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  1. What is the procedure? I'm having the same issue where Evertnote reminder links I get in emails open in the browser instead of the Evernote App. Why do I have an Evernote app then?
  2. +1 this idea. It still a problem in 2019.
  3. +1 this idea. I'm having the same issue with multiple email clients. I use gmail Web, Apple Mail, and Airmail . What I do it click on "forward" and put my Evernote forwarding address in the "To" field. Then I send it. The note has the subject and body of the forwarded email , but I cannot see the original From/To information. The use case that it causes a problem with for me is when I register an account and receive a confirmation that the account is created, I forward the email to Evernote so that I can remember which of my many email addresses I used to register the account with. I'm working on a project to consolidated accounts to a single email address, which will alleviate this issue eventually. However, if I am prompted for the accounts email address in order to perform password recovery, and the Evernote note does''t tell me the address the registration email was sent to , then I have to guess which email address I used.
  4. I tested this by Navigating to All Notes -> Reminders in the Mac app Then I pressed cmd + J and selected "inbox" Then I switched back to "All Notes" expecting it to open reminders tab It opened the Notes Tab Everyone is going to have their own preference on how to display reminders, but I think most would agree it they are important enough to always have at least a link to them visible in the user interface for one-click access. This could be done In the sidebar In the top menu bar or ( not my recommendation ) have a dedicated "reminders" panel / pane . if you have user the Chrome developer tools, the Reminder pane would be one of those panes.
  5. +1 this feature request. When I take notes I want them to all look the same for the sake of readability. My typing skills suck. I can rarely find cmd opt v on the keyboard by I can always find cmd+v so that is what I use. If we could get the option to remap keys to swap cmd+opt+v and cmd+v that would be great. For example, It's been several minutes that I'm trying to find a way to remove formatting from some text a pasted from a document that is no longer open. If I could have just pasted without formatting, it would have saved a significant amount of time.
  6. I took a quick look and Bear and Simplenote are worth checking out. Also, if you like markdown you could create a gitlab account and sync your notes ( manually though ) to multiple devices that way as long as you have git. You can do the same with gitlab but you have to pay to keep your notes private.
  7. + 1 this , what I'm looking for is to click and drag a note into omnifocus , and from there create a task with a duplicate of the notes content in my task's "notes" section. I may have an odd situation, but there are times when I have access to Omnifocus but not evernote , so a link to a note doesn't help me. I need the contents of the note.
  8. Darn. I was hoping to be able to use an escape character or other means to disable it just for this one document. Auto-formatting is useful in most cases, but not when I'm brainstorming. I don't want to turn it off completely in Evernote, so I'll use an alternate text editor for brainstorming. Thank you for replying
  9. I'm brainstorming the menu ,, category , and tag hierarchy for my blog, and I'm trying to put "-" in front of subcategories ie. Main Category - Sub Category 1 - Sub Category 2 But instead evernote does this Main Category Sub Category 1 Sub Category 2 How can I prevent Evernote from reformatting my text?
  10. I had this issue today. Rebooting did not fix it, but uninstalling and reinstalling did. I run an app called Hazel that automates file tasks. When I uninstalled Evernote, it prompted me to remove associated files which I did . I reinstalled it, logged in, and made sure that it worked. I then rebooted and verified that it's still working., Now, for how long I don't know, but it is working. Evernote version: 6.13.1 macOS 10.13.2
  11. Same here. I use evernote for my job. I don't get paid to spend hours troubleshooting it.
  12. I love this idea. I spend way too much time processing my Evernote inbox. It would be nice to have a script or set of rules to apply tags, change the title, and move the note to the correct notebook in an automated fashion.
  13. I have the same experience. I created a shortcut for Amazon orders "enamzord" that expands to "amazon,purchase" . If I type enamzord in the title or body of the note, it works. If I type it in the tag field, it does not work. However, if I create the same shortcut in textexpander app, it will work in all 3 locations of the note (tags, title, body ) .
  14. I agree with the importance of tagging. In fact, I was searching for untagged AT&T notes so that I could tag them!
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