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  1. Well, that character is the entire title, quotation marks don't make a difference in the search. I have a number of single character titled notes like that.
  2. Can you use note link in saved searches? That would be ideal somehow. If not, your comment regarding using dates on the title makes me think perhaps a created date search could be used in a saved search to isolate a single note or a few notes, will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date.
  3. How do you create a saved search for a note that uses unsearchable characters for the title? I suppose I could create a tag for just such a note to use as a saved search, but I was hoping for some way of using the note link. Barring that, I guess a special tag is currently the best available option. Changing the title and using special keywords in the body are a bit impractical for my use case in frequently changing notes. I currently use shortcuts for this, but I tend to use saved searches to save space on the shortcut bar, and during particularly heavy sessions I remove all shortcuts except the ones I am currently working with, hence the additional need to backup and restore my regular shortcuts as saved searches. It's an organizing issue, not really a big deal, just hoping for clues other than what I already mentioned. (Yes, I do use Dashboards notes with links, and table of contents, just hoping to work with saved searches.) (Platform options include Windows, Android & iOS, if that matters).
  4. In that case, perhaps beta 3 should be taken off the automatic update channel. Currently it is still showing up..
  5. As already mentioned above, "Are you sure?" is already a feature. If you have enabled Snap to ("Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box"), then just one too many clicks can easily defeat any "Are you sure" feature. If your problem happens too often, you could try disabling this mouse feature in the Control Panel.
  6. Did you try what I mentioned above: Entering D : with spaces between and after, then remove the space in between? If it is too annoying to do it manually, the following AutoHotkey script can do it automatically: #d:: Send D :{space}{left 2}{bs 1}{end} return Run it by pressing the Windows key followed the letter d (can change d on the first line to anything you wish).
  7. Well, I uninstalled beta 3 and reinstalled beta 2. The behavior no longer occurs in my case. A couple of other things are no longer happening: 1-the mouse cursor was not turning into a hand on links at all, now it is doing it normally again. 2-The Reminders link on the Note list was not visible, now it is visible again. Uncertain whether these were caused by beta 3. EDIT: Reinstalled beta 3, all 3 problems mentioned above reappeared. Back to beta 2, all is well again.
  8. I am observing the return of a previously fixed bug: opening a link from a secondary window doesn't follow the link on the same window, instead it opens it on the main window. This disrupts my weekly two windows note update. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. I agree, but can you even sync with that version? I thought they had stopped sync for earlier versions. Myself I stopped because I found switching versions too much sometimes corrupts data (new editor, etc).
  10. But do they even behave in a similar manner on different platforms? Somehow that's not my observation.
  11. I keep my shortcuts on the top toolbar, and dragging a shortcut way down does indeed make it disappear without confirmation (though it does run the shortcut). so it is repeatable. Not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, maybe this topic should be moved to the Windows bug forum.
  12. Seems a little unusual to go so long without either beta or regular updates, maybe they are finally going to release dark mode soon? We'll see.
  13. That's an underscore in your list of prefixes? What do you see when you enter it in the tag field of a note? I get my entire list of tags, not just the ones with an underscore prefix, which of course is buggy behavior.
  14. Well, actually I do use an emoji as a tag, but it starts with a real character, like so: $💰$ I am ok with differing sorts, as long as it sorts. Just to clarify my meaning a little more: A while ago i borrowed the following tag ideas from one of DTLow's posts: -1-Current, -2-Next, -3-Later, etc. The number gives order to the tags, but the dash gives groupings or categories (the idea of What, Where, When, Who, etc) the dash being the When grouping. This worked nicely in the tag field of notes, but it is invisible to sorting in the tag list, which made grouping not work as intended, since I have other numbered tags. I have replaced the dash with ! for now, but the dash was more convenient, plus the more sorting characters available, the more potential groupings (fake stacks, since real stacks don't show in the closed Left Panel).
  15. Many of us use special characters at the beginning of tags to sort them and easily call groups of tags, but some of them which work in tags, have no effect whatsoever in sorting. It would be more convenient if they did sort since they are more conveniently located in the keyboard than others which could replace them, and their small size is more appealing than larger characters. So far they are the following: " ' - there maybe others.
  16. Try the following: add a space inside your emoji, then a space after, then remove the space from inside the emoji. This effectively disables it. Alternately, put it inside a code block (Ctrl-Shift-L), same result. Not sure why you would want to, but there you go.
  17. Entering an underscore _ as the first character in the tag field of a note calls a list of all tags, not just those beginning or containing an underscore. Also, entering the same character in the left tag list search while the left panel is closed correctly shows all tags starting with an underscore (also on the one above the note list), but with the left panel open, I only get a partial list. Something similar has been mentioned before:
  18. Try selecting the item first by left clicking before right clicking, that seems to help prevent the behavior, if I understood correctly what you are describing.
  19. Search for either "bitlocker without tpm chip windows 10", or “Allow Bitlocker without compatible TPM chip”. It is my understanding the workarounds only works with Windows Pro or Enterprise, with Home you need TPM. Not an expert, just reading the sites.
  20. With Home it only works with devices with TPM chips, apparently the Surface is one of them. There are ways to find out, I confirmed mine doesn't have it: https://www.top-password.com/blog/find-out-if-your-windows-pc-has-a-tpm-chip/
  21. Only available in Windows Pro and Enterprise, not Home, as I understand it.
  22. I would expect a significant performance penalty when working with a large encrypted database, but if they were able to make encryption optional, that may be a reasonable compromise for those who require encryption, I would think. On the other hand, encryption could turn out to be a support nightmare for them. A business level subscription option, maybe?
  23. Well, you could try the link below, but in my experience, their ability to help you largely depends on being able to duplicate your problem consistently, though your Activity Log may give them some clue if errors are present: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Personally I suspect a possible program conflict, but nothing specific comes to mind.
  24. While I don't disagree with you, deleting individual notes has two safety nets, the trash bin and note history, so I guess they figure that's enough. Mass removing of tags has none.
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