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  1. IMHO you are entirely correct about Ian/EN comments and actions. However, this latest interview (thank you DTlow) gives some hope that functions that I use will be added back to the program. I do worry though that my work flow is not shared by a 'majority' of users and that I am delaying the inevitable requirement to find another personal productivity product. Ian clearly states that EN has used their capability to track what functions get used by how many users (unclear if it is number of users or number of uses). Those are the functions that will be 'added back'. It does beg the question - w
  2. What seems to be missing here is the possibility of a revised pricing structure to recognize the different levels of users & usage. Small claims that the next 12 months will see 'shipments' equal the past 5 years cumulative 'shipments'. It isn't clear if he is talking about 'units' or 'dollars'. A carefully analyzed price increase to minimize customer loss could make that within reach.
  3. So glad that I found this thread. 'Upgrading' to the new version is no longer an option. Several years ago EN 'improved' their product by removing several functions that I used regularly as well as did not have a working extension for Firefox. I gave in & started using Chrome and continued to request/complain about the missing functions. Some of them were reinstituted and I stopped my search for an alternative. With this change I must find an alternative that can handle a rather large database. Please post your recommendations!
  4. Right on! I have paid for and used Evernote for years. Over that time there have been several programming 'improvements' that changed some very popular program features. I believe that it was the repeated posting and direct contact with EN that finally got them fixed. Yes, this funky problem seems to have multiple contributing variables making it difficult to solve. One would think that EN could dedicate resources to analyze the timeline of the reported onset and and compare it to EN programming 'improvements', android version changes , and include operating system environmental variable
  5. Yes, I received the same warning. Did not install Google Keyboard.... I'm willing to pay for a working keyboard, just like I pay for Evernote. But I shouldn't have to buy something to fix Evernote's programming errors. It is frustrating that Evernote is not working on a fix.
  6. Mr. Black - I agree that the problem started sometime in the summer of 2018 for me. Good luck on your quest to be the first person to complete a novel with Evernote. I have given up..🤣
  7. I agree! - I have stopped using my phone to type notes (Evernote Premium, Samsung S9, Samsung keyboard, Android Ver 8.0.0, Samsung Vers 9.0).
  8. wahidovic123 I have Evernote 8.5 for Android version 8.0.0 using the Samsung keyboard. I turned off Predictive Text and that solved the Evernote problem. But, typing anything else, text msgs, emails, etc., became painful as there were no suggestions for correcting misspellings or suggested words to speed up entering longer words. This would seem to be an Evernote problem: either through an update that they provided, or through an Android change that Evernote has not kept up with. I just use my desktop now for entering notes. Trying to use Evernote on the cell phone is too time consuming.
  9. I started having this problem after an update in August or September. I have not changed the keyboard for Samsung S9. While turning off Predictive text may solve the Evernote problem it creates extra work typing in other Android apps like texts and emails by not showing misspellings and possible corrections. THIS IS AN EVERNOTE PROBLEM! I am not willing to sacrifice my productivity due to bad quality control by EN! Premium acct. Android latest version
  10. There was an update near the end of June that corrected this problem. I had to manually install as it had not been released to everyone. For PC look for vers
  11. Same here. Windows 10 restart and I get one note to print. The 2nd request for a print out fails. This has been reported Since April. Why isn't EN fixing this!!! There is no reason that the print function programming should have even been touched with the 6.11 update. Where is the quality control? They seem to be too busy raising rates and focusing on Mac & Business customers.
  12. It is now the end of June & I just upgraded to the 6.11. I have lost the print function as described in this thread. What I DON'T see is a fix for this problem 2 months later! My premium subscription just auto renewed.... Besides downgrading and workarounds has there been a fix issued?
  13. EN Windows Desktop Vers Using the shortcut keys (ctrl+shift+P) or the FILE menu selection (Print Preview) displays the "Save as' dialogue box. This is the same option as selecting the 'Save to PDF' option just above it on the File menu. Is this something I can fix or a bug?
  14. I also have the latest Evernote for Windows desktop program. The 'Print Preview" brings up the 'Save As' dialogue box. Is this a bug or something in my setup?
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