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  1. Software needs to evolve and I would much rather have a few minor setbacks to keep the product moving forward then to have to completely change to another solution if Evernote were to go to maintenance mode or die. I have been there with Products like Lotus Agenda, and Ecco Pro. Build your workflow around legacy applications that don't change and you will need to start scratch at some point. I applaud Evernote's approach. It's the right thing to do.
  2. We can now add "sketch" (pen based) objects within a note mixed with other media types (text, images, pdf ...). In the past pen based notes had to be created as a separate note (and note type) making it more difficult to consolidate meeting notes. In addition, search will now search your pen based notes! Love it!
  3. I have been using Evernote since 2011 and rely on it heavily for my day to day work. There are certainly some features that are missing, but the improvements out way any challenges. The pen support combined with the new editor and mixed media types within the same note is great. I have been using Microsoft Surface Pros & pens with Evernote for years (tablet open on the desktop for hand written notes and connected to a second screen for keyboard work/management). This along with Notebooks and Tags are huge for my workflow management. Also love that hand writing in Sketch mode is searchable Keep the enhancements coming ... especially the automatic activation of erase mode when I flip my pen over to use the eraser in Sketch mode
  4. Posted here before with the same problem and Evernote replied, identified the bug, then fixed in release 6.3. Evernote then proceeded to break again in 6.4.
  5. Received the 6.4 upgrade for Windows 10 this morning (October 31) and it broke the Ink Note scrolling issue that was fixed on the last release. I can no longer scroll my Ink Notes with my Surface Pro4 Pen. The scroll bar no longer appears on the right of the note when using the SurfacePro 4 Pen. I can still scroll using my external mouse, but not the pen. Very frustrating and makes the Pen useless for Ink Notes of more than one page.
  6. Yes, has become a real issue now. I am having to create multiple Ink notes (5-6) just to get through a meeting and given the fact there is no way to merge Ink Notes, it's a huge time waster. Why on earth would this feature be disabled on purpose?? If you have a mouse connected you can scoll with that, but when taking notes with a Pen you arn't using a mouse. In Evernote, the Ink Note feature is already weak, why make it weaker???
  7. I use a Surface Pro 4 (Win 10) and have been using the Ink Note feature with the pen quite a bit. As a result I have a number of Ink Notes that exceed the length of one page (I use the tablet in portrait mode a lot with the Pen). Since the last update to the Windows version of Evernote ( I have lost the scroll bar on the right of the Ink Note page. As a result, on the Surface Pro 4, I have no way of scrolling down the Ink Note page without using a mouse. Makes it difficult to work with Surface Pro 4 as a tablet with the Pen. Is this an issue that will be addressed? Thanks MB
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