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  1. Yes, Please share the link. I had managed to install it a few months ago. Turned off auto updates, etc. Not sure what happened but EN updated to Vers 10 in the last 24 hours... Don't know if it is something I did....
  2. I also learned that lesson. For whatever reason, I had to turn off ALL updating and now must manually update all other apps on my phone. But I would rather do that then lose time trying to adjust my work flow to match the new EN that does not offer many of the tools that I depend upon. Hope EN gets their act together soon! I haven't found a replacement yet!
  3. Someone on another thread listed a 3rd party APK site to be able to re-install the previous Android version. I managed to get back to the June 2020 Android version and things are back to normal... Thank you Tavor. "If I were on v10 and wanted to roll back, I'd get the prior version apk from this site (have used them multiple times in the past, never had any malware): https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/"
  4. Tavor - Well Duh! It installed perfectly after I uninstalled V10. Should have realized that it would not overwrite the existing app! Also, just THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge.
  5. Tavor - thank you for the apkmirror. site. Found it & selected download of the pre- v10 apk. My Samsung S9 will not install the apk. I get 'Do you want to install an update to this existing app?' Select Install. It looks like it is working but then it displays 'App not installed.' I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here. I accepted 'install unknown apps' in settings. Turned off Google play security, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
  6. I did find the auto update setting for the app after much messing around in Google - only available through the android app, not on a pc. I have found 2 sites that claim to have the old apk for EN but they both have terrible reputations for malware... Any thoughts on where to find it on a trusted site?
  7. What EN client have you been using? Android/Windows has had templates, tables, tags, & formatting in the previous version. It also was fast to load and quick to search... Two things that can't be said about the new Android app.
  8. Your details say your are working with the 'old' Evernote for Android. Can you tell me where I can get the 'old' android app to replace the forced update from last week?
  9. Android App forced update. I contacted EN to try to go back to the 'legacy' android app that worked, was intuitive, & didn't take too much time to load, sort, search. Here is their response: So we are stuck with the android app that is not quite beta quality and EN made no accommodations to allow us to undo this forced update! Jesh P. (Evernote Help and Learning) Dec 21, 2020, 2:30 PST Hello Betnel, Thank you for contacting Evernote Customer Support. I apologize for the delay in response. We have been *experiencing a higher-than-normal volume* of tickets. We are working extended hours and handling tickets in the order they are received. We hope to return to our normal wait period as soon as possible. I understand that you wanted to * install the previous version of the app* because the new version of the app was slow. I respect your decision. We actually don't have a way for you to be able to install back the previous version of Evernote for Android. We actually want to be sure that you and other customers are getting the latest features, bug fixes, and security updates. Let me know if you still have more questions. Respectfully, Jesh P. Customer Support Representative
  10. The Android version 10 is, at best, a beta version closely related to the POS released for the desktop version (iOS & Windows). First, EN should have communicated the rollout and, second, given us the opportunity to choose whether to install or not. I do not 'get' this fascination with 'dark mode' and that it is some sort of a programming breakthrough. Really, too much white space? This app is not intuitive - have you tried to find the sync function yet? - . It slow to load and slow to respond to menu selections. And if you are worried about white space - it could use a bit more and not eat up the screen with oversized elements like the TITLE - which is headline size - and note formatting bar where the quick actions are now in a buried menu. I want the old version back until this one is fixed. Where can I download & install it?
  11. Absolutely very well said. There is a technique taught to customer service representatives to attempt to control the complaining customer. It centers on minimizing the complaint by suggesting that 'you are the only one' complaining or having this issue. Therefore, you are the problem, not the product or service. It seems like Evernote management & staff have all gone to that class!
  12. Where can I get the old version of the Android app? The auto update gave me the new Android version which is as bad as the forced update to Vers. 10.
  13. IMHO you are entirely correct about Ian/EN comments and actions. However, this latest interview (thank you DTlow) gives some hope that functions that I use will be added back to the program. I do worry though that my work flow is not shared by a 'majority' of users and that I am delaying the inevitable requirement to find another personal productivity product. Ian clearly states that EN has used their capability to track what functions get used by how many users (unclear if it is number of users or number of uses). Those are the functions that will be 'added back'. It does beg the question - why weren't they included in the initial release? A little history here: In a Oct 2017 interview with Cnet then CEO Chris O'Neill stated that the EN editor would be rewritten to standardize the code for all platforms. As I remember, there were some updates in early 2019 but mostly for the IOS community, not so much for PC versions. In 2018 he raised prices for premium users which allowed EN to end the year with positive cash flow and and money in the bank. Perhaps the research that Ian references was done in this time frame and perhaps there was an actual plan that was stripped down to get the product out the door. The Board replaced him in Nov 2018 with Ian. Guess his plans were not moving fast enough.
  14. What seems to be missing here is the possibility of a revised pricing structure to recognize the different levels of users & usage. Small claims that the next 12 months will see 'shipments' equal the past 5 years cumulative 'shipments'. It isn't clear if he is talking about 'units' or 'dollars'. A carefully analyzed price increase to minimize customer loss could make that within reach.
  15. So glad that I found this thread. 'Upgrading' to the new version is no longer an option. Several years ago EN 'improved' their product by removing several functions that I used regularly as well as did not have a working extension for Firefox. I gave in & started using Chrome and continued to request/complain about the missing functions. Some of them were reinstituted and I stopped my search for an alternative. With this change I must find an alternative that can handle a rather large database. Please post your recommendations!
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