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  1. That worked, thanks! Evernote will be a truly great app when it gets markdown support and the v10 client back up to snuff. I know people would love to get the ability to automate tasks with Applescript back as well.
  2. Good idea. I just found the installer for v6 on Windows. I mostly use Mac but I have a Windows VM I can install the older version on.
  3. Happy New Year. I still can't select more than 50 notes... which is a problem because I found that my AppleScript that creates notes from pdf's went off the rails. It create a few thousand duplicate notes that I want to delete. My current batch has 2500 duplicates where it processed the same file 2500 times.
  4. That may have worked in the past. I just tried this with Evernote 10.5 for Mac. it creates a blank note and includes the Bear note as a file attachment. No images.
  5. Same here. I migrated to Bear for the markdown support and cancelled my Evernote subscription. Evernote has a ton of useful features, but I feel like I'm fighting the editor when writing notes. Markdown just flows onto the page and I don't need to take my hands off of the keyboard to format the text to create headers, lists, or links. What I'm saying that the lack of markdown is important enough to make me leave Evernote, and the features that I lost by leaving are enough to make me return to Evernote if markdown support is added.
  6. Thanks for the update. There are several apps that I use, such as Hazel, that have had problems adapting to the new read only OS folders, it's not just Evernote that was caught by surprise by Apple's lack of transparency on the release date. I'm sure that there are other problems. My last employer did several mobile app launches. Google was pretty easy to work with, but working with Apple to an app out the door, was difficult. And when the test group reported bugs, it was difficult to push out bug fixes to iOS device as well. I'm waiting for vendors to get their applications updated and also for Apple to do a few point releases before I upgrade to Catalina. Something that would be nice is for Evernote to make the Safari 12 version available for people line me who rolled back Safari 13 to Safari 12 and would like to re-install the Web-clipper extension. Unfortunately, I didn't save the installer so now I am stuck
  7. I downgraded my Mac's Safari back to 12( full system reset ) so that I could install Evernote Webclipper for Safari 12 , but I don't have a backup copy of the installer . I can't find out on the evernote site, either. Does anyone know of a legitimate site that has it?
  8. Apple released Safari 13 early, and there should have been a popup confirmation box that said "warning, your old extensions will stop working, make certain there a version of the extensions you use in the app store before upgrading to Safari 13. Press ok to continue, cancel to cancel the upgrade."
  9. You can either set up an automator service or use a tool like Hazel to automatically scan and import documents into Evernote. here is the script I use in Hazel: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell
  10. So I'm not crazy? Someone designed, developed, tested and deployed a search editor and didnt' think to include the "-tag" functionality. Outstanding.
  11. I'm trying to edit a saved search to add "-tag:archive" condition to the current "has tag" conditions, but I can only add "has tag" and not "does not have tag" to the saved search conditions. You can see a screenshot of me experimenting to try an add it. I can probably delete my saved search and recreate it with the conditions I want, but I shouldn't have to do that. here is my Evernote version running on MacOS 10.14. Am I crazy? or can you not add "does not have tag" conditions in the saved search editor?
  12. I don't have a cookie by that name, but thanks for showing me where Evernote cookies are. That could come in handy in the future!
  13. That page doesn't mention Evernote, so I am curious how you did it. I configure it to place files in a folder that Hazel app watches, It runs a script that imports pdf's in that folder into Evernote. However, I'd rather have scans to directly into Evernote.
  14. What is the procedure? I'm having the same issue where Evertnote reminder links I get in emails open in the browser instead of the Evernote App. Why do I have an Evernote app then?
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