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  1. Yes there are lots of little snippets of text, some of which overlap each other. I'll just put each OneNote bit of text in one large container, and then do the importing.
  2. OK, you have to start with two separate notebooks on the left pane, instead of dragging sections from the Note List.
  3. Not having much luck with these stacks. How do you get them so that the various notebooks will show up, on the left pane? You have Bugtracking, cheatsheets, Daily Standup---when I drag and drop, the notebook simply disappears and I don't get a dropdown menu on the left like you do.
  4. Candid, thanks for the reply. Let me experiment with Stacks, and if that isn't satisfactory, I'll move on to tags. I like the visual order I have with OneNote--that way I don't have to do any searching--all I do is click in a pre-established hierarchy. If that doesn't work, however, I'll see how tags work.
  5. I just imported OneNote files into Evernote. I was poking around and saw that most (but not all) of a given onenote file was imported not as editable text, but as a graphic. This would take away a huge chunk of the usability of Evernote, if I couldn't edit the text. Is there a special way to import onenote files so that they are ALL editable text?
  6. Marc, that looks good. I'll tinker around with that and see how it works. Thanks.
  7. I just installed the newest version of Evernote, and imported files from OneNote 2010. You can see in the screenshot how I have OneNote set up: http://www.paulrittman.com/ON.png I have under the column on the left, 4 or 5 basic names (such as USB). Then, either there or along the top, I have three basic categories under USB (1800s, 1900s, and 2000s). Having selected the 1900s, on the right, there are several categories that can be selected. From what I can see, Evernote has imported all the files and simply placed them in a list. I am used to using them in a tabbed or sub-directory format. Can I do this with Evernote?
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