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  1. I am on Evernote 8.17.3 on an iPhone 8 on iOS 12.1.4 i don’t have to force quit & while it’s very subtle, the delay between keystrokes is noticeable and annoying. I’ve been an iOS user since 2007 and ran an experiment to evaluate Android for 22 months. I’m happy to be back to iPhone but to be honest, of all the apps I depend on, I was a bit shocked to have a better experience on an entry model Android (j7). Something went really downhill the last 2 years in the iOS dept over at Evernote! The iOS app used to be *very* good. I hope this gets fixed quickly. I’d like to see a temporary workaround, if anything, for new notes while they sort out the bigger picture.
  2. interesting - I tried to walk through @ZhemJZ's steps, indeed get a blank note but when i return to the index of notes, the 2 pictures show up! related, i would definitely say so. @David Holman, ill also try your workaround to see if it causes less frustration when i get a chance - thank you!
  3. Hi! i have an Android j7 on Nougat (Evernote 8.6) & when i create a new Camera note and take a picture, it returns to a blank note. no error message is given & wondering who i can send my log to to see if an error is thrown but not caught. my current workaround is to touch the camera icon on the same note and keep retaking the photo until it attaches. it usually takes 2 or 3 times so its pretty annoying.
  4. Hmm - I'm pretty happy with iOS10 overall. I have no performance issues with Mail.app, Messenger, Facebook, or any other app I use regularly. In fact, I have to admit I enjoy Safari on steroids but I digress It's a good data point to know that you don't experience lag in Evernote on iOS10. How many notes are in your database? How large is your Evernote folder [for the account you use on iOS] on Mac OS X? Like to hear a few more people chime in (and talk to support as needed) before going the beta route!
  5. For the record, lag has been an ongoing issue for lots of peeps in this forum. Evernote on iOS9 worked great - zero lag on my iPhone 5s. As soon as I upgraded to iOS10, the lag is now unbearable. Is anyone else running into this issue? Any developers out there know enough about iOS10 to know what in the new OS introduces a performance issue in Evernote? I have 15k personal notes and 2k business notes and just want to make clear I was incredibly happy with Evernote running on iOS9 - no lag whatsoever on an iPhone 5s with a database this size (including search!) I think it's reasonable to have good performance on iOS10 that matches or exceeds iOS9 (or worst case, "slight" degradation would be fine!)
  6. it's been awhile since I've seen the new UI to the forums and happy to see we can vote up this idea! While I absolutely would like to move notes between personal and business on the web in general, I realized, today, the root of the issue is when I'm in my "Business Notes" view and click "+" to create a new note, it defaults to my default personal notebook. This is not intuitive and then requires me to go to my desktop or mobile to move the note to a business notebook. This is just plain clumsy UX design IMHO. I have to agree with @ianfm that Evernote Business use cases should have priority so I hope someone on the team is listening!
  7. Oops - I didn't meant to get everyone off topic here - sorry about that. I mentioned Highrise HQ because my experiment trying to do everything in Evernote lost steam after a year. To be honest, I want to continue to use Evernote - I hate thinking my data lives outside of Evernote and that if I need to find something, I need to search multiple systems. I never thought about Hello's potential around CRM - that's a really great insight - I just went to the Evernote hello page and sad to see they pulled the plug on this app along with Food. This pretty much confirms this is a job for an Evernote 3rd party developer to implement something more lightweight than salesforce. I'm really curious why developers are stopped by this idea - this is not the first time it has been suggested (see @Robert's comment)
  8. @War Eagle, I love your use cases, amen! I feel you @Steve, you hit on pretty big pet peeves of mine - one of the nicest things about the old public notebook interface was the ability to click around notes like you were navigating through pages of a wiki. I had my hopes up earlier this year when Postach.io said they would be open to addressing the interlinking issue by translating links to inter-post links. Well, it's Nov 2015, they are not responding to this matter, and sad to see they haven't implemented what could possibly been a decent replacement for public notebooks (and maybe their path to being acquired by Evernote!) And if you haven't figured out it out already, note links get broken as you move notes back and forth between accounts and personal and business notebooks. I would be fine with a personal notebook workaround if it wasn't for corrupted note links when I convert the notebook into a business notebook later. The note link issue has been discussed here. At the end of the day, I agree wholeheartedly that businesses have plenty of reasons to share their notes with those outside the organization. It shouldn't be much different from the way permissions are handled with Google Drive and there are plenty of proponents for creating a commons, a place for all our publicly shared notes - this is how we learn, as a community, from each other! Forums can only take us so far ;-)
  9. Hey it's good to see this thread - must have been around the time we were chatting about it. Is the system still working well? Have u tweaked it any? I'm dabbling in Highrise HQ again. As I recall u mentioning, lack of automation gets tedious after awhile and you're right.
  10. Thank you so much for this update - glad to hear it's being addressed! @gazumped - for the record, I personally make the "universal fix" tends to be a last resort due to the downtime required to redownload & more critically, reconfigure all the settings (I've made an enh request to keep settings in the cloud last year - others please request if u see value in this
  11. hey everyone! glad I stumbled into this thread - just starting to evaluate Slack again (yes I've been slackin! lol) First, for the record, I have a particular perspective of "note-driven chats" that Work Chat implements - I don't think Work Chat is just meant for vanilla "chatter" My biggest gripe of both platforms is the lack of threaded conversations - good news is apparently the feature is up the pipe and given the design decisions that need to be made, it's no surprise it's taking them a long time to implement (many of us know the mess Google Wave was and I've had mixed results with Rizzoma, a successor that does a better job at tasks and plays around with the notion of "conversation maps" (but misses the mark usability-wise)) Has anyone made any head way simulating sharing notes in Slack like the way it works in Work Chat? I found a IFTTT integration and the issue is it shares *every* note - it would be nice if it were triggered by a tag perhaps. Anyone find a way to easily share selective notes in Slack? I, too, look forward to a formal integration allowing me to attach notes to my Slack channels
  12. I'm having trouble getting the public URLs for existing public notebooks and found this thread - I actually had no idea this has been an ongoing battle since the thread was started in Aug 2014. As a fellow educator (@GrumpyMonkey, I appreciate all your shares), it not only makes me sad, it makes me sad to listen to all the reactions around the removal of this feature - I feel for each and every one of you. I'm wondering in Sept 2015, has this menu item been removed again? I no longer see "Publish" in the right-click menu...where are we supposed to copy the URLs of existing public notebooks? I have to admit, this is the kind of turmoil around a feature makes me question Evernote's commitment as well. I have no issues with a zillion changes to the UI - as long as the underlying use case to enable Evernote users to share knowledge publicly without the use of emails and/or logins is preserved. I could care less if I had a "publish public notebook" option through Work Chat - awkward, yes, functional, we'll live. We collect, gather, and collaborate knowledge with an intent to share at some point in our lives - it is only natural as you become a subject matter expert, that at some point you will feel comfortable "going public" and make a broader impact. This is the fundamental nature of contribution and if you take a moment to think about it, public notebooks constitute how our Evernote community, as a whole, contributes to the world - it is our way of making a mark in the world as a community! Public notebooks enable our Evernote community to make a difference with just about any person on the planet who has access to the net and public content feasibly makes an impact well beyond the lifetime of account users. This is the nature of the Internet, hardly a new concept. Now I realize there is a need for people to keep notes private - I have plenty I just believe every Evernote user has the right to share publicly. To deny this right feels like the wrong direction and to be quite frank, a loss of freedom. I do think Postach.io was a step in the right direction and now that the offering is no longer freemium, we've limited the ability to share our notes yet again. I always thought Evernote should have acquired and integrated Postach.io to replace its dated public notebook interface in some way. Something that has always been superior about the public notebook interface is how it handled note links between notes in the same notebook not to mention its search interface. Thanks @GrumpyMonkey for sharing your public notebook - you are an inspiration indeed. Here is a public notebook I built for an intentional dance community that is dear to my heart - it contains a guide written in 2011 that was put in the Creative Commons: https://www.evernote.com/pub/chinarut/dancelabs-executivebinder#st=p&n=8945e4d6-14e3-4848-a1a3-9985d93c72a7 It make me sad the blood sweat & tears of countless volunteers over the course of over 14 years may not live publicly through Evernote's channels. Sure, we have published to a variety of other channels like wikis and social networks - Evernote just happens to be a tool that makes the job of a community historian a near zero effort. So I'm going to step off my soapbox...if you are someone who has a public notebook you feel quite passionate about, make yourself be heard. Post the link to a public notebook (yours or perhaps even someone else's) - help us understand the impact you feel it being public makes and why Evernote is the perfect tool for the job!
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    @bijles - did you make any headway on creating an image map in Evernote - perhaps with the newer presentation mode and/or clients that came out in Oct 2014? Just curious, is there a specific ENML editor you use? An easy way to maintain visual index notes to both internal and extreme content would indeed be cool!
  14. > If you use a desktop app you will be limited by > the amount of disk space you can harness on > that machine. That might be the more likely > physical boundary of "unlimited". FWIW. Excellent point. "unlimited by design" Let's hope this feature isn't overlooked should Evernote ever implement downloading selective notebooks ;-)
  15. Whew - glad to see I'm not the only one. This is especially important as I've found the key it's waaaaaaay too easy to delete stuff by accident just by hitting the delete key. I don't even bother emptying the trash anymore in fear I might delete something permanently. The issue is compounded by merging notes putting notes in the trash. And compounded further by an implementation where if you move notes back and forth between personal and business notes, it becomes clutter city (not to mention lots of broken note links, i wont' get into here) I agree the most straight forward solution is to extend the search grammar with "notebook:Trash" Put in my vote!
  16. nice to find folks in the mindmap conversation! if you're open to a 2.5D representation, you might want to look at TheBrain - I've been using it since 1999. You can insert "note links" into nodes like this one: https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/498E34F8-61E2-C7AF-70B7-7E8281379166/thought/1#-2768 my biggest pet peeve is link rot in Evernote is a more common occurrence than I like to admit - moving notes around notebooks (esp between personal and business) changes the note link URL despite the note having a GUID (my current understanding) - this is a topic for another thread - just be aware of it if you haven't discovered it already. So I'm currently evaluating if Postach.io is a solution for this: https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/498E34F8-61E2-C7AF-70B7-7E8281379166/thought/1#-2851 feel free to poke around - TheBrain is really flexible tool and easier experienced than explained!!
  17. wow - this is a really clean implementation! Your taking the time to share your implementation in more details makes it a lot clearer what you're looking to preserve and why. it's a lot clearer why the original web UI really works for you! feel free to share any vision(s) you have in regards to how the new UI should work yet still retain the desired "clutter and distraction-free" look Evernote is after - I'm sure the team is open to the input.
  18. when i double-click on a note - it opens in a new window. when I right-click it says "Open Note in Separate Window"
  19. upgrade is going fairly smoothly (crashed a few times when I attempted to try a few of the new features while syncing- i'll wait until it's completely done syncing...) hmm - maybe we can get some middle ground here... while i liked the use case of selecting notes and then "present these notes" - i wanted more control of the order they were presented in. your idea to create an "agenda slide" is definitely a step forward. i just tried it and i have to keep going back to the agenda to "advance" to the next slide. how about a step up and just feeding the agenda slide and presenting each note in the order it's in the TOC slide? this would be awesome - i would have a set of "presentation" notes and i could assemble slides/notes however I want depending on my audience! this would really reduce the clutter I've had in the past in regards to having to update the same content across multiple decks in the past... ok - first, I haven't given Work Chat a full whirl yet but I do want to add my 2 cents... absolutely give us ways to organize our chats. right now I'm looking to upgrade the experience I have using the Web Clipper and email to Evernote to capture key gmail threads and content. this is has been a stop gap and Work Chat gives me hope there's a better way to go about having conversations around my notes. I hope to be able to open a note and see an index of all related conversations (hate to abuse the word - conversations in context - da-dum I should be able to find a chat by note, notebook, participant, tag, keyword, date - all the good stuff. since we are in a "work" context - conversations should often complete with a set of "action items" (todos for all participants if you will) with some sense of accountability. again, these are thoughts from the top of my head while i wait for Evernote to finish syncing (I don't think a migration was triggered from a 5.5.2 database so i think it's downloading everything again... [i can see new GUID folders next to p12345 folders in the content directory])
  20. @Viv - I'm aligned with custom access to a change tracking system for beta testers (not public). What I can do is take the new thread you create and cross-post it to our EBCCs and get additional support. Do post the link to new thread here so you may redirect all of us here who are interested!
  21. @Wordsgood - i don't think @Martinst is referring to reoccurring reminders - if I understand correctly, he is referring to aggregating todos sprinkled around a note after a hard day's work and having a simple checklist. I can totally relate to you - i do a lot of journaling and whenever an inspired action comes up, I insert a todo and keep writing. I've wanted an easy way to see all the "inspired actions" for a particular journal entry. I went to EC4 and they named Swipes as startup of the year and lo-and-behold, you tag "swipes" on a note and what you get is an aggregated todo list! two-way synced to boot! I haven't fully integrated it into my workflow as I'm looking for further enhancements - but check it out - it's a good start!!
  22. just FYI - to avoid rerailing your "business card integration" request - I started a thread to brainstorm to bring all our communications together if you'd like to channel your futuristic self there!
  23. wow - this is a really great idea - my username next to the Evernote logo is probably all you need... not much different from my Twitter or Facebook username alongside the corresponding logo (though to be fair, the iconification of "@username" associated w one's Twitter handle is pretty impressive) glad to know there are other zero email folks in the crowd!
  24. wow - this must have been really recent - i just installed clipper to Safari 8 and it works great! word on the street Share to Evernote is en route!
  25. it was a great conference indeed! You might want to dabble in our Evernote Business forums and join our CRM discussion
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