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  1. The new editor is more beautiful, but it is not very functional. On windows, the platform I use is very bad. You took away several features (Synchronize button, several shortcut keys, the table operation was too bad - new lines do not use the formatting of the previous one, etc ...). Not to mention the performance that is much slower than the classic version. And where is the preferences screen? I have never seen an application that cannot be configured. I use the premium version, but I'm already researching other apps to migrate (OneNote, SimpleNote, etc ...). In my opinion you ha
  2. When adding a row to a table, it is being added without formatting. In the previous version, when adding a line, it maintained the formatting of the previous line. When you have a completely colored table and add a line, it appears all white. That sucks. As has already been said by colleagues, this version is performing poorly. It takes up more space on the hard disk, takes longer to open, and all operations take longer to occur (even on powerful computers), not to mention a number of features that have been taken out (as already mentioned). A new version should be released with more f
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