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  1. I was lucky. Sort of. They replied to me. Once. Three weeks ago: One of the most bizarre ridiculous answers I have ever heard. 53 days ago they released software with critical bug! It will be 8 weeks soon. And the don't give a ****.
  2. I'll take it like a joke. It is not even a workaround. There are people like me who are using touch-typing. There lots of them. We are typing very fast completely without looking at the keyboard.
  3. Hi guys ( @Nick L.? @DTLow? @Shane D.?) can you provide a link to the latest "normal" version for Windows as well? Not "legacy" version with ugly gray icon. Latest pre-10 version for Windows with normal green icon. Thank you in advance. (BTW this is latest normal - with green icon - version for macOS: http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_7.14_458244.zip)
  4. Hi @Nick L. can you provide a link to the latest "normal" version for Windows as well? Not "legacy" version with ugly gray icon. Latest pre-10 version for Windows with normal green icon. Thank you.
  5. Few days ago I wrote an email to Evernote Support about this critical bug. I described very clearly that for us, for thousands of users all around the world, not only from Poland, this is not "an issue". We are simply unable to use Evernote at all. Finally I received and answer. Guys, you won't believe it. You. Will. Not. Believe. It. Polish "ś", Lativian "š", Romanian "ș" or German "ß". Save somewhere. To copy and paste. They still don't realize, that we have to completely close Evernote to use other apps because they grab system-wide shortcut! Seriously: WTF?! I'm sp
  6. The longer script: RAlt & s:: If GetKeyState("Shift","P") Send {Text}Ś else Send {Text}ś return is just "human-readable" equivalent (but not the same) of this two AHK's hotkeys (<^ stands for left Ctrl, and >! for right Alt, + is Shift): <^>!s::Send,ś <^>!+s::Send,Ś I choose this longer form just to make it very clear what this script actually do. Normally either both should work, or none of them - but from my experience monitoring just right Alt (and checking if Shift is pressed) is more reliable.
  7. Of course it is. We are not dealing with "a little adaptation". We were brutally forced by Evernote to use new version that is full of critical bugs (thousands of people all around the world are simply unable to use it at all! and as you can rollback to legacy version on desktops, you can do noting on iOS and ipadOS). No proper UX/AI, no detailed testing, no QA. This is not evolution (or revolution) in software development. It is madness...
  8. That's very sad because it proves one brutal truth. Developers at Evernote are overworked or simply stupid (to put it bluntly). AI/UX leaders are bunch of idiots who don't listen to what users really want. There is no proper beta testing. No quality assurance. No nothing. The company with with annual revenue of nearly $100 million (or more) release programs full of critical bugs and painful issues on all major platforms. I feel like they spit in my face after 10 years of paying for their software.
  9. Can you @CCortes confirm that in your case double-tap on pencil not working as well? (it supposed to switch between active tool and eraser).
  10. I have absolutely no idea I was always wandering about it - who on Earth need such shortcuts. Turning all them off was literally the first thing I was doing after fresh installation. OK, I left one of them - global shortcut for "Find in Evernote". But that's all.
  11. @wbutchart I'm guessing these are those security concerns I've been reading about here and there (I wasn't aware about it). I just read Nimbus Web - Privacy Policy for General Use - I'm not a lawyer of any kind, but it looks quite decent (probably I'm missing something, or maybe they recently changed the policy). Is it still as bad as it was before? Is it significantly worse than Evernote policy?
  12. Yep but this is the legacy version. I'm comparing latest available versions of Evernote and Nimbus Note for each platform. If Evernote 6.x had evolved in a proper way I wouldn't been even thinking about other software. Unfortunately they abandoned old Evernote philosophy, turn great program into useless *****, and above all they have absolutely no respect for the users. Not at all.
  13. I wonder what are your afterthoughts on Nimbus Note. I found it a great solid candidate to replace Evernote. It is not perfect, but in my opinion it looks and feels much better than EN v10. There are at least another thread about it, but i'd like to summarize differences. These are just some pros/cons I have noticed after two days of using Nimbus (there are a lot more of course). I am using Pro version of Nimbus. Pros: beautiful simple interface (apart from snippets view, see below) much faster than Evernote (tested on macOS, ipadOS, iOS and Windows) great easy-to-u
  14. There are plenty of them, you might find this reddit thread very useful: So far I tried myself: DEVONthink - unacceptable: no Windows/Android version, it is also way too complicated Joplin - could be great, runs very fast, has Markdown support, but it has ugly snippets/notes list and it must be self hosted (which one might find as an advantage but still synchronisation is not so smooth like EN does) KeepIt - unacceptable: no Windows/Android version Nimbus Note - this one is very interesting because it brings experience very similar to Evernote; there are two m
  15. I just installed new version 10.3.6. The overall performance on my MacBook Air is terrible. Horror, the horror. The legacy version 6.25.2 was working very nice, scrolling through notes was smooth, images/thumbnails appear instantly. Now with v10 it looks like slow-motion joke. Everything appears with heavy lags. Needless to say that competition programs work much faster as well. I had no other option than to roll-back to legacy version. What makes me really sad is that I don't believe they will be able to significantly improve performance in the future. They mess this up so badly tha
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