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  1. I explained how this type of link is inadequate. Do you disagree with something I said?
  2. Yeah, those links work across clients and on the web. They don't just point to the the UI of the note in the local app. Although, that's beside the point. And, not to brag, but I've written a fully featured Evernote client, myself. So, I have a fairly good idea how it works. Not sure what point you are trying to make.
  3. If I click a public link in the client, it will take me to a web page. So I have to add a local link to be able to navigate to that same note in the client. And, no, local links don't only work on the computer that created the note. They work on any device. They even work on the web, but require me to log in.
  4. The internal note link functionality is such a mess when it comes to publicly accessible notes. For some reason, Evernote has different "public" and "internal" links, where one kind is only useful in a browser, and one is only useful in the client. So, I have to put two links, public and local, in place of every note link in my publicly shared notes. Public links are only useful in a browser because they open a new browser window, even if when clicked in the client. Local links are only useful in the client because they are not publicly accessible from the browser, even if the target note is. This is really annoying. I want to be able to make just one note link and have it do the right thing in the client and in the browser.
  5. Seconded. The Gotham font looks terrible with Cyrillic characters. Take entry #11 on my reading list, for example:
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