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  1. I don't want the evernote database to be stored on my C drive on my Windows 7 PC. I have no space there and it is over 8 gigs. Previously I had the option on the previous version to change the drive location. Now, the evernote option is gone, and evernote is storing its massive 8 gig drive in the MY Documents folder! This is NOT acceptable. Where is the option? I need to downgrade to the previous version if it is not there.
  2. Please implement the reverse sort order for IOS. It is so clumsy without it.
  3. In Evernote for android, if I open up a note, and that note has been tagged, you can see the tag icon lit up and a number next to the tag indicating how many tags are on that note. This is very helpful. But in evernote for IOS, 13.3.1, on my iPad, no such indicators exist. The tag icon looks the same whether there are no tags on the note or 10 tags on the note. This is very frustrating. When might this be changed
  4. Windows 7 64 bit Evernote build updated 3/20/2018 Evernote application (not web) With the new update, I see that when I play mp3 files within the evernote application, evernote has now extended the audio progress bar slider across the application, which is better. Before it was just a few inches. However, the progress bar does not work. You can hear your file, you can see the length of the file. But the timer of how long you have been listening stays at 00.00. And the timer at the end of the progress bar remains fixed and does not count. You can move the slider along and listen to different parts, but the numbers at either end of the bar remain fixed. Please advise.
  5. Yes, I second this. Especially the ios and android apps need different ways to sort, ascending and descending.
  6. I just signed up for evernote plus, and am enjoying the new upload limit of 1 gig per month. However, I learned on my hard drive is an evernote exb file which I believe grows proportionately with how much I upload to evernote. For example, if I attach 1 gigabyte of files to my notes per month, at the end of the year my exb file will be 12 gigs. So in just 5 years, this exb file could be 60 gigs on my hard drive, correct? I don't like the idea of having to store what will be soon the largest single file on my hard drive. Am I the only one uncomfortable with this?
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