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  1. Also just here to chime in on links being better supported in tasks. Personally, I'd like to see an "attached" link as a first-class piece of data along with reminder, due date and flagging etc. I'll seldom have a task that doesn't have a link of some sort.
  2. The only opt-in that has changed is the machine learning. We still cannot opt out of our notes being accessed by employees. Here's the current privacy policy: Here's the 2017 privacy policy There's very little difference, and no way to opt out. How Evernote responds to this in coming weeks will be very telling -- and reshape how I use Evernote in the future.
  3. In what way am I wrong, exactly? I agree that they can improve their users' data safety. My point is that the privacy policy did not change between 2016 and 2017, and the inability to opt out of some employees having access to our email is still an issue, has always been. Whether or not you can live with that, now isn't the time to thank them for their understanding. They're still on the hook.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Jan 2017 update did not really change how employees may access our information -- it just added the machine learning piece and the disclaimer that you can't opt out of employees looking at your data. Looking at the 2017 update, and the current standing privacy, we do not nor have we ever had a guaranteed expectation of privacy. "As a rule" they do not access it unless [reasons] isn't saying much. And, again, there's no way to opt out. It's great we're having this conversation, if a bit late. This is a good reminder to all: Evernote is a cloud service run by humans and, like any other, it will never be 100% safe from access, be it internal or external.
  5. I am also a coder, I just have my default font set to Anonymous Pro. It's fixed width but looks nice enough I quite like it for non-code notes as well.
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