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  1. I never heard of mentioning a lingering bug on different versions being cross posting. I created the linked topic precisely so it could be pointed to without repeating the whole discussion on the topic. This is what I have observed others doing in reporting bugs for years. Sorry that I never noticed your objecting this practice till now. I think I will simply wait until staff offers a better explanation on how to apply that rule, before deciding that a practice which seems well established is against the rules.
  2. I know you guys already know, but just to remind, since it is a very recent issue:
  3. As far as a I can tell, the note link follow issue when the tag/reminder search doesn't match appears fixed, thanks. The somewhat similar issue below is still present.
  4. Support has acknowledged my report, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  5. 6:22.1 beta, as above. I have not yet been successful in getting support to understand what I am reporting so far, so just wanted to confirm if anyone else is seeing this.
  6. There is a problem in the note list when following note links:
  7. Hello, I think of this behavior as a bug: When clicking a note link, the note list changes from "all notes" to the notebook where the target note is located. I think expected behavior is to stay in "all notes". This of course is a problem when running a search and not realizing one is not searching all notebooks. 6:22.1 beta
  8. To find out if you have actually lost anything, check Evernote web. Assuming it is all still there, try the following, if one doesn't work, try the next one: 1-Reboot. 2-File menu/exit, then restart program. 3-File/sign out/sign in. 4-Reinstall the program (backup Evernote folders first). Hopefully you don't have to go past stept 2 or 3. If none of these works, and if others don't have other ideas, contacting support might be the next step. Some may suggest to sync, but in my experience, if the desktop program acts up, it is best to avoid syncing until you can get the program working, otherwise any data loss may spread to the cloud.
  9. I finally gave up on Avast and now use Defender. Aside from the doubts about relying fully on a Microsoft built in solution, everything simply runs better now. No security issues so far, but I tend to avoid media sites (game & movie sites), which are notorious for security problems.
  10. I find that indexing programs can interfere with Evernote, specifically the old Google desktop program; when I excluded all Evernote folders in the Google desktop program, speed improved considerably. I have the C drive excluded in the Windows search index. If you don't use Windows search much, you could try disabling the search index completely. As suggested, Antivirus programs may slowdown your computer to some degree, a necessary evil. Try disabling yours temporarily and see what you find.
  11. Is that the phone you are using? I assume you already tried forums for your specific phone. I found a similar link: https://www.androidpit.com/forum/743076/what-s-the-default-format-of-phone-screenshot-png-or-jpg-and-is-it-possible-to-change-it Dealing with hard-coded root issues is nasty business. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  12. Android? Someone might know the answer at the Android forum, but I don't think you can do that in Android. But as Jefito mentioned, it might be a system setting rather than Evernote if you are seeing PNG, on my phone I am seeing JPG as well. You might need root access to make such a change, if at all possible.
  13. Hold the Ctrl key while clicking on Sync, you should be able to see the problem notes. Sorting the note list by sync may also help with seeing the problem. After that you can try any number of things on the notes that are not syncing.
  14. I agree with the AutoHotkey suggestion, but if you are not familiar with scripting, and this is a one time project, it could be hard going at first. I wrote a simple Autohotkey script and tested it. All it does is delete any selected notebook without confirmation, then moves to the next one. Caveat: having your notebooks to be deleted on a separate stack will not prevent other notebooks from being deleted without warning, if you press the hotkey too quickly, so be careful, there is no undo for notebook deletion! (I found that although you can recover individual notes from the trash, tags may get removed from your notes if you try to cancel the process). #d:: ; Deletes any selected notebook without confirmation. ; Dangerous for your data if used carelessly Send {Del} Send {tab} Send {Enter} return
  15. Thanks for the additional details, it is as you say. Interesting that this can be done outside the program but not inside of it.
  16. No, you didn't, but aside from Save as, I am not sure where you are seeing the resulting screen clipper image as a PNG or JPG. Even 'Open with' only sends a PNG to another program.
  17. Thanks for the additional steps. Even with rebooting, when I go to do a "save as" of the image in Evernote, it is still a PNG. Just to eliminate all doubts, I renamed the value data to zzzzScreenClip.jpg, the file name still came out as ScreenClip.png. This seems to suggest the setting is being ignored, even after a reboot.
  18. Thanks, I added the string value ScreenClipperFileName.jpg, rebooted, tried the clipper, no effect, assuming I did it correctly. Tried "ScreenClip.jpg", also no effect.
  19. Just a reference to the Windows snipping tool (Win-Shift-S), not the Evernote clipper. Thanks for the tip. Was not aware one could do that with Evernote. The string value "ScreenClipperFileName" doesn't appear at that address on my computer, all I see is Default, DefaultCommand, & OpenEvernoteParam. A registry search came up empty. Assuming this means the entry would have to be created, I don't dare do anything in the registry without more specific steps.
  20. While digging around, I found that for some reason the snipping tool app can be changed to save in JPG and remember it, but the snipping hotkey cannot, weird, since they both seem to be part of the same tool. Third party seems the way to go.
  21. I believe he means the right click menu option "Save As", when using it on a picture. It seems Evernote simply receives images from another program in the file type the other program sends, EN doesn't appear to determine file type (my camera sends JPG, Windows capture seems to default to PNG). You can send the image to Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Paint, or whatever image program is installed on your computer, to change the file type and compress it, from within Evernote (right click "Open with"). I hope that is of some help.
  22. Yes, I was aware, changing the whole system just for a date stamp seems impractical. I was hoping for an Evernote only solution, like in settings. Yes, I am not expecting anything like what I use in my AH script, just simpler things like year first, etc.
  23. Works as expected for me, too bad there is no way to change the format, so I guess I will continue to use AutoHotkey instead, which allows me to get 19-11-12: Tue, Nov 12 | 10:37PM instead of 11/12/2019 10:37 PM more practical for my use.
  24. As above, not fixed for tags or reminders.
  25. I never tried, but supposedly anyone can contact them via twitter, and get a response.
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