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  1. For once, I'm happy Samsung is not rolling out Android 10 to my phone.
  2. I don't know the details, but I find the claim that a 32-bit program couldn't use dark mode hard to believe. But, even granting that, it's pretty unusual to have to rewrite much just to recompile a program in 64 bits. Most of the time, it does not take any changes at all. It doesn't mean that at all. It is very rare for Windows updates to break reverse compatibility. A lot of 20-year-old software runs perfectly fine without changes. It's really not rocket science. Saying this having written a full-featured Evernote client myself a while ago, one with rich text editing, offline note storage, search, attachment, multimedia note support, etc.
  3. What do you mean it "looks ridiculous"? I don't know about other platforms, but the Windows client version 6 is one of the better-looking programs I use. Besides, it's a desktop program, it's not like it needs to be rewritten every season to keep up with the latest fashions. That's quite a low bar to clear, though. I expect desktop software to be much more responsive than websites.
  4. I've read in another topic that the Nimbus client is a bloated Electron app, like the new Evernote. Better support is good, but, if this is true, it won't replace Evernote's old native client. I want to have good software and not interact with support at all.
  5. The main implication is that this cache does not have any forward compatibility guarantees and could be deleted at any moment. It is currently purged whenever you sign out of Evernote and is likely to be purged after updates, as well.
  6. Firefox for Android just recently. They switched the engine and rewrote the app from the ground up, losing all the features that used to make it worth using over other browsers. The two releases are so similar, they feel like a single event in my mind.
  7. If it asked you now if you want to update, you might think twice. This way it doesn't have to ask.
  8. Just found out about this feature from this thread, and it's brilliant! Evernote should absolutely add it back in version 10.
  9. One has to wonder who had the bright idea to use Electron for an application that needs to be running all the time. That's hundreds of megabytes of RAM you don't get to use for your work anymore, as well as the reduced battery life.
  10. Overall agree, except with this. Please don't. MS Office is notorious for ignoring Windows UI conventions.
  11. We've been down this road before with Evernote 3.5, when they decided to rewrite the client in .NET. It became slugging and lost features, the users were up in arms. Thankfully, the developers had the humility to go back to native in version 4.0.
  12. This is a big disappointment. There should be no binaries in the profile directory — software goes into "Program Files." And it is a poor install experience, since the installer has to be ran as Admin when the previous version has been installed to "Program Files." Sounds like v10 is an Electron app. 😣 Going to be a repeat of the disastrous Evernote 3.5 .NET rewrite.
  13. Seconded. The Gotham font looks terrible with Cyrillic characters. Take entry #11 on my reading list, for example:
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