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  1. You can either set up an automator service or use a tool like Hazel to automatically scan and import documents into Evernote. here is the script I use in Hazel: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell
  2. So I'm not crazy? Someone designed, developed, tested and deployed a search editor and didnt' think to include the "-tag" functionality. Outstanding.
  3. I'm trying to edit a saved search to add "-tag:archive" condition to the current "has tag" conditions, but I can only add "has tag" and not "does not have tag" to the saved search conditions. You can see a screenshot of me experimenting to try an add it. I can probably delete my saved search and recreate it with the conditions I want, but I shouldn't have to do that. here is my Evernote version running on MacOS 10.14. Am I crazy? or can you not add "does not have tag" conditions in the saved search editor?
  4. I don't have a cookie by that name, but thanks for showing me where Evernote cookies are. That could come in handy in the future!
  5. That page doesn't mention Evernote, so I am curious how you did it. I configure it to place files in a folder that Hazel app watches, It runs a script that imports pdf's in that folder into Evernote. However, I'd rather have scans to directly into Evernote.
  6. What is the procedure? I'm having the same issue where Evertnote reminder links I get in emails open in the browser instead of the Evernote App. Why do I have an Evernote app then?
  7. +1 this idea. I'm having the same issue with multiple email clients. I use gmail Web, Apple Mail, and Airmail . What I do it click on "forward" and put my Evernote forwarding address in the "To" field. Then I send it. The note has the subject and body of the forwarded email , but I cannot see the original From/To information. The use case that it causes a problem with for me is when I register an account and receive a confirmation that the account is created, I forward the email to Evernote so that I can remember which of my many email addresses I used to register the account with. I'm working on a project to consolidated accounts to a single email address, which will alleviate this issue eventually. However, if I am prompted for the accounts email address in order to perform password recovery, and the Evernote note does''t tell me the address the registration email was sent to , then I have to guess which email address I used.
  8. I tested this by Navigating to All Notes -> Reminders in the Mac app Then I pressed cmd + J and selected "inbox" Then I switched back to "All Notes" expecting it to open reminders tab It opened the Notes Tab Everyone is going to have their own preference on how to display reminders, but I think most would agree it they are important enough to always have at least a link to them visible in the user interface for one-click access. This could be done In the sidebar In the top menu bar or ( not my recommendation ) have a dedicated "reminders" panel / pane . if you have user the Chrome developer tools, the Reminder pane would be one of those panes.
  9. +1 this feature request. When I take notes I want them to all look the same for the sake of readability. My typing skills suck. I can rarely find cmd opt v on the keyboard by I can always find cmd+v so that is what I use. If we could get the option to remap keys to swap cmd+opt+v and cmd+v that would be great. For example, It's been several minutes that I'm trying to find a way to remove formatting from some text a pasted from a document that is no longer open. If I could have just pasted without formatting, it would have saved a significant amount of time.
  10. I took a quick look and Bear and Simplenote are worth checking out. Also, if you like markdown you could create a gitlab account and sync your notes ( manually though ) to multiple devices that way as long as you have git. You can do the same with gitlab but you have to pay to keep your notes private.
  11. + 1 this , what I'm looking for is to click and drag a note into omnifocus , and from there create a task with a duplicate of the notes content in my task's "notes" section. I may have an odd situation, but there are times when I have access to Omnifocus but not evernote , so a link to a note doesn't help me. I need the contents of the note.
  12. Darn. I was hoping to be able to use an escape character or other means to disable it just for this one document. Auto-formatting is useful in most cases, but not when I'm brainstorming. I don't want to turn it off completely in Evernote, so I'll use an alternate text editor for brainstorming. Thank you for replying
  13. I'm brainstorming the menu ,, category , and tag hierarchy for my blog, and I'm trying to put "-" in front of subcategories ie. Main Category - Sub Category 1 - Sub Category 2 But instead evernote does this Main Category Sub Category 1 Sub Category 2 How can I prevent Evernote from reformatting my text?
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