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  1. The title of each note is also lost, not so with export from legacy version.
  2. I have noticed you can edit encrypted content if you decrypt permanently first, then encrypt again when you are finished. Hopefully this is not by design.
  3. Since others say they can reproduce it, it must be so, but in my testing, phrase search works as intended, Windows ToC gives different results than "Windows ToC" (exact phrase), a few other combinations gave me the same results. We know the program is buggy, but could it be the version? I am currently using 10.1.7 Though I must admit, I do most editing in the legacy version, using v. 10 mostly for browsing and testing, until I am confident v. 10 won't break my data, so that might be why I have not seen this.
  4. It seems the "Check for Local Notebooks" tool mentioned on that link didn't make it to the version 10 release, not found in tools at least.
  5. I have encountered this problem long before version 10, in formatted information copied from the web (so probably containing HTML code), and yes, the notes were on the large side. This led me to greatly curtail copying large amounts of fully formatted information from the internet, and instead copy plain text, or use the simplify clip option, otherwise EN would sometimes misbehave on me. I tend to suspect the HTML code more than EN.
  6. In EN v.10, Tools-Preferences, "Save Data at Log Out" needs to be checked. If that's not the issue, then, did you make hidden folders visible in File Explorer? "appdata" is normally hidden by Windows, you would have to make it visible in File Explorer, View-Options. Not sure what else to suggest.
  7. That's odd, I am able to. They use separate local resources. Although personally I use version 10 as beta testing and looking at my data, I don't trust it for new data because of the instant sync, which in my experience causes problems in pretty much all previous versions.
  8. I see it too, and I am seeing a message to that effect. Similar things sometimes happen with no warning or explanation, the fact there is a polite warning message leads me to think it is by design, in which case you might want to post a request for this not to happen.
  9. Correct. From https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote "There will be no future updates or bug fixes in older versions of Evernote, including Evernote Legacy. If you are having trouble with this app, our Support team may recommend that you update Evernote to the newest version."
  10. I forget exactly where I read it, but version 6.25 will no longer be updated (hence the "legacy label"), they are focusing on the new version 10. I am under the impression some old timers in the forums have been through this before, totally revamped program and editor, etc.
  11. I think it would be simpler to use a script program like autohotkey or similar, but if you must use ENScript, just copy the following 4 files from the legacy version: encrashrep.dll ENFatInk.dll libsqlite.dll libpcre.dll ENScript.exe I found it will run, but no guarantees, etc.
  12. I am glad they have acknowledged the problem, but why is this topic labeled "answered"? Unless I misunderstood something, that seems like a change in the way I observed the word being used in the past: that a solution has been posted , or that the problem is fixed with a new update.
  13. Yes, I did that, had the issues mentioned. I removed version 10 and installed version 6.25.2, then decided to reinstall version 10. 6.25.2 still got removed. At the time I posted this, I was thinking to uninstall version 10 periodically, because I found the bugs intolerable for regular use. Eventually I decided to run both for the time being (as long as I don't lose data).
  14. If the lost content was created under version 10, I'd suggest a support ticket. If earlier, you could try installing the legacy version, then try some of the Ctrl-Help utilities (best done under guidance from EN support, but I do this once in a while, particularly 'Fix selected notes' and 'Optimize Database'). Standard disclaimer: doing this can cause you to lose some or all data, so back it up first, and maybe search the forums for more information (although I simply learned by trial and error). Before trying the above, you should probably do the following first: on the sort fields
  15. Any chance we could be told what's new on each new update? I have gone through version 10.1.3, 4, 6, and now 7, no idea on whether a reported problem is now fixed or what to look for to test.
  16. I prefer the auto-fill title, but it is a controversial feature from way back, hopefully they will make it optional, to make everyone happy.
  17. Did you try clicking on the note list (sidebar)? It seems to have the effect of refreshing the note list (just observation, not sure if that's how it's supposed to work). If that fails, try closing and opening the program. It is a buggy program, I strongly suggest to run the legacy version together with the new version.
  18. The new templates option in the New Note sidebar menu is really nice, but now that the novelty has worn off, I would like to ask for the option to have my own templates displayed in that menu instead. Yes, the old user templates option is still available, but the new location for templates would be more convenient if they were my own.
  19. For what it's worth, in previous versions, I found most note errors, including duplication, were related to automatic sync right in the middle of my editing activities. When I set it to manual sync only, I almost never saw that type of thing. I think those who claim the program can be set to work offline might be confusing what preferences does (it seems to simply do a local backup).
  20. Hello, I have a saved search for notes without tags. It is finding a note that doesn't exist, a note I deleted maybe a couple of weeks ago. The note only appears on the search result list, it is not actually accessible or clickable. While this is not exactly a huge issue, it is obviously a bug. No, I was not able to deliberately reproduce it by creating a new note, sync then delete.
  21. Hello, not sure if this has been already reported: When I click on All notes, it moves the focus to the note at the top of the note list in the current sort order, rather than remaining at the last note I was looking at, as in previous versions.
  22. At the moment I don't recall, but are you saying that message screen that blocks the view to know for sure is working as intended? Update: Further testing with another search term suggests that the message does seem to appear when there is a single result, but since I am a paying customer, I should not be seeing it.
  23. I am seeing it on old notes, but not on new notes, a common issue in bugs of previous versions, where the problem appears in older notes, not recently created ones.
  24. Not unable to continue typing, unable to see the list of results, only the first one.
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