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  1. The only opt-in that has changed is the machine learning. We still cannot opt out of our notes being accessed by employees. Here's the current privacy policy: Here's the 2017 privacy policy There's very little difference, and no way to opt out. How Evernote responds to this in coming weeks will be very telling -- and reshape how I use Evernote in the future.
  2. In what way am I wrong, exactly? I agree that they can improve their users' data safety. My point is that the privacy policy did not change between 2016 and 2017, and the inability to opt out of some employees having access to our email is still an issue, has always been. Whether or not you can live with that, now isn't the time to thank them for their understanding. They're still on the hook.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Jan 2017 update did not really change how employees may access our information -- it just added the machine learning piece and the disclaimer that you can't opt out of employees looking at your data. Looking at the 2017 update, and the current standing privacy, we do not nor have we ever had a guaranteed expectation of privacy. "As a rule" they do not access it unless [reasons] isn't saying much. And, again, there's no way to opt out. It's great we're having this conversation, if a bit late. This is a good reminder to all: Evernote is a cloud service run by humans and, like any other, it will never be 100% safe from access, be it internal or external.
  4. Can you help point me in the right direction? I found the old "Evernote Widget" that's been around for years but its capabilities are as limited as ever, as near as I can tell. I can create a new note, but don't see anyway to go straight to document/sticky scanner, etc.
  5. Is there any way to create shortcuts to launch the document scanner, sticky note, text note "new note" options directly?
  6. This version fully synchronized and has been working great, a first on my surface rt! Now that I can actually use it, I must beg for the implementation of check boxes and reminders.
  7. The combination of circumstances is actually quite simple and easily reproducible. The touch client is, at best, unstable/unreliable. Every time you open a note, it counts as editing--there's no view/edit separation like in other clients. On a good day, this is a mere inconvenience--viewing a note counts as modifying it. On a less good day, the note won't load for whatever reason... as soon as you hit the back button, the app saves the current state and syncs it to the service. In the case of a note that failed to load "current state" is an empty note. It won't be in the trash; if you're lucky, you can restore it from a previous version using the Desktop version of Evernote. If possible, send Evernote your error logs -- perhaps one day they'll get the app's problems sorted out. My advice for the time being is to avoid the touch client.
  8. On a Windows 8 Pro tablet, you can use the weird touch version and/or the full desktop version. On Windows RT, the touch version is the only option.
  9. No, this is the flat "Modern" version for Windows 8 only
  10. This version is, for me, less stable than the last; the last never would pull all my notes but would at least think it was done syncing. This one opens and crashes. I have done the whole uninstall-reboot-install circuit to no avail.
  11. Now I see what you mean, that markup is pretty gross. A workaround (one that I use constantly, not just for Evernote) would be to plain text paste (ctrl+shift+v in firefox and chrome)
  12. Agreed . . . even if harmless, I encounter it daily and find it rather jarring/annoying. How are you testing your clipboard results? I've tried reproducing your findings using the WordPress visual editor (in chrome) and after removing formatting in Evernote, it's just pasting <div>blah</div>.
  13. Actually, that change to explicit courier new is a carryover from Evernote 4. I'd mentioned it before. Even weirder, if you select a different note, then come back to the note you just stripped down to plain text you should find it is no longer displaying as courier.
  14. No. I'm more protective of my devices than some people are of their toddlers. At least, in my experience, the toddler can (and often will) follow you
  15. So far this build is a step backwards for me . . . while the last two betas installed without a hitch were able to successfully sync beta 3 just keeps crashing shortly after initiating the sync. I'm going to try the full uninstall/reboot/install cycle to see if it helps. Update: It's no longer crashing. . . but it only syncs 401 notes out of a few thousand. . .
  16. Clever penguin. . . if they told you how many weeks, you could math together a date. (Seriously, Evernote doesn't comment on their development timeline. The best answer you're going to get here is they'll release it when they release it.)
  17. In my view, Evernote is missing a decent editing capability. For example the ability to highlight text, do 'real' tables, create a document from a template (again, a real template), text and graphics working together without behaving irrationally, bullets/number that works as you would expect a 2013 app to work ... uh oh, I'm starting to rant. You get the idea. I don't expect every 2013 app to have the document and spreadsheet capabilities of word and excel... unless you mean Office 2013, then you'd be right. But Evernote isn't an office suite replacement and never will be. It really sounds like you want Evernote to be OneNote ... so use OneNote.
  18. Edit: I assumed you were happy with a browser based solution because the only alternative you initially mentioned was google. Springpad won't do you much good on the Windows desktop as it's a mobile and web app. OneNote is certainly a capable tool, though available on far fewer platforms than Evernote. I must warn you though, OneNote sees major revisions far less often than Evernote.
  19. Considering every other platform has received a major update and Windows is a huge part of their user base and not going to be abandoned, I think it's safe to assume they've got a major revision on the way. . . but Evernote never comments on their timeline. In the mean time, what is EN missing that alternatives such as Google provide? (And if you're happy with a web version, the web version too has seen some major revisions recently, such as reminder integration)
  20. Believe it or not, the current version of Evernote for RT is the most stable yet . . . More often than not, when on the Surface I use evernote's email gateway to add notes. I've never lost data working in the Surface Email program. Working within the EN application is too dangerous. To be honest, I've been rather tempted to start using OneNote -- the Surface App is fantastic and syncs directly to SkyDrive.
  21. I'm curious about this as well. All in all, the reminder implementation in the web version is brilliant, better than I'd have expected. I am going to be using these a lot, can't wait for it to hit Windows desktop
  22. So far, so good. It installed without issue, it synced with only one crash (That it seemed to auto-recover from? Is that possible?). After words, the settings charm had all the options it was supposed to and I was able to turn off the Premium advertisement.
  23. Just run the app installation again ( Right click Add-AppDevPackage, open in powershell) -- it'll check your certificate and get you straightened out. Thus far, the "Touch" version of Evernote hasn't been particularly stable so I just always leave the latest version of the beta installer on my computer for easy access to reinstall. After uninstalling the app and attempting to clean install beta 2, I'm having the same problem. "Error: The developer certificate has expired. One possible cause is the system clock isn't set to the correct date and time. If the system settings are correct, contact the package owner to re-create a package with a valid certificate."
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