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  1. Also, no inline document editing. If you have a document in Notion, you have to download it, work on it, re-upload it. In Evernote I can just open a document straight from the app and save it, and move on. Much more seamless. I don't find Notion useful for documents at all -- unless they're documents you never intend to edit.
  2. I'm a visual person. I like seeing images to help me find my way through a bunch of files, and I like structure -- things to be visually organized. Evernote's true power is in the fact that it'll accept anything you throw at it (pain text, an attachment of any kind, a screen shot, a web clip, and audio file etc etc). And you can put all of this together into a single "note". It's not always the case, but let's say I buy a lawnmower this summer. In a single note I can store a scan of the receipt, the instruction manual, a photo of the serial number, the URL to the manufacturer's website, and any extended warranty information. You can house all that in Obsidian or Dropbox, but Evernote makes getting all of those media types into your note easy, and that's huge. I realize apps like Devonthink and Joplin likely provide the same kinds of functionality, but to me, this it the biggest EN selling point. Whenever I think "oh, I'll just use OneNote" or "Apple Notes should work", they usually work fine for a while and then something like my new lawnmower comes along and I realize "this was much easier in Evernote", so back I come. I will say I've been dabbling in Obsidian, but despite it's amazing power, my lawnmower example wouldn't be implemented quite as well as in EN. But EN is a bit sluggish. Perhaps our beloved elephant is a jack of all trades, master of none.
  3. I like to go through my Inbox once a week and tag notes. Immediately after I drag the note to a tag, I like to move the note to my "Archive" notebook from the "Inbox". The problem is, Evernote pops up "Tag Added to Note" in a blue box at the top of the screen which covers the top section of the note in question. I have to wait for that little bubble to pop up before I can change the notebook it's in. It would be nice if information bubbles didn't cover functionality in the app.
  4. I've done the Evernote to Apple Notes dance a few times now. While I'm relatively happy back in EN, I wonder about future exports should I decide to leave. I'm hearing things about a limitation of 50 notes at a time using the V10 apps. I trust this will be upgraded in future? While the legacy client still exists, I'm more concerned about the format of my notes. I have some web clippings and such that look like a hot mess when converted to Apple Notes. I was listening to a podcast yesterday (Mac Power Users) and they mentioned Evernote's export is a disaster. I always thought I could easily get my information out of EN, and for the most part it does appear to work, but I don't want to have to check 1200 notes one by one to make sure there's no funny business if the day should ever come I leave EN. Any good export options I'm not aware of, or something I'm missing?
  5. Table functionality is one of the things they mentioned (well, editing tables) as not being quite ready to ship today. I imagine they'll address all this in a future update. For me, the app not refreshing every time you go to another app is huge, and the list of tags along the left side of the screen is EXTREMELY helpful. Oh, and it the fact it's leaps and bounds faster is a nice perk as well. Keeping in mind it's a major update and there will be more to follow -- I'm quite happy with this.
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