is often above the rule
  10. Since 6.8 I often can't add a horizontal rule by "---" or Ctrl+Shift+-. I have to click on the horizontal rule icon. Also the dictionary doesn't retains the words added. Even when I manually edit the user.dic file.
  11. Two issues/bugs. Sync works normally (manual mode) but when triggered by copying the internal link of a note or by creating a table of content, the sync bar window appears and progression is terribly slow. Have to cancel, wait about ten seconds for Evernote to responds after the closing of the sync bar window, then the sync symbol rotate and syncing performs normally. Various annoying behaviors with boxes, e.g.: no tabulation, no selection... Maybe similar to the "countless bugs related to bullet lists" mentionned by @louay.md
  12. Items #2 and #5 for me too. I hope to not encounter the random disappearing of pictures. From now on even for GA releases I will wait for user feedbacks before updating
  13. I've tried to send the note by opening a ticket but the format isn't supported. How can I share a note with the support?
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