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  1. Yep, sometimes I use one with Evernote Android, but it drains the battery a bit.
  2. Your identical post in the other discussion did not mention PDF when I moved my response here, sorry. I really don't think Page Setup is intended for the built in PDF function. The extensive print size options that you mention come from the default printer driver, not from Evernote. Basically you need to install a PDF printer driver, then you would use File/Print/Preferences as I mentioned. My scanner came with Nuance PDF, and it handles custom sizes just fine. There are a number of freeware PDF drivers online to choose from. If you don't want to try a driver, you could try to resize your PDF file to the size you need using Adobe Acrobat, or better yet, transfer the EN note to Word and do it from there. I think Word is a better option than direct print to PDF with a driver, because of formatting issues. I hope the above is of some help. Nothing wrong with a Basic account.
  3. Try File/Print/Preferences. Or you can pre-set it in the Control Panel. Works for me.
  4. Thanks, I knew there was a storm brewing, but at the time I was under the impression it was simply one of a gazillion bugs that would eventually be fixed, so I did not pay that much attention since we had bigger, data loss type problems (that's what I get for using beta versions).
  5. I might be a little late to the spell check discussion party, but I just noticed F7 doesn't work at all, in spite of being mentioned in the help page as calling the spell checker. Yes, I am aware a different help page says the following: "There's no spell check feature built into Evernote for Windows. However, you can right-click a word to see spelling correction suggestions based on your operating system's capabilities." However, I was trying to see if I could disable automatic spell checking and just use F7 as needed. I guess something that obvious is not possible, huh.
  6. If you use a numbered list it can, if you don't mind the fact that numbered and bulleted lists are not very efficient in their use of space inside a table.
  7. A general rant has its place I suppose. But I will give you this, currently I am not sure which version is the "stable" version. The current version has a few bugs which run from slightly to very annoying, but the previous version had at least one nasty bug that is currently fixed (encryption corruption), so I'm sticking with the current one for the time being. If you find something that is truly better than Evernote, please let the rest of us know.
  8. Just for fun, I created a title with 911 characters, no error, then went over 1,000, still no error, then attempted to copy and paste it again (that's how I counted the characters), then the error appeared, and it truncated the title to 479 characters. So maybe 479 is the limit.
  9. I have never seen that error, but I suspect it is easily avoidable by simply allowing the first line of the body of the note to serve as the title, automatically. I only mess with the title when I want a short title.
  10. One place to write a summary for a note is the URL field (can be sorted as "sort Url"). It seems it is not searchable though, so not sure how useful that would be.
  11. I use the following AH scripts, so that shift left click and shift right click navigate back and forwards: ; 2 Evernote mouse cursor scripts #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~RButton & LButton:: KeyWait RButton, L Send !{Left} #IfWinActive return #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~LButton & RButton:: KeyWait LButton, L Send !{Right} #IfWinActive return
  12. You could try Start Unlocker, works for single files locked by the system, not for whole program installations.
  13. Which version are you using? Not seeing it in 6.21 GA. Maybe it depends on how text is organized? Just guessing since I cannot reproduce it.
  14. That doesn't look like the Windows version, it looks like Evenote web, new version, you need to switch to the old version to use Reminders: From https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006027 What features and functions are not available compared to the older version of Evernote Web? There are a number of features and functions that will currently require you to switch back to the older version of Evernote Web. These include: ...... Set reminders
  15. It seems ink cannot be combined with text or other edit elements, is that so? If so, it seems limited.
  16. I haven't seen that in either Win10 or WIn7, but I might have seen something like that in the past when my system was really slow, not recently though. Do you have the version from the Evernote site, or from the Windows Store? If the latter, maybe try the former and see if it makes any difference. There are slight differences between both versions, so who knows.
  17. Minor bug: several items in the Format menu don't work in a brand new note until you have typed something (they do work via hotkey or edit toolbar: Insert table, checkbox, hyperlink. This has been around through several version, but I recall when it wasn't present.
  18. 1000 tags seem like a lot, I suspect that maybe you would have fewer tags if you separate the words into their own tags as suggested above. For searching multiple tags together you can use saved searches. If you end up with too many searches, a table of searches note might prove useful. This idea has been discussed before, the following is just one example:
  19. Hmm, I haven't seen version 6.22 in beta yet, latest I am aware is It runs ok, some reported bugs.
  20. Menu de 3 pontos, Windows
  21. If by navigate you mean using a note link, have you tried creating a new note? I keep a link to an empty note with only a title, no problem.
  22. I don't know whether what you are reporting is exactly the same as what the op described, since his solution doesn't apply in my case, but it is the same as the following discussion. I opened a support ticked they told me they are working on it, they appear to see a connection between the different reports:
  23. 6.21.2 is the GA, so, not yet. There was no 6.21.1 GA, only beta. Not everyone is seeing the problems reported, but tech support has privately acknowledged what I reported and are working on a solution.
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