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  1. Hey sonny, I'm the official Old Person here.  (Although I guess we grown ups should stick together!)  


    I learned computing with punched cards,  remember hard drives as big as hub caps and the siren squeal of a V32 modem at 9.6 kbit/s.  


    Ah the Good Old Days...

    Well then I'm a close second since I also learned on a computer with punch cards (had to learn the octal codes to interpret the lights on the console) and remember all those other things as well. When I first started "telecommuting" 18 years ago, I had to get two more phone lines. One for my dial up to the computer at work and one for...my fax machine!

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  2. FWIW, I also use Onenote & have for many years.  But IMO, while there is some overlap, they are really not competitors.  I tend to use Onenote for brainstorming big projects & use it less frequently than Evernote.  OTOH, (at the risk of repeating myself yet again), I use Evernote pretty much every hour that I'm on a computer/device & then some, like when using FastEver Snap to take photos of things when shopping.  Onenote is overkill for much of what I use Evernote for.

  3. This appears to be a problem looking for a solution.


    Perhaps Evernote Development can concoct a utility function that allows N versions of a 'conflicted' note to be 'merged' inside a temporary 'workspace'.


    Then allow the User (me) to simply point/click... or drag/drop ... the most current updates into a New Master version of the Note?   I'd like to think that is on your development backlog.  ;-)


    It beats the User (me) having to find a general purpose Match/Merge tool and doing it myself.


    PS: I have 4 'spokes' -- 2 macs, 1 win7, and 1 iphone -- in terms of EN architecture.    I also have 3 versions of my most used note to reconcile... in conflicted status.  (Argh!!... that won't take LONG!).





    Actually, the best option is to sync your computer/device before making any changes, then syncing the computer/device after making any changes thereby eliminating conflicting notes altogether. 

    Cloud apps (not just Evernote) are funny that way. If I make changes to my Toodledo list on my PC but don't sync it, I don't see the changes from my phone, when I'm at the grocery, no matter how many times I sync my phone. Or if I put a document into my Dropbox folder but shut down my computer before it's sync'd to the cloud, I can't access that note from my phone. And yeah, you have to sync the changes DOWN before you can see them on a different computer/device for all three (EN, Toodledo, Dropbox) apps.

  4. Ticket# 396576 - Upgraded to premium, used the button on the ipad/iTunes but my ipad app hasn't changed to premium, still showing free user. V frustrating.

    This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription:

    Name of Subscription: Evernote Premium

    Name of Application: Evernote

    Content Provider: Evernote

    Date of purchase: 08/03/14

    Subscription Period: 1 year

    Price: $46.99

    Payment Method: iTunes account

    The subscription period will automatically renew unless you turn it off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current period. To cancel auto-renewal or manage your subscriptions, click below and sign in.

    Developer's Support Page or Terms of Use: http://evernote.com/contact/support

    Go to iTunes.


    The iTunes Store team

    Did you sync your iPad after getting premium? Did you log on to the web client to see initially shows the account as premium?

  5. thread necromancy and dead horse time....


    So, for the present time, we feel that simply selling a "lifetime" subscription to Evernote would be cost prohibitive (We could always go off the deep end and charge something ridiculous like $3375 - 100 years x our annual price - 25%, but where's the fun in that? :) ).

    We want to become part of your daily life, your everyday experience, and to do that we need to think outside the box a little.

    that is RIDICULOUS

    charge a one-time fee for the lifetime of the product....

    VueScan scanner software, i paid a one time charge, i get updates for life...

    my life or the product's life, whichever ends first...

    lifetime NRA membership... $300 for me...

    $300 for my 10 month old (she gets a much better deal than i did...)

    or bump offline notebooks to the free side.... there's no reason a note made on my tablet shouldn't be available when i don't have a wifi signal....

    As Scott said, there are very few SERVICES that offer a lifetime price. Well, there used to be those lifetime gym memberships...for all the gyms that are no longer around. Services are a whole lot different that club memberships or software. (All Evernote software is free. If/when one purchases Evernote premium, it's strictly for the additional features of the SERVICE.)

    WRT offline notebooks...

    We try to offer a very rich set of functionality for Free users, which you can use for years without paying us a nickel. But we are a business with employees who like to eat food and pay rent, so we must choose some set of features and capabilities that are reserved for paying customers to encourage some people (approximately 5% of all active users) to cover the cost of writing the software and running the servers.

    Adding full offline synchronization to low-powered mobile phones takes many months of engineering to build and tune, so we've put that into the "pay" bucket instead of other options (e.g. charge everyone for the Android client).

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  6. Yes, that's what I was doing. My search was bringing up 14 notes from my Archives notebook and I could easily scroll down and find the two starting with "David:" somewhere in the middle. No big deal for no more notes than that.

    However, I'm in the process of migrating old emails, documents, and LOTS of things into Evernote. I expect to have thousands of notes in EN before I'm done!

    And now that I've learned that I can't simply search for what I call the label (the first word or phrase in the title that ends with a colon)...it's forcing me to rethink how I want to organize and code my notes. I mean...what's the point in putting everything into Evernote if I can't easily extract what I want? And for me, that also includes making sure I don't have tons of notes to wade through on a given search because I didn't get specific enough with either my tags or how I coded the title.

    IME, it's very easy to retrieve notes if you utilize stacks, notebooks, tags, keywords & descriptive titles & I have over 62,000 notes in my main account.


  7. I haven't tested it, but I do wonder if words connected to the colon might be throwing off the search, because intitle is an exact search on most clients and will not find, for example, Davids with a search for intitle:David. A search for intitle:david* with the wildcard might help. However, as you said, if she is looking for just notes with david at the very beginning of the title then she is out of luck.

    IME, using quotes to search for special characters is iffy at best & certainly not reliable. I just tested this again. Intitle:"test:" (with the colon) does not exclude notes with test (not followed by a colon) in the title. I just tried this on both the web & Windows clients.

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  8. Okay...not happy to hear this, but yes, looks like I'm going to have to do more with Notebooks and Tags. The only problem with finding this out (that I can't do an intitle search for only the beginning of the title) is that I've coded almost every single note I have in EN using this scheme...and it goes WAY beyond just notes for my husband.

    As powerful as Evernote is—and I think it's amazing!—this is a HUGE disappointment for me! Glad I only have 662 notes so far rather than thousands to "rethink". :-(

    I don't understand why this isn't working. If you type this (no quotation marks), what happens?


    What happens if you use quotation marks?


    Both of these should work fine if the name is at the beginning of a phrase in the title.

    She's trying to include the colon in order to refine the search results to exclude notes that have David elsewhere in the title. (I think.)

  9. Okay...not happy to hear this, but yes, looks like I'm going to have to do more with Notebooks and Tags.  The only problem with finding this out (that I can't do an intitle search for only the beginning of the title) is that I've coded almost every single note I have in EN using this scheme...and it goes WAY beyond just notes for my husband.


    As powerful as Evernote is—and I think it's amazing!—this is a HUGE disappointment for me!  Glad I only have 662 notes so far rather than thousands to "rethink".  :-(

    Simply do the intitle:David search & sort the results by title. Every note that has a title beginning with David: will be together.

  10. Okay...that helped.  But can I narrow it down a bit?


    I want to be able to search for "David:" at the beginning of the note ONLY.  I tried typing: intitle:"David:" and that didn't work.  Any suggestions?

    EN searches only on words. An Evernote word consists of consecutive letters, numbers & the underscore. Everything else is a delimiter. Some people have luck with enclosing special characters in quotes a la "David:". IME, that is not reliable. You may want to use a tag or notebook for the notes pertaining only to your husband.

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  11. You better quote what EN announced about this matter.

    Evernote is not working on a native Linux client, and we don't have any plans to make a Linux client in the future.However, we'd love to see other people build applications that talk to Evernote. We will happily and actively promote good quality applications that work with our API. E.g.: http://www.evernote.com/about/integration/Randy (baumgarr, above) has been working on a Linux note taking application that works with Evernote for a while, so you could talk to him about testing his application.

  12. I have just been reading pages about this... quite unbelievable that Evernote should make such a mess up of something so simple as having a "Choose" featured image" - all Wordpress Blog posts have this it's very simple and if people don't choose one the program picks one, whether it uses some "largest, mines bigger than yours, tiniest" consideration I neither know nor care.

    I suspect the quote "You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is. (shrug)" from one of your evangelists is a very good indication of the Evernote attitude to it's customers and their requirements.

    No, it's not simple. Clearly you overlooked this post (by a Evernote employee) in the thread....

    The requests for this feature have definitely been noted and I appreciate the spirited discussion!

    Just as a point of reference, describing the complexity of this task as "small" or assuming that it would "only take half a day" is grossly underestimating the level of effort involved in modifying a database structure supporting 80 million users (and billions of notes) in a production environment :) Happy to discuss this further with anyone in a separate thread!

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  13. Redundant how?


    I think it depends on how you use Evernote.


    Tags exist for the sole purpose of helping find notes (in this case) using generic terms, when we don't know where the note is.


    Having hundreds and hundreds of saved notes, it's a bit awkward to add tags to each and every note we create, even if it's neatly organized into a specific notebook.


    It's redundant b/c if you don't know what notebook you put something into, how will you know what tag you used?  OTOH, if you want to use a multitude of tags, why bother putting it into a specific notebook?  I do not have "hundreds & hundreds" of notes.  I have thousands & thousands of them.  And yet...pretty much each & every search I use starts with "all notes".  That's b/c I tend to rely more upon descriptive titles & keywords & less upon notebooks for finding my notes. 


    Oh, the irony.  :rolleyes:

    Yes, I know. My point exactly.  </eyeroll> </sarcasm>

  14. So does either one of you know lol?



    I trust you've read through the thread, since you're the one who started it.  I think Wordsgood & my posts are pretty clear.  They may be considered a bit of hijacking...but really not so much, since Wordsgood is interested in the same topic & I simply informed him/her how to follow the thread w/o having to post a non-contributing post.  I think it's safe to assume if either of us had an answer to your question, we would have posted it. 

  15. Save a picture or a PDF in Evernote.  Hover over picture.  Choose "Annotate" option...


    I can't see that option at all (latest EN, Is it supposed to magically appear while the pointer is over an image, or be an option in the context menu?

    I think the version where annotation is added is still a beta version.


  16. I have all my notes for work on  my iPad, I wanted to link it to my  phone to it but i didn't know my username so i logged out and logged back in  only to realize that I  guess i made another account.  And the new account that I need i don't know what username and/or password it is under so i cant get into it and i cant  get a hold of their customer support. The only clue I could come up with  is that when I try  a certain username it says it has sent me a reset email, but I dont know what email it is sending it to or even if its for me. Please help.

    If you're not receiving the email, then it's most likely going to an address you are not checking, for whatever reason. Could be b/c it's incorrect or one you no longer use.

    You should submit a support ticket. (See my signature).

  17. Old hat of ever repeating request, but what can you do if your brain just works like that, thinks like that and you want to transport that into your "external brain"? I think we should let the user decide wether they want to organize their few or bizilions of notes in subfolder (or substacks, whatever you call them) or use tags, and not forcing them to use one system over another!


    I think Evernote by now is big, popular enough to meet different people's needs and to me Evernote is almost unusable with the current method of work-arounds to organize my notes.


    Moreover tags would even become more powerful in conjunction with Subfolders, hint hint...

    It's fine that you think Evernote should let the user decide. But the only opinion that really counts is Evernote's. I'd say since they have 60+ million users & no sub-folders, they might be on to something. Speaking from my own personal experience, the more notes you have, the more limiting sub-notebooks/sub-folders become & more difficult to find what you need. Using Evernote's powerful search engine along with notebooks, stacks, tags, descriptive titles & keywords allows me to find one single note (out of over 62,000) in a couple of seconds. Far more quickly than digging around in sub-folders on my hard drive.

    But why force us to use one system over another? Wouldn't it be better to let the user decide what structuring system he/she wants to use and have just both options available,

    I mean it's not really hard to program and would meet a lot of people's top priority wish list, since everything else is beautiflly crafted and no other app could come close to Evernote in terms of everything else but the structuring dogma.

    Why this absolute dogmatic "NO SUBFOLDERS!!!!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE, NOOOOOO!" are you all mad or have a special hate against subfolders? I hope not and we can really have both options and make the best use of both methodologies and not force the user one system that just isn't compatible with the way their specific brains works :)

    First, no one is forcing you to use Evernote.

    Second, there is no way for you to know how hard (or not) adding subnotebooks would be. Evernote is multiplatform & strives to work well & similarly across all platforms it lives on. Often, it's best to KISS. (Keep it simple...)

    Third, tags definitely can replicate a sub notebook/sub folder system. You do have to be a bit open minded about a new idea to get it. But once you do, it's really very easy.

    If having sub-notebooks is a deal breaker for you, then I suggest you look for an app that better suits your needs. There is already quite a lot of existing information on this board on how to use tags for this purpose. Please use the search function, if you're interested.

    Good luck.



    When you're having older versions of notes regularly overwriting newer versions, it's usually user error.  (Sorry, but true.)  When you're using multiple clients, computers and/or devices, it's VERY important to understand how sync'ing works.  This is important for not just Evernote, but any cloud based system.


    In a nutshell, before changing any notes, sync changes DOWN to the computer/device.  When done, sync changes UP from the computer/device.


    No. Forgetting to sync is NOT user error. Requiring the user to remember to press the sync button, is bad user interface design. You are right that similar challenges apply for many cloud-based solutions, but many of them have found good solutions, which DON'T involve overwriting newer versions with older edited files.


    There are a number of solutions that can be used:

    • Disable editing until the file has been (automatically!) synced.
    • Warn the user when uploading an older edited version. (You can know this if previous upload date of current file is before last modification date of file on server.)
    • When the file on the server was newer than the locally edited file, create a merge of both contents, with clear indication which contents comes from which version.
    • Allow all (also free) users access to 2 or 3 previous versions of the file, to sort out syncing problems by themselves.

    Since Evernote supports offline editing, they probably can't use the first two solutions, but the last two are possible.


    I too have just lots some important information because I used the mobile client to edit a note. I am going to look into alternatives that do support versioning for free (possibly Google Docs), and I am going to tell other people that are using Evernote, about the risks that they will loose their data.




    Toodledo...I have the same note called up on iPad & iPhone.  iPad changes it from 'tear' to 'test' & syncs.  iPhone (hasn't sync'd the new change down) & changes 'tear' to 'teary' & syncs.  Sync iPad & guess what?  the note says 'teary'.  If you're going to be switching between devices, for any cloud based system, you need to sync changes down & up.  This is in the iOS section.  The iOS app does auto sync after you make a change to a note.  But if you don't have a connection, then yeah, you're going to have to remember to sync when you can get a connection.


    Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.

  19. The lack of this ability is really weird. EverNote is a note taking app that limits your ability to search the notes.

    I'm going to have to copy the whole note, paste the contents into Mail, TextEdit, Word, OmniFocus, a Skype conversation, or any of the billions of other apps that allow you to search for special characters, and then search for the special character in that app. Lame.

    (But don't get me wrong, EverNote is still pretty awesome! There's just many of these little things that bug me that prevents me from buying the premium version)

    You chose to implement a workflow that is not compatible with Evernote. That's not Evernote's fault. Perhaps you should do a better job of due diligence next time. As Gaz pointed out in his reply to you in the other thread (below), there are other, better ways to do what you are trying to do.


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