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  1. Federico Viticci, one of the biggest voices in the iPad-as-main-computer movement, discusses this exact issue in this recent podcast clip: https://overcast.fm/+FXx5XMP2Q/22:46
  2. This happens to me constantly on iPad Pro 2018!! Sometimes I have to force quit the app 3 or 4 times before it starts working. Evernote is my primary work app, and it happens 3-7 times per day. It’s driving me crazy. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning iPad off and on. Totally unacceptable.
  3. Very long time Evernote user, and I’ve found that recently on iPad, it’s almost impossible to use. I have to force quit it several times a day (if it doesn’t crash on its own) to get it to work. Just freezes up whenever I try to do even the most basic things. I’m using the latest iPad Pro, so I know that my hardware can run circles around most laptops. Anyone else experiencing this? it would be frustrating for a free app, but I’m an Evernote subscriber and rely on it for my work.
  4. To replicate: –Go to a note with a phone number you’ve previously sent an iMessage to –touch phone number and select Send Message –Touch and hold on a previously sent iMessage text to attempt to bring up the menu selection to Heart, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, etc. –Evernote moves the iMessage screen all the way up and does not allow the menu selection to appear
  5. Evernote 8.1 has been randomly crashing several times a day on my 12.9" iPad Pro. Anyone else experiencing this? Why can't Evernote ever have a stable release?
  6. Thanks! Now how do I do both at the same time? (Not see Done reminders and not see upcoming reminders)
  7. Thanks, but unfortunately that makes it worse – shows all my previous reminders that have been marked Done already. I hate that every time Evernote introduces good new features, they take some basic ones away. Is there more syntax I can add in to fix it?
  8. I love the new Evernote 8, but is there a way to hide upcoming reminders when viewing the Reminders list, like there used to be?
  9. This has been driving me crazy. They removed this feature and also removed the Insert Date keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Shift-D). Evernote is being trashed by the press but it has worked well for me. Now instead of improving the service, they are taking away features.
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