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  1. My dashboards are the same type as the example above, but recently I also started using tags the way I described. If having access to the EN APIs is the only way to do what you do automatically with a script, I guess the rest of us without access have to try other options for dynamic changes and additions. My suggestion is one possible option. Sometimes this is more convenient than manually updating every dashboard link. I certainly can understand why CalS doesn't bother too much with ToC notes, if they change too frequently.
  2. Well, your example was a search, but if a dashboard note had those same tags, it would be a simple matter to click on the right side of both tags in the note, to display all Active Projects, at least in Windows. I am referring of course to the right arrow that automatically appears when hovering over the tag area of the note. In the example below, clicking on the right side of any of those tags would display all notes with those tags. The effect is cumulative. I don't know if it works that way on the Mac.
  3. One option is to use dashboard notes tagged with the same tags as all the linked ToC notes, that way one can display all the related notes from the right side of the tag in the note, without having to access the left panel. Is what I do at least, I don't always feel the need for ToC notes when using dashboard notes this way.
  4. I have been wondering to what extent one can emulate what Filterize does, but using a script program like AutoHotkey. it would be an interesting project for sure. I use a number of AH scripts with EN to automate things, in conjunction with structured tags and ToC, and of course plenty of dashboards. I am still not confortable with third party services having access to my data, limited only by a promise not to access more than necessary.
  5. I use my pinky often on mobile devices, though a stylus works best. My rather crowded link bar works ok with this. ∆|¢|^•©•ø•¤•§|℗•¿•~|ª•®•↕|ß•♫|#|R/D|x
  6. Thanks for sharing. Like others, I do something similar. But I have found that each additional box/bullet/numbered list, or even check box to some degree, takes an inordinate amount of screen space on a table, both horizontally and vertically, so I try to use as few boxes as possible, and create separation with manual bullet characters (•). rather than bullet lists from the menu, which create a huge left margin, wasted space in my view. I need to see as much info without scrolling as possible.
  7. While I cannot reproduce that exact example, I thought the extra lines problem was a common occurrence during cutting and pasting, so I just kinda got used to the extra editing (a side effect of using beta versions too often, I guess). Glad to know others recognize it as a bug.
  8. Not an answer, more like a confirmation of a similar text-becomes-image problem: Also, I posted a topic about encrypted notes becoming images, that seems related somehow.
  9. Copying a large amount of plain text from Evernote into Windows Notepad will remove all hard returns, rendering the text a huge jumbled mess, particularly if the text was encrypted,. This apparently doesn't happen with a smaller amount of text. It is repeatable, though not always consistent. it seems to happen most consistently with encryption. I am using 6.20 beta 1, it was present in previous version, don't know how far back. I use Notepad to check for formatting problems from copied text, before pasting it into other programs.
  10. Possible small bug, have not managed to repeat it yet: I created a note that was simply a link (URL). After several syncs it somehow became a copy of the web page itself (odd). Then I tried to delete it after I no longer needed it, was unable (both keyboard delete and menu delete did not work) though deleting other notes work just fine. Ctrl-Help-Fix Selected Note did nothing. So I went to Android to delete it, then emptied the trash in Windows. Problem solved, apparently. Just wondering if anyone noticed anything similar.
  11. On Windows, try signing out out of your user name, then exiting, rebooting, then signing back in. On your note list, make the sync column visible, sort all notes by sync, then sync all notes. If any notes still have a dot next to them, they are not synced, so additional steps would be needed. I find the Android version kinda buggy in general, I try not rely on it for entering data too much, though it has more features than the iOS version, which seems more solid.
  12. If the general performance of the program is affected, it has been reported that manually signing out of your user name on the program (not just closing the program), then exiting, rebooting, and signing back in manually, is supposed to help.
  13. Hmm, not sure about number of words, but I notice little to no slowdown in notes from 3 to 28 megabytes, with graphics &, tables, even PDF notes get only somewhat slower. But I have a number of notes copied from the internet, 1 megabyte or less in size, but they are copies of heavily formatted pages, one of them is from a Facebook page. Those notes are very slow to display. In general, I find information I copy from the web with formatting preserved, may go from slightly slower to very slow, so I usually strip things up when I can, unless the formatting is important. It may also happen if the note has errors, in such cases I rebuild the note, just in case.
  14. If there is no other program installed in your new laptop, I would look at the WIndows 10 global hotkeys, I had to disable them to fix some hotkey conflicts before. This link might help with that: https://windowsreport.com/disable-keyboard-shortcuts-windows-8/#2
  15. If I understand you correctly, it sounds like saved searches would address your concerns for selection/deselection of multiple notebooks and/or tags. Yes, syntax can be tricky, but once you get it right, you can save it for reuse.
  16. That does happen occasionally, but between two somewhat different copies of the same note, vs a lost note, seems worth it to me.
  17. Yes, though I managed to rescue my recent lost data by copying it from another device before updating. I always disable/delay automatic synchronization whenever possible, for just such a time as this.
  18. They gave me a complimentary Premium account for several months after I reported some data corruption issues, this expired upon my annual renewal in June. Not sure why it hasn't reverted back to Plus on the forum, for sure I no longer have note history.
  19. Priority support keeps signing me out, do they not support Plus accounts? Apparently I cannot use the following link, is there another? https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action I keep getting the message "You have logged out of Evernote". I have assumed they read the forums, in any case. I hope Austin G doesn't mind if I reference him on this issue, since the encryption bug is repeatable.
  20. I have reported corruption of encrypted data before, but I didn't know the cause, now I do: When double clicking on encrypted text, if the mouse moves slightly, resulting in accidentally dragging the encrypted icon, the icon will become permanent and the encrypted data will be lost, decryption will no longer be accesible. This is repeatable, and I believe it is not version dependent since I have seen it before, though I have the latest version. This is a big problem for those of us who don't have note history (Plus & free accounts).
  21. Had to disable Autohotkey to get it to work, I see it works like clicking on the right side of a tag. I thought your comment meant that shift click was one of two ways to do what I was asking, I guess I misunderstood.
  22. Yep, nothing seems to happen.
  23. Many people swear by Ctrl-Q, I appreciate it is yet another way to do things, just not a way I perceive to save me time, at least not yet. It seems to behave somewhat like search on Android, though it works better on Android (it reminds me of the discussion of "relevant search results", it works pretty much like that in Android, not so much in Windows).
  24. I tried shift-clicking around with my tags, wasn't able to observe what it is supposed to do.
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