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  1. I'm hindered by so many shortcomings of Evernote nowadays and despite voting and tweeting about them, very little has happened in the way of evolution. I recall Evernote being absolutely outstanding WAY back in 2008 when they begun. Searching a trash folder should at the very least be a web function. For fun I just searched for all emails from the domain evernote.com and I found my very first invite mail in 2008 for my first account blazing about search features and prioritized OCR document recognition etc, the ability to search contents of files and "even words in images" they bragged. It's saddening to see a thread like this, completely stagnent. I'm sorely tempted to start working on a campaign to stir up Evernote's attention as truly, they raved about the features available in the product, one of which was searching all folders including trash. One dated 2012-12-25 ranted about how they won an award for being so innovative and ever since; the product feels stagnated by any of todays 'search' standards. A very frustrated Evernote long timer here wondering where all the pro subscription money is going.
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