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  1. Thanks, Jeremye. I guess I'm complaining a bit 'cuz it's VERY frustrating. However, I do want a solution and have spent several hours today trying to find one. I've downloaded and tried several: OneNote - nice, but web clipper does not work at all on my Android phone Nimbus - clips only a copy of the link to the page Joplin - clips only a copy of the link to the page. Also, I really prefer WYSIWYG DevonThink - doesn't have an android app AmpleNote - possibly has potential Bear - looks great but no android Supernotes - no webclipper Obsidian - no webclipper Keep It - nice, but no android (and no clipper?) Notion - checking it out now. Interesting. Has trouble syncing some pages. Some apps not supported for syncing The desktop version works "most of the time" but has begun having a lot of difficulty with the simplified clipper. Includes a lot of junk. "Sometimes" works fine. The android web clipper has become unusable. Sometimes now it cannot clip at all (I just got an error that said it cannot load www. Strange). More typically it includes everything on the page -- third party ads. I've loved this app. It gets worse with more updates. Not sure what to do. It's the clipping feature that's making it untenable for me, esp on Android. However, I've not been successful in finding alternative.
  2. I have LOVED Evernote for years. My most used app. Latest iteration on Mac OS no longer has tabs Android web clipping is a mess. Same for clipping from my MacBook browsers. No longer the neat, slick, simplified clips of the main content on the page; now it copies every link, formatting is a mess, all third-party ads and links are clipped. Unusable. Awful. Support is crappy. I'm a paid plus member. VERY dissatisfied. I'm exploring alternatives. A great loss. Never saw anything l like it. THey had a great product. Would've done better to just leave it alone.
  3. No tabs. Really? Doesn't make any difference what usage stats say. There's no compelling reason to not have tabs. Does it make it unstable? No. Does it slow it down? No. Does it make it bloated? No. Does it offend people? No. I don't care if only 5% use tabs (and to be sure, that's not the case, but just saying), it certainly does no harm and many of us need it. Very bizarre to remove this. I'm going back to Legacy. Thanks, @emjbe. I'm goin' back with you. C'mon, developers. Put it back and you know what? Issue all of us an apology for your lapse in judgment.
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