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  1. I really hope Evernote has a performance team that is constantly trying to improve performance of all the apps. I haven't noticed any major improvements in App performance since the new version has come out. I've noticed off late that even the web version is prohibitively slow. Basic things like typing in the note editor and adding a tag oftentimes has a 4-5 second lag. It is not a pleasant experience. I often find myself switching back to the old faithful native Mac client. I'm concerned that Everntote should not take it's focus off performance as it continues to add fancy new features and in achieving feature parity with legacy Evernote.
  2. Signed out of all my accounts to see if it helps but it didn't. The issue effects all the clients. Checked status.evernote.com and nothing there. Came here to see if others are running into this and sure enough they are. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  3. The issue: Adding content somewhere in a note using the new note editor following my usual workflow. In trying to continuously save, the note editor will take the cursor away while I am typing and put it on top of the note. This will almost always result in a duplicate note since I would have added one extra letter/word/sentence in the previous cursor position (not having realized that the cursor has jumped to the top) The impact: Stops my most common workflow of adding basic text into the Note Editor. Need to delete the duplicate note. Have to bring the cursor back to it's initial position and continue my now broken chain of thought. This has impacted users for over a week now and is quite frustrating to deal with as it effects a very basic workflow of most users. Hope this gets resolved soon!
  4. Adding the current date/time to a note is a very common task. It would be super nice to have an inline markdown shortcut to add the current date/time stamp in the note editor. For example, typing "//" can bring up the date selection pop-up where one can select the date and time.
  5. The new version of Evernote does not seem to have a well defined behavior for the sort order of tags visible in a note. For example, in legacy versions of Evernote, a tag with a dot (".") or other special characters such as "#" would appear ahead of all other tags in a note. Whereas, in the newer versions of Evernote, the tag sort order seems to follow no particular pattern. It is not alphabetical, neither does it prioritize special characters like the legacy version. It would be nice if a user can customize this or if at least the sort order is well defined and documented.
  6. This is exactly how I like to use this feature as well. It gives me control over clipping whatever I want and precisely placing it into any note that I'd like. With the new helper the fact that it automatically creates a new note completely breaks this workflow. Like the legacy helper app, can we have screen clips just placed in the helper app and then the user can decide what to do with it?
  7. 10.1 is unusable in its current state. I close the App and only the first note I click will open. Any other notes after that will just show up blank. Can't search for anything, add tags or edit any existing note. UPDATE: Deleting & re-installing the App seems to have fixed this issue.
  8. I've had the same issue. Editing an existing note on iOS 10.0 version resulted in 40 duplicate copies. I was trying to attach a PDF to the note.
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