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  1. I agree, probably not. But I would hope that someone at Evernote reads a forum under their section of "Product Feedback/Feature Requests". I suspect there are many subscribers who also wonder why such a useful feature has been dropped, that are unaware of this forum. Knowing why could help in possibly accepting the change, or at least understanding it. Is it simply not technologically feasible under the new system? Too expensive to maintain its bandwidth or CPU requirements? (I'm grasping at straws here, trying to imagine some reason.) Why remove a feature that gives Evernote an advantage over competing products? Did they think no one cared about it? It is my hope that this thread may show some evidence that some of us do value the Context feature highly, and that by extrapolation, Evernote may understand that this thread probably represents a tiny fraction of the total number of disappointed users. Just how disappointed I will be depends on why the Context feature was dropped.
  2. I understand that is was intentionally dropped. My question remains: Why remove Context, a Premium feature?
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