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  1. Hello, anybody knows how are characters sorted in the new version as opposed to the old version? I had tags and saved searches sorted nicely with special prefixes, but this has gone out the window with the new version, so I need to understand how they currently sort and make changes as needed.
  2. Open the full app by right click first, then left click "Open Evernote". Hopefully this will be fixed soon . . . . ⏰
  3. Actually, in looking at some of my more cluttered notes that have too many tags, URL info, and other stuff previously appearing at the top, I will admit they look terribly cluttered in the old version (specially any information that disappears off screen, like too many tags), and more "pretty", less cluttered in the new version. I also appreciate that Reminders are more clearly visible in the note. But my request still stands: they need to all be in the same general part of the screen, even if they take extra lines like in the new version. I have gradually learned more disciplin
  4. Someone must have mentioned this already, but it makes no sense to look up to see the notebook and down to see the tags in a note, in the old version we could see all at a quick glance at the top. I don't care where you put them, as long as they are together like before.
  5. I have been keeping a copy of the current version in one of my notes, in anticipation of hating the new version 10 when it came out, it is fairly easy to do.
  6. I am not a programmer, but in web browsers that seems to be the case, in implementing Windows 10 dark mode, I am not sure what would be the difference. That makes sense to me, I just have not seen a program that does this intelligently.
  7. Dark mode simply inverts the display without actually changing data, you can avoid clipping background colors by using simplified article mode, though it can mess up tables and graphics to some degree.
  8. The only thing I don't like is the automatic indent of checklists, I use checkboxes a lot in tables and the automatic indent is impractical in that context.
  9. Not sure if this exact suggestion has been made, but, I noticed that going to another note is enough to trigger autosync. So my request is, don't sync at all until going to another note. I have encountered note errors when autosync kicks in while still editing a note, hence my request. If this behavior was implemented as described, I would be more comfortable with the lack of a sync button.
  10. Is it safe to assume that we will soon be given the option to open Evernote when single left clicking on the icon, rather than the current exclusive option of creating a Quick Note (EN 10.3.6)? Thanks for listening.
  11. I see, I am guessing you mean Shortcuts. Yes I do see a count in shortcuts for those, but when used on the toolbar (old version), there is no count. Not sure if shortcut will be moveable in the future. As far as the count bug, it was updated on my computer without restarting, seems to update promptly, both notebooks and tags (in shortcuts).
  12. Sorry if i am missing something, but what "favorite" section in Notebooks? I am not seeing that feature. Perhaps it is only visible if you have a very large number of notebooks?
  13. The new version was on my computer long before the release notes were posted, thanks.
  14. Hello, i looked carefully before and after updating to v. 10.3.6. The only way I can see note counts on the left panel (left navigation?) is by clicking on the notebook list or the tag list. If that's the intended "new" behavior, it was already present in the previous version. If it is supposed to happen by hovering over those areas, or expanding the left panel, it isn't happening for me (Win 10). Rebooting makes no difference. I am also pretty sure I tested the two types of internal links successfully before the current version. Is the improvement in dark mode concerning the ti
  15. FWIW, the new iOS version and the Android version both perform prefix searches without any reference to stacks.
  16. I understand, it is a nice feature, and it is yet another evidence that the two functions are different. Perhaps adding the option to not indent at all is the solution I hope to get from EN. Unfortunately the strikethrough doesn't show in Android, it does on iOS, but too slow to use. That solution leaves a space before every checkbox. A script can easily automate the process and remove the space, but I think I'll wait until they fix this problem before looking at writing one.
  17. That works, but a checkbox is not entered on the next line as previously.
  18. That doesn't remove the indent from previous lines, and it removes the checkbox entirely from the current line. Doesn't do anything on my Win 10 computer in EN v. 10.2.4. That's what I was doing in the first place, and it doesn't work either, if I add a number of lines with text, manually add checkboxes to each line, then press enter, the whole thing gets indented. Unless you mean adding it at the end of the line, which doesn't make sense to me personally. It's a bug because there are two separate features forced to behave as one, and besid
  19. I like and use bulleted and numbered lists, but i really wish I could have the option of no indent at all. Sometimes I create lists with the bullet character to avoid indenting. With numbered lists entering numbers manually is too much trouble.
  20. There is a new feature called the checklist, apparently it is just an indented list with checkboxes. Not sure I care for it myself. The problem is that if I try to add a plain checkbox to a note, then press enter, it automatically becomes a checklist. Since they are presented as separate features, I am assuming this is a bug.
  21. It would be convenient to have the tags for my shared notes displayed separately from my own tags (or better yet, hidden), so that my tag list is less messy since shared tags apparently cannot be manually stacked. An automatic "shared" stack would work, although I would prefer to be able to manually move it to a sub-stack rather than leave it as a main one. Not sure if this has been requested for the new version, probably someone mentioned at some point for the old version.
  22. The second option works for me, but it seems to me like in some way the title is being treated as part of the body, more than a simple copy of the first line. On that basis, I am simply suggesting to get rid of the problem entirely. I have seen the first line used as the title in some other programs, in a way that it isn't editable in the title at all, it simply reflects the first line at all times. Of course, this suggestion probably reflects an imperfect understanding of how the title is being treated in the new version. I have modified the topic somewhat to clarify my inte
  23. I noticed that the title behaves in some ways like a part of the body of the note in that you can navigate between the two with cursor keys or return key, and that it scrolls up like part of the note. And yet in a new note the cursor is placed in the note body instead of the title, which causes an automatic 'Untitled" on every new note. Since the behavior of the title seems significantly different from before, I am suggesting that EN programmers treat it like a simple display field (non editable) rather than a separate edit field, so that end users don't have to worry anymore abo
  24. I would consider this a bug, not a feature request, since the title is not exactly as separate a field as in the past, it is weirdly together in that you can navigate to the body of the note and back with just cursor keys or the hard return key, yet separate so that it doesn't recognize the top first line as the title.
  25. If you mean the search for tags feature, that's the one I consider useless if I only want the parent tag and not the child tags.
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