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  1. But Evernote is a great app for taking notes in every situation. Finding notes, save notes and taking notes. Look at IOS 11... Apple focus on taking handwritten notes. Evernote would be a perfect note app if annotation and taking looks like Notability or GoodNotes or Myscript Nebo. No syncing problems. I hate it, if it's only possible to sync one way. Sometime I have to change written notes, but after import to Evernote its not good as in these apps. Some apps haven't any Mac/Windows support so Evernote is the only way to have them an all devices. Imagine all kind of possibilities and functions of GoodNotes or Notability are directly in Evernote integrated. Searchable writen notes and every time able to change or rewrite it.
  2. I could not agree more! I only want to use Evernote, too. I hate it to use other apps for handwritings notes. Everytime i have to import and i am not able to change something, after importing. So i have to use both. Would be so much easier if Evernote will add a better writing solution. Integrating penultimte directly into Evernote would be a good start. IOS 11 will have a deep system wide pencil and note taking support. I really hope, Evernote will use this chance!
  3. I have the same problem. As a teacher I like to plan my lessons with handwriting notes. The missing sync drives me crazy. Tried so many Apps. Writing in Evernote with pencil doesn't feel good. Since a few days I have a new workflow. Writing notes in MyScript Nebo (handwriting / pencil) -> export my notes as word document to Evernote -> it automatically transform my writing notes (99,9% perfect) into typed text, so I can edit this exported document with words. Not perfect. But ok.
  4. Have you tried the app with new iPad and Pencil. Writing in these app is very natural without any lags like in notability, noteshelf, ... On the other side the instant transformation of handwriting is incredible. I want to use as few apps as possible. Integrate this well working process of natural writing and transformation direct in Evernote would be a great step forward: Example: Open a new note in meetings, handwriting and after meeting transform this to typed text instant - without using a third party app without syncing or export as pdf.
  5. I would love to see an integration or the possibility of Myscript Nebo in Evernote. I think Evernote is a note taking tool. I love to write with apple pencil. I dont want to use other Apps like penultimat. I wish i could open Evernote start a new note and write with pencil as good as myscript nebo it offers.
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