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  1. ok - I agree with others, we might not get the truth here. What I can say is Evernote’s VP of Augmented Intelligence accountable for the Context feature left in May 2016. As may of us would agree, this “rewrite” of Evernote has been short of stellar (I will join the disappointed camp unfortunately) The Context feature took an engineering team to maintain along with cloud computing resources. I noticed it was being more and more obscured (esp on the mobile client) until it was removed. While it is just a theory, I believe many of the most sophisticated users have moved onto other platforms like Notion and Roam Research (I happen to use both with occasional Evernote use) - ending support for public notebooks without a suitable replacement was the writing on the wall for me. It’s sad to hear, Context, a premium feature people were paying for was removed with the assumption they would accept the churn (this is just my opinion, of course)
  2. I’m glad we have matched behavior. Thank you so much for summarizing the issue so eloquently!
  3. @Chris_W i think you stumbled on something. after I posted, I tried clicking the click embedded in this forum in my above post and for some reason, in the scenario where you click it and Evernote needs to launch, it transfers control back to Safari! So this does simplify things a bit and takes Notion out of the picture. Moderators, if it turns out this is the same issue, you are welcome to merge these threads. [EDIT: I see the threads have been merged. thanks] I’ve attached the screencast. IMG_0554.MP4
  4. @Chris_W thank you for the heads up! I totally forgot to search the forum in frustration with this issue. I tried force quitting Evernote and clicked on the link in Notion and it launches Evernote on the most recent note (which is not the target note). I watched your first video and see that force quitting helps for you. Here is the shared note link verbatim: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s427/client/snv?noteGuid=ee7c2169-1b0b-45b8-87c8-f285352ba700&noteKey=b95c0472117cc39750492fc6e3214fd8&sn=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com%2Fshard%2Fs427%2Fsh%2Fee7c2169-1b0b-45b8-87c8-f285352ba700%2Fb95c0472117cc39750492fc6e3214fd8&title=Proposal%2BIndex%2B%2B Clicking on the link above [while embedded in this Notion page] will open the app and whether the app is in the background or launches newly, it does not open the note.
  5. I found a bug where a URI is transferred to the new Evernote app and it doesn’t open the note. I verified the account [Evernote Business] I have open is the correct account (it should switch accounts anyways) here is the page with the hyperlink to a shared note at the bottom of the page: https://www.notion.so/communitygarden/Waking-Up-Happy-Together-fad2bb1545fd4e5c929d1f6ab8296b1a the hyperlink starts with “The 12 months...” I’ve attached a screencast with 3 scenarios clicking the hyperlink in a private Safari tab showing the shared note link is valid and opens up in Safari clicking the hyperlink in a regular Safari tab (logged into Evernote) and the note doesn’t open up in the Evernote 10 app clicking the hyperlink in the Notion app and transferring to Evernote 10 and the note doesn’t open up either. I also verify that the note indeed is accessible in the open account in the Evernote app. I liked the previous behavior where the shared note opened up in a Safari sub-window in Notion instead of transferring control to Evernote. in general, because I use multiple Evernote accounts, like to see Safari always request if I wish to open the note in Safari or transfer control to Evernote (like you see in scenario 1 in a private tab) IMG_0550.MP4
  6. which iPad and version of iPadOS are you on? (EDIT: I’m just seeing you are on an iPadPro with iPadOS14.b5 in your sig) I tried to drag from the left margin and notes start “disappearing” (see screenshot) I have a Folio keyboard attached. I just force quit the app and went back to the trash and I can reproduce the error without a keyboard attached. In fact, when I am in the trash and I select a note, a virtual keyboard attempts to pop up and slides away immediately taking the hamburger menu and magnifying glass with it. EDIT: my workaround of force quitting the app is fine for now. I don’t visit the trash that often
  7. I took the jump and updated both to iOS14 and the new Evernote client. Part of me is not surprised people are finding bugs so quickly and we all know this goes with the turf. That said, I do feel this bug could have been easily been discovered before release. So when I navigate to my trash, I have no way of getting back. the hamburger menu in the lower left hand corner disappears. I tried going through the other tabs and the Trash is the only tab that makes the navigation (and search icon) disappear. I’m on iOS14 on an iPadPro (2018)
  8. As an Android user and someone who loves the ease and use of Scannable, I really hate to admit it but I discovered my alternative is to use an iPad Pro (!). While it’s not optimized for it, (think the iPhone app sideways at 12.9”) - it is a pleasure to use. It’s snappy and, as I mentioned above, I can adjust auto-crop of individual pages as needed, send my scans to PDF Expert for annotation (the built-in annotation tool in Evernote no longer cuts it esp if you are using an Apple Pencil) and then save the PDF to Evernote for search and reference. While it’s a bit of an extreme “alternative” - it’s what I’ve settled on while upgrading my ancient (2007) MacBook to an iPad Pro. I still use Scannable on my iPhone 5 for simpler scans that go directly to Evernote.
  9. @DTLow thanks for reporting and the update when the support team is still working on enabling my account to open tickets! I can confirm on desktop Safari on an iPad Pro, the footprint of the Evernote website in storage Settings (less than 1GB) doesn't reflect nearly as much as Safari requests (multiple GBs). I was perplexed the other day and support confirms the behavior.
  10. It’s really great to see this vote here. I used Penultimate back in 2014 and recall being in awe of what I saw possible on my original iPad. Fast forward to today and I admit, it’s been left in the dust by its competitor (which is I agree is kinda sad). That said, I’m glad we have alternatives and yes, it’s dicey in regards to how they integrate with Evernote. I got an iPad Pro 3 weeks ago (seems like an eternity!) and after watching lots of YouTube videos and reading a lot of the input esp on this thread, I decided to get Nebo due to its superior handwriting recognition and conversion (and the higher probably Thai will show up sooner than later). @EN_Enduser thanks for this tip to use the “Copy to Evernote” option! I finally have a Nebo note in Evernote now! I am curious if you had the same behavior that I had when using the default Share to Evernote option - does the Share pane just hang and never create a note? That’s the issue I ran into and glad you figured out an alternative way.
  11. Hi! This is the first time I am trying the new channels to reach support since they overhauled the system. I have a bug to report and when I click: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new I get the attached screenshot - it just logs me out. If I attempt to click the re-login in the upper right-hand corner, it just brings me to my notes. What is an alternative way to contact technical support to report a bug while this issue is being ironed out?
  12. that experiment with evernote.com on Safari in iPadOS was short lasted. I have plenty of space on my device (only using 10%) and ran into a bug where I couldn’t paste a hyperlink into a note. Now when I open up the web client and try to paste in the note, it crashes Safari. I’ll try to look for the correct support channel to report this bug.
  13. +1 here - I am having this issue experimenting with Evernote web in Safari on iPadOS. Im guessing what is in common is those of us here have large Evernote databases (mine is over 20GB) It would be useful to have an option to limit the size of the cache. I am still grateful the iPadOS app and the web app don’t attempt to download the entire database like the desktop clients (which admittedly, has it’s own benefit working offline but I digress!)
  14. Is anyone else getting logged out every time they upvote a help article? (ie. "Was this article helpful?") This is not a one-off (as I originally thought) - this has happened every time today.
  15. ok - i found a suitable workaround (and perhaps this is the intended use case?) This works on the desktop and on the web: create a new note and click on "Template" in the actual note body and search for "meeting notes" - it inserts the contents of the template in the desired business notebook. it would be nice to fix the "Use Template" button on the web to ask what notebook to create a new note based on the selected template. (and it while this is not web-related, it would also be nice to choose a business notebook as an import destination)
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