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  1. Evernote's note history is only taken once about every eight hours. So any changes that were made within about the past eight hours may not be in the note history. It the note was newly created within the past about eight hours, it may not have any note history.

  2. Actually it's just a little suggestion or request, I'm currently a Premium user, only because a Free account could not allow me to share/edit mostly text notes among several friends.  1G space is already plenty for me, 4G from Premium is a lot more than I need.

    Therefore, may I humbly suggest a possible new account type with all of the functions of a Free account plus note editing among friends?

    If a Free account user could simply purchase for additional space, why not let sharing/edit be purchasable as well?

    Various tiers of premium has been discussed before. And along with various tiers is more overhead costs. But really, $45 USD per year is a minimal charge, even if one doesn't use all the features. If for no other reason than to pay/thank the devs for their work, if it's an app you rely upon.

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  3. You did not offer your better solution earlier on, why let this thread go on for months without your superior contribution??

    You know very well that my reference to destroying reputation is based on our previous altercation that you wanted to win no matter what.

    In any case, let's not carry on here. Just remember, if you keep crossing me like this the stakes will be upped as I will lose my patience. Just get rid of your frustrations elsewhere. Goodbye.

    Oh please. 


    I am not "crossing you".  As much as you want to make it personal, it is not.  You offered a solution & there was a better one.  Sorry, but I have better things to do than read every thread here & post on them.


    Stakes will be upped???  There are no "stakes" here.  It's a message board.  You really do need to get a grip.


    Carry on.


    (And it's probably best to get back on topic rather than continue to discuss your opinion of me.  As has been said before, feel free to use the 'report' button (on each & every post) if you feel someone has violated the forum code of conduct.)

  4. By the way, don't be shy to share your brilliant suggestions with the forum upfront instead of waiting to present them when you see an "opportunity" to try to destroy someone's reputation in the eyes of others.

    FYI, I don't spend as much time on this board as I used to.  It's not a requirement. 


    But seriously..."destroying someone's reputation in the eyes of others"???  An unknown user name on a message board???  It seems you object to me posing a better option than the one you posted & I don't know why anyone would object to that.

  5. There is no evidence for the downgrade problem from the posts above,

    Perhaps you should not limit your view to a single thread.



    Additionally, there is more work to convert from personal to EB:  (Not in this thread, but if you don't limit yourself to this thread & use the search, you can easily find the threads.)



    you just make that statement now.

    It is remarkable that you only come up with a solution now, when this has been an open issue since June, probably for ulterior motives as stated in #18.

    I only just contributed b/c there is a better option than what you offered.  I don't know why anyone would want to pay $10 and jump through a lot of hoops to go EB & then jump through more hoops to convert back to free, when all they'd need to do is pay $5. 


    I'm not interested in debating this with you any further.  It's up to the user to decide how they may want to go. 

  6. But as you have mentioned yourself in previous posts, support with a premium account is bad, which is why you are going to leave Evernote. And there is no evidence that downgrading from Premium will not result in the issue recurring.

    I have seen nothing to indicate support for EB is any better than premium. Support seems to be poor, no matter what.

    In either case (EB or premium) there is no evidence that the problem will not reoccur, so I don't know why you think EB is better, in this respect.

    And, as I said, there is definitely evidence that people have issues when downgrading from EB to free, while downgrading from premium has none.

  7. Evernote's focus has shifted to the Business user. Workaround to get your issue on their radar screen & probably solved: temporarily upgrade to Business (1, 2 ... months) & downgrade after resolution.

    Given the fact that people are having issues accessing their personal notes after downgrading from business and that EB is $10 per month, I'd say this is a really bad idea. Instead, upgrade to premium, which is $5 per month and no issues accessing notes when downgrading to free.

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  8. GM, maybe you could set up some saved searches for a range of date parameters at 6-month intervals... and pop those into your shortcuts list. You'd have 12 at most.

    I know GM has other issues with Evernote (like encryption & scalability). But I know for me (and I think GM), I don't mind using some workarounds. But I got tired of having to use workarounds only to find that new client "upgrades" or feature regression (especially when not forewarned like the fairly recent yank of notebook sharing, which they eventually reinstated) made the workarounds no longer viable. I know for me, that type of thing was the straw that broke the camel's back & caused me to migrate away from Evernote.

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    It's the lack of a reverse sort that kills the system. I've got tens of thousands of notes going back several years. They are easy to navigate on the desktop, because any search can immediately have the various sort options arranged regular or reversed. On mobile, the system is not especially fun, and tapping through it all gets old fast.

    At one point, Evernote maintained they were striving for feature parity across all platforms. One more reason those of us who have used Evernote for many years and had confidence in the company were willing to put up with these types of inconsistencies. AFAIK, they never achieved this elusive feature parity and with the various rewrites & updates of the clients, it would seem it's not a priority.

  10. Is there a way to change the email address that Evernote assigned to my account.

    To change the email address that Evernote assigns to you (in order to email notes directly into your account), log into the web client, go to settings & at "email notes to" click reset.

    If you really mean the email address you used to set up your account, again log into the web client & go to settings & manage email.


    Only premium members have this option..

    Not true. See my response above.  A premium account is required for changing the user name on this board.  Not for changing email addresses.

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  11. Windows tells me that elephant.exe is a suspicious file at download


    I'm not saying it's NOT a bad file.  But IME, Windows stating a file is "suspicious" doesn't necessarily mean the file is bad.  It just means Windows doesn't know about this file.  I remember this was discussed on the board previously regarding some other third party software. Let's say I write a Windows app that is virus/malware free, but is only downloaded by a (relatively) small portion of Windows users, Windows may not know that it is an ok file & simply reports it as "suspicious". It is then up to the user to do their due diligence (which is what you are doing) an decide to go ahead & download or not. In the case I mentioned above, the developer was a well respected member of the Evernote message board & so we all knew it was ok to download.

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  12. I've experienced wrong search results for the entire time I've used evernote (a number of years). In the past, the desktop results were often less complete than web search results for the same term. Evernote was never able to provide a solution for my case, and there were others in these forums who had the same experience. Deleting and recreating my local Evernote db didn't fix it.


    I just tried a search on my desktop client, which returned 841 notes. The same search on the web client returns 1028 notes. On another search, the desktop had 14 notes and the web client had 13. (Note that for one search, the web client was more complete, while for the other search the desktop client was more complete.)


    What good is it to keep all your important documents in Evernote if you can't rely on the search function? At tax time, when I search "tag:tax tag:2013", I'm not looking for a sampling of my tax documents. I need to be certain I'm finding *all* of them.


    It is a known issue (and has been for quite some time) that the search results vary between clients.  It does not seem to be a high priority with Evernote.  It's one of the reasons I'm migrating away from Evernote.  Around July, I submitted ticket # 627563 on this issue.



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  13. Mr. Fries,

    Were the owners of this site (who are, presumably, the developers of the software) to provide actual disclosure of the functions of Evernote before someone had to spend their time struggling with it, I would not be here.


    Even failing that, had they provided actual help or support, I would not have burdened you with my comment.


    They havve, however, provided you with the title "moderator" to enable you to belittle me. On top of the fraudulent waste of my time I will remember Evernote with your additional insults.


    1. There is a plethora of info out there...should you elect to find it.  Heck, many were even mentioned in this thread. If you elect not to, that's ok too.  But it's silly to complain that it's not out there when it is & you simply elect to not look for it.  We are not your mother.


    2. The title of moderator on this website is pretty meaningless.  (Searching the board will provide you with answers on that.)  However, I'm pleased to know I've made a lasting impression. 


    Again...good luck with whatever app you go with.

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  14. Frank.dg - yes, those posts are part of what I was referring to when Evernote changed directions back in 2008.  Clearly, all the naysayers were wrong.  That may well be the case now.  But what I do know is that Evernote that I have access to today no longer works for me, unless I hold my head a certain way, have had only & exactly 1 & 3/4 cups of coffee that morning, my chair is facing in an easterly direction & I have the fingers on my left hand crossed but not on my right hand.  I honestly don't care that they've added the chat. I honestly don't care about the colors (and/or lack thereof) and I rarely complain about UI.   I disagree with their stance to no longer support free users & distance themselves from the users board...but that (nor any of the aforementioned things) would not cause me to stop using the app.  What has caused me to stop using the app are the things I mentioned in my previous post.  It simply no longer works for me.  It's like trying to drive a Volkswagen in the Indianapolis 500. 

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  15. Honestly, for the most part, IMO, bloatware is pretty much a thing of the past.  (Real or perceived.)  Today's computers are so much faster and storage is so much cheaper.  The only real restrictions (IMO) are those in rural areas or countries where internet access may not be as easy (or cheap) as going to your local coffee shop. Sure, there are those who elect to have a smaller SSD but there are workarounds for that (IE, using the web client).  And...it's a device choice..not an imposed restriction.  (Kind of like if I choose to drive a small sports car, then yeah, I'm going to need to be creative when trying to get my 25' Christmas tree home.)  Most of the things I've complained about & that have caused me to move away from Evernote are simply core features that do not work.  To reiterate (for the upteenth time) for those new to the class, scalability (first & foremost), sharing (search the board on my posts on "ghost notes"), note counts (they differ between clients) and search results (also differ between clients).  IMO, Evernote should focus on fixing these CORE FEATURES rather than introducing new features. 


    Over & out.

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  16. I used Calligrapher for Windows CE in the '90s and Transcriber for Pocket PC and since then with Windows phones. As far as I can determine Evernote does not work in any android application, has no instructions, no readily available help file and is not a handwriting recognition program. Evernote has wasted several hours of my time with fraudulent promises. I will be uninstalling the worthless little oddity directly.


    I always love a good flounce. 


    Good luck with whatever app you go with.


    i installed Evernote on my Motorola Moto G android phone. I find no help file. No instructions. It appears to be a drawing program. I can draw (with the limitations of a capacative stylus) and save those drawings, but find no means to convert handwriting to text. There is no button, no tool menu, no icon to bring it up in Calendar or any other app in order to use it as an input device, the primary reason for handwriting recognition on devices where it is impossible to touch-type. I have clicked on everything and scoured this website for the magic instructions  I have no need of a program that simply replicates the funciton of paper . I have paper for that and it fits better in more places.


    I would love to be proved wrong. Where are these instructions? How is it possible that the developers created such a useful app and neglected to explain how it may be utilized? How do I bring it up in Calendar?


    Ok, this has truly provided my morning chuckle. 


    Again...good luck.

  17. Are there plans to allow more levels ?

    organization wise, I believe it's important.



    Evernote relies upon notebooks, stacks, tags, descriptive titles & keywords, rather than sub/nested notebooks/stacks.  Plenty of discussion on the topic on the board already.  Please use the search function for more information.

  18. I'm having this problem too, as of a few days ago. The page appears to be loading (in the status bar 33 elements are loaded, or something like this), but I end up with a blank white page. I've flushed cache, cookies, and all the rest.


    -works fine in Firefox

    -works fine Opera if it identifies as Firefox

    -doesn't work in Opera if it identifies as Opera

    -perhaps coincided with the "remember me for one week" lapsing


    "We don't currently have plans to actively test and maintain support for Opera, but I've heard that it works and you're welcome to try it. "

    AFAIK, this is still the case.

  19. I created notes under a specific log in. When i tried to log into the account from a different computer, i couldn't access it. I think i have now somehow created a duplicate account with the same username. Is that possible??? Can i access the original account/log in or have i lost all my work? PLEASE HELP

    You cannot create multiple accounts with the same email address. When you say you "couldn't access" the account, what is the exact message, when you try to log on? Did you sync the notes from the first computer? If you didn't, they will not be accessible from any other computer. Can you see the notes, when accessing from the first computer?

  20. If I drag and drop multiple text-files, wouldnt it make sense that each appear as a note - test your shite please...

    No, it's not a given that each file should be an individual note. I have many notes that contain multiple attachments.

    If you want each file (text or otherwise) to be an individual note, then on the Windows desktop client, you can use the import folder. It's always good to mention the client(s) you're using. If you're not using the Windows desktop client, then maybe someone else can help you.

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