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  1. It's not only about ergonomics (my screenshot is from iPad Pro - holding with two hands you can touch these buttons with ease). It more about habits and standarisation (kind of). Evernote is now THE ONLY one app i know with menu and search buttons at the bottom of the viewport. It's counterintuitive. It has nothing to do with "innovation" of any kind. It's just stupid.
  2. It breaks fundamental rules of design/UX. it's that simple. How I wish EN developers are focused on bugs than trying to reinvent the circle...
  3. And in what way your comment is going to help us Mr. Obvious?... You have no idea what Markdown is, do you?
  4. What keyboard layout are you using? CTRL alone is not a language specific modifier. Thus CTRL+N is not a shortcut for letter "ń". AltGr+N is...
  5. Of course it is. They don't care, don't care at all. Today (1st of February) they released version 10.7: This is unbelievable!!! They "added a new keyboard shortcut - open tag filters by pressing Alt-F2 on Windows". What an exciting news, especially for those, who can't use Evernote at all! And still the bug described in this thread is under "Coming soon"...
  6. This is user experience from iPad (iPad Pro 11-inch model MU0M2FD) with Pencil (Apple Pencil 2 model MU8F2ZM). Let's start with Apple's Notes - this is by far the best pencil experience you can get on iPad: Overall experience with Notability is almost the same - perfect smoothness, clean curves, optimal line thickness: Now Penultimate (also made by Evernote). Something wrong is starting here. It is still smooth, a little too thick by default, but take a closer look on the edges: it looks more like a raster image without antialiasing than clean curves. Still acceptable though. And finally total disaster - Evernote: What on Earth is going on here?! I looks like a joke. @PinkElephant you can't spot the difference? Seriously? Thickness is changing randomly, conversion to curves is chaotic. Everything is wrong here. From my point of view this is a critical bug. I am unable to use Evernote to take handwriting notes and sketches.
  7. I received very same reply from them almost FOUR MONTHS AGO (!). They don't give a f* about this bug. Few thousands of unhappy users in some European countries - who cares?...
  8. @PinkElephant you have absolutely no idea what are you talking about 😂 There is critical bug with system wide shortcuts - but you think it is not important (LOL!). Here is another bug with pen input - you think it is "sensational". What is wrong with you? Being payed by the Evernote for trolling us here?...
  9. It's been more than three months from releasing version 10. Three unbearably frustrating months for thousands of users all around the world. Let me tell you something @gbarry, @Shane D. - you are all disgusting. You are correcting irrelevant minor issues, when we are still waiting for fundamental fix. Taking control over system wide shortcuts was one of the dumbest thing you've ever done. But you did it. Shame on you. Now clean the mess. How arrogant are you?...
  10. Tak jak na niemal każdym sofcie typu wiki. Tak jak w wielu softach typu wiki, w tym chyba najpopularniejszej MediaWiki (Special:WhatLinksHere). Bardzo doceniam graph view, lokalne wersje, block reference [które notabene nie są zachowywane przy eksporcie!] "czysty interfejs" czy wsparcie Markdown, ale... 165 $/y ?! (a kiedyś to było nawet chyba 30 $/m). Domyślam się, że część psychofanów RR tak go wychwala, bo 1) płaci za niego (typowy mechanizm), oraz 2) nie zna alternatywy. OK, idealna alternatywa pewnie nie istnieje, ale jak ktoś nie potrzebuje grafów (choć w niektórych wiki załatwiają to pluginy) i się przestawi z markdown na mediawiki (który przy okazji oferuje dużo większe możliwości, choć to niekoniecznie zaleta) - to już kilka darmowych rozwiązań można wskazać. Dla mnie model "total online" (niestety Evernote też do tego zmierza) przy braku możliwości zrobienia pełnego backupu, brak możliwości prostego share-by-url bez podawania emaila odbiorców, brak wygodnego dodawania załaczników, itp. - przy tej cenie to przegięcie. Ale rozumiem, że dla innych RR może być życiowym game changerem. Też tak to odbieram. Świetne (choć irracjonalnie drogie) narzędzie do specyficznych potrzeb. Przy okazji: fajna porównywarka funkcji oprogramowania typu wiki: https://www.wikimatrix.org/ (przy czym takich rozwiązań, jak Roam Research czy Amplenote tam nie ma, same typowe wiki).
  11. @gbarry @Shane D. WTF? "Coming soon: [...] Global keyboard shortcuts"?! You are deprived of elementary decency. Shame on you. This is disgusting...
  12. This might work - release from June 23, 2020 (it has normal green icon anyway): http://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.25.1.9091.exe
  13. Does anyone know how to download latest possible PRE-legacy version? The version with normal green icon, not with ugly gray one? Earlier than @Nick L. ? @DTLow? @Shane D.? Can you at last be of assistance in this matter? It should take 20 seconds of your precious time... We are well aware that you are not interested (gently speaking) in users' problems. What is especially surprising - even those problems that result from Evernote's critical errors. We are waiting two months now! Just please give us link to the normal version. BTW this is (probably) latest normal version for macOS: http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_7.14_458244.zip
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