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  1. burgernfries do you work at evernote?

    if you are an ui developer then you need to

    be fired right now. Ive been having this

    problem for a year now. since then I take

    all my important notes on a different program

    being a premium user doesn't help any

    too much thing on EN , a hostage.

    I'm slowly switching to something else

    it is very upsetting. users on here are

    trying to be patient but wtf?

    so go xxxx yourself G

    with that xxxxxxx user error *****

    Thank you for the best laugh I've had all week.

    I suggest you educate yourself before making yourself look so foolish (on so many levels) ever again.

    Good luck.

  2. IMO, if resizing images is a deal breaker for you, then you should use a true screen cap app such as Snagit, Jetscreenshot, etc. Just as if being able to total columns in a table is a deal breaker, then use a true spreadsheet app. Evernote is not an image editor or a spreadsheet app, eventhough they include some very basic features of those type of programs. Besides, Evernote has a well earned reputation of giving and then taking away features.

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  3. The fact is that very little changed after that blog post and Libin's response.

    In the last year I haven't seen any of the "sexy" security that was promised and I think overall quality has in many cases collapsed. Penultimate, the new Mac client and the '"beta" web app have been pretty embarrassing and in some cases required huge amounts of (costly) back pedalling. In the meantime they decided (correctly I believe) to stop supporting free users but handled the process terribly.

    Libin is great for click bait, you can see why the tech conferences and techy websites like him. I like listening to him on the podcasts. I don't believe a single word he says about Evernote because most of the time it's not true or he simply doesn't have the ability to deliver it.

    I still use the product dozens of times a day, but in pretty much every use case it's for a lightweight task. I don't think I would ever be able to commit to completing a really important task in Evernote.

    I disagree that very little has changed, for the reasons you mention. IMO, a lot has changed and for the worst. Overall decline in quality, removing key features with no warning (sharing, support for free users - which, BTW was silently implemented with no mention by Evernote for several MONTHS eventhough it was a hot topic amongst users on this board), support for premium users seems to be pretty poor now, too) and overall, divorcing themselves from their users.

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  4. Hi Dunkit - just unfortunate that the vocabulary did not match - I pretty much understood what you meant straight away.


    Maybe moderators should try to avoid confrontational responses - this is a forum not an argument.


    Yes - losing stacks - or rather the lack of drag and drop functionality to manage notebooks in the UI - is a loss of functionality and a big loss.

    My comments are not confrontational or argumentative. In order to understand and explain, it's best to use accurate verbiage.

  5. ChromeOS isn't a workstation Linux distribution for a sys admin. As far as who needs data locally? 


    Anyone with a laptop (consultants, engineers, sales engineers) that travel, work in remote sites, secured areas, closed datacenters, subways and tunnels, people who fly.... Just because it's not your need, doesn't mean the need doesn't exist.

    I'm pretty sure no one is saying there is not a need. What is being said, is that Evernote has stated publicly they had no plans to make a linux client & there has been no evidence they have changed that opinion.

  6. Yes & no. It indirectly limits what you can upload & store in a single month. But ultimately, the storage is unlimited. IE, if you use up all 4 gigs of upload three months in a row, you now have 12 gigs of storage you are using.

    The exception to this is if you regularly edit large notes, since editing existing notes goes against the upload limit. For text & small notes, this is probably negligible. IE, if you have a PDF or a photo that is 500 megs & you upload it, you've used 500 megs. Then you modify the PDF or the image & sync again, you've now used a total of 1000 megs upload, but are only using 500 megs of storage.

  7. Ahh, I think I see. Thanks. So it's not storage, sounds like that's not the direct limitation. It's amount of data that can be uploaded, which I guess indirectly limits storage capacity?


    Thanks again.

    Yes & no. It indirectly limits what you can upload & store in a single month. But ultimately, the storage is unlimited. IE, if you use up all 4 gigs of upload three months in a row, you now have 12 gigs of storage you are using.

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  8. After using a basic evernote account for over a year (max upload allowance of 60MB) without incident, a few days ago I presumably hit the maximum upload allowance and until I figure out what to do about it I'm stuck.  My work on EN has come to a halt.  I didn't think that my usage changed and if uploads are calculated from the first of each month I only made it to January 7 before I was notified I reached the upload allowance.  I was notified in a pop-up that if I wanted to continue that I needed to upgrade to Premium for $49.95/year.  I'd rather stay with Basic (free) as I think it serves my purposes, or did up until now.  My question: If I delete some of the material I've clipped and saved in EN notebooks, does anyone know if this will free up space in the calculation of my upload allowance for this month?  Could I then resume uploading into the newly available space...does it work that way?


    Your "month" starts from the day you created your account.  You can log into the web client & go to settings to see how much upload you've used & how many remaining days until it refreshes. 


    Deleting things does not free up space on your account b/c Evernote does not measure space but *UPLOAD* amount.


    If you are using the Windows or Mac desktop client, you can create notes in local (non-sync'd) notebooks.  (Please search the board for more info on them, should you need it.)  Other than that, you will either need to upgrade or wait until your amount refreshes.

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  9. Hello Team

    I have Evernote in my iPAD.

    I installed Evernote in my new Laptop.

    Can we sync up the Notes, that was created? How?

    Or what information required to reply?

    Just log into EN on the laptop using the credentials used when you created the account on your iPad and sync. The notes that were synced from the iPad to the EN servers will then be synced down to the laptop.

  10. Hi, 


    I lost all of my notes today. I updated to the latest version (6.0.5) recently, but I found a bug which the cursor always goes back after I input some words. So I just deleted the latest version and re-installed the version 5.7.0. But when I ran the program again, the login page appeared, I couldn't login use my email address, and it told me the email address doesn't exist when I enter the email in the forgotten password page. So I had to re-registered using my email address to login, but I found all my notes before are gone!!


    I don't know whether there is way to find my notes back, I collected them for more than six months…. :(


    PS: the version I'm using now is 5.7.0_451010 for mac, free edition. I also reported a ticket for the problem (Ticket# 896258)

    You received a message that the email address doesn't exist, when you tried the "forgot" password option. Then you created a NEW account with that email address. Since you created a NEW account, that's why you are not seeing your notes. You need to get the login credentials for the old account you were using.

  11. I have just moved from free to Premium and would like to find out my data usage for the previous 2 years in a month by month form.

    How can I get that information short of drilling through every month, note by note?




    AFAIK, there is no historical upload data for free or premium accounts.

  12. Hell that is stupid and not very user friendly, seems an update is needed here urgently!!! But thanks for the help.

    Hell what??? Sorry, but as I said, Evernote is a CLOUD app. It's not stupid and it's not user unfriendly. If you don't want to sync and/or don't want to pay the minimal fee for premium and/or don't want to use local notebooks, then you should find an app that better suits your needs. Simple as that.

    Good luck.

  13. yeah I know that. But it is kind of stupid showing the same dialog every 30seconds while you are typing, which by the way makes it impossible to take notes(thats the idea of a note taking app).

    You can create new notes in...local notebooks. But sure, you're going to get that message repeatedly, if you try to create or edit notes in sync'd notebooks.

  14. Every time I use evernote for more then just a couple of minutes I get this really annoying dialog. Any idea how to cancel this dialog ? I know it is german, it basically says that my upload limit is reached for this month and I have to upgrade to premium. My suggestion just dont sync!! But that does not work. Any ideas ???attachicon.gifBildschirmfoto 2015-01-03 um 16.10.32.png

    Well...Evernote is a cloud app...

    If you don't want to sync, then put your notes in a local (non-sync'd) notebook. Local notebooks are a only accessible on Mac/Windows desktop clients and only available on the computer they are created on (since they are not sync'd). (Unless you manually copy the database from one computer to another after each & every use, which is possible but a bit tedious and pretty much an accident waiting to happen. )

  15. Is there any way to accurately track data usage not through the counter on the account summary page? I've deleted some pictures and the account usage is still on the high end. I have also emptyed my Trash. Thanks!

    The upload allotment is exactly that...amount *uploaded*. It is not like Dropbox where the allotted amount is what is residing on the servers. So, deleting notes does not free up/reduce what you've already used.

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  16. Hi


    I used EVERNOTE  some years ago and still had 700 notes in my account when I restarted a few weeks ago.


    But no matter how many times  I hit the manual sync button they don't appear on my Evernote for web account page.


    New notes generated by the Web Clipper do appear on both sites.


    I am wondering if this is because I - mistakenly - originally  created the notes as local rather than syncable.  How do I find out.  And, more important, how do I get my 700 notes onto my web account.


    Advice gratefully received.



    Andrew Mack.


    Just create a new sync'd notebook & move all the notes from the local notebook to the newly created sync'd notebook & sync.


    You may want to do this a few hundred notes at a time to be sure you don't max out your upload limit...

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  17. also, now that I am not being blocked, i can tell you that the drag n drop didn't add the second page of the pdf and that sending a different email from another pc produced the same result, only the 1st page of the 2 page pdf pdf arrived

    Are you sure? I don't have the latest Windows client, but usually, only the first page is displayed. You have to hover over the top of the attachment to get the arrows to page through subsequent pages of the attachment.

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