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  1. Whenever a new event is scheduled, I start a note for that event. It usually starts with nothing more than the date, venue, and general focus of the upcoming event. As details are added (agendas, attendee rosters, further travel or dial-in/log in information, other details), I add these to that note. So once the day of the actually arrives, I have a completely organized note prepared for my active participation with all the relevant information and attachments at hand. I manually change the "created" date to the date of the event itself. It would be very useful to have a View in "All Notes" that screens out the future events. (All notes is my go-to home base. so I can see everything that is going on NOW and scroll chronologically backwards for still-contemporary notes, regardless of how they are tagged or what notebooks they reside in.) As things stand now, with a busy schedule of future (in some cases, far in to the future) events in planning. Having to scroll through them to get to what is relevant and current now is tedious. I could leave the created date as the date the note actually was created, but that is NOT a meaningful point of reference. When new information arises relevant to the upcoming event, I haven't a clue when the note was first created, if a note for the event was already created, or when it was last altered. I can file future events in a special notebook and manually move them, but that doesn't help when I use the All Notes view ... they will still be there.
  2. I operate on a desktop Mac, an iPhone and an iPad. moving constantly from device to device. Ideally, this is a function I would like to have available regardless of which device I am using at the moment.
  3. A keyboard shortcut or button that would take me to the top of my list of notes seems like a no brainer feature that appears to be missing. As the number of years I have been using Evernote increases, so does the number of notes. Search can help me find the piece of information I am looking for, but if that note is months (or years) old within a notebook (or in "all notes" view), the only way to move chronologically forward in my notes (to get back to realtime/current history) is to use the scroll bar --- and that is a tedious and clumsy process. I would love to have a key board shortcut or button that takes me to the top of the list of notes.
  4. The ability to save emails (and even whole email threads) from Outlook into Evernote is a great feature for capturing significant conversations. What would be really useful in addition, would be a similar functionality to take Outlook Calendar entries (Meetings and Appointments) and create a new note in Evernote with all the appointment details (e.g.; if the appointment is 10:00AM Tuesday, the note creation date is Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Any notes or attachments saved in the calendar entry become part of the note. Information on location and attendees moves into the body of the note. Here's the practical application. Very often the calendar entry "builds" over time. First, nothing more than time, location and participants are locked in. Then maybe logistical info is added to the notes section of meeting entry in Outlook. Agenda or other meeting materials (spreadsheets, agendas, draft documents, etc.) get added to the appointment. My practice is, at the end of the day, or before leaving on a trip, to create individual notes in Evernote for planned meetings that are scheduled for the next day or while on travel. Everything I need for the meeting is there, and I can juist open the note and start adding my comments and notes once the meeting starts.
  5. My entire professional and personal life is organized in Evernote. The fundamental key to its utility is ubiquity across platforms. I have it on my desktop at home and work and my iPhone and iPad on the move. My biggest headache and major failing with the product is the inability to attach a file (Word doc, spreadsheet, PDF) from cloud storage (Dropbox et al) to an existing note unless I am at the desktop. I know I can email it to Evernote but that's not how the work process actually goes. I have existing notes on specific projects, policy initiatives, meeting notes, etc. I get a doc (minutes from the meeting, a presentation, a relevant article) as they occur. I routinely add these to existing notes at the appropriate point in the body. I know notes emailed with attachments can be merged, but that requires multiple steps and creates additional problems for note integrity, breaks note links, etc. At this point, when I travel (which is frequently) the ONLY reason I need to carry a laptop now (and can't rely on iPad alone) is in order to maintain Evernote. This one feature would make me a user for life, and eliminate any incentive to continue to constantly consider alternative products.
  6. I move around a lot during the day, between sitting at desk (Windows Desktop), in meetings elsewhere in the building (iPad), or traveling (iPhone and iPad) and I live my life in Evernote. Each separate meeting gets a note. Projects get their own note or notebooks. But I also create a daily journal or daily log for each day. If I get briefly interrupted with a question from a colleague, or a phone call, or whatever, I like the ability to quickly jot a line or two, and have it added (with timestamp) to the Daily Log for that day. (Often, at the end of the day, I will go back into the Daily Log and add links to the separate Notes associated with meetings that occurred that day.) When I am away from my desktop, I use PostEver2 on my iOS devices, which works perfectly. My first "jot" of the day automatically creates that day's Daily Log note in Evernote. I can add things on the fly, and the Daily Log note in Evernote stays up to date. It works so well it has me wondering if there is an equivalent way in Evernote on my desktop to do quick and dirty entries that will get added to that day's log? If I am working in Word or Excel at my desk and I get a phone call, I now have to get out of that work, open the Evernote screen, search for and find the Daily Log note for today, scroll down to the end of that note, insert a time notation, and start taking the note. The result is predictable. Too many steps, too disruptive to the work process I have going on at the time the need to jot down a note occurs. I usually don't make the journal entry. My work around is to have my iPad sitting next to my desktop and use it to capture new Daily Log entries. But I was wondering if there was a better or more direct way. Evernote is always open on my desktop. Is there a widget or a standalone program that would allow easy, serial entry of short updates to a single note for the day?
  7. Thank you, Scott. You are correct that emailing PDFs then combining notes gets the job done, but that is an extremely Rube Goldberg kind of work around. Multiple steps and time delay and live internet connection necessary to accomplish something simple. I am better off waiting until I get back to my desktop and just adding the PDFs to meeting notes after the fact, when I can do it in a few clicks of the mouse. I think the tenor of this entire discussion is not that it is impossible to accomplish an end objective (attaching a PDF to a note from the iPad ap). Yes, it is possible to get there. The issue is going through a multiple step process in order to do so defeats the purpose of the utility ... taking notes on the fly and adding non-textual content. I can do that on the full desktop version, But most of my live note taking is in meetings without my laptop (that is, on the iPad). If adding attachments means getting out of the note taking process in order to execute multiple steps, it isn't worth it. It is faster, simpler to just go back after the fact when I am next at my desktop to fill out my notes. There seems to be some debate in this thread as to whether making the iOS version act like the desktop version in this regard is simple (sjm88 seems to think so). Others seem to differ. I just don't know. I am not an app writer. Just trying to take notes. And wishing I could do it on my iPad with something close to the facility I can do it on the desktop.
  8. Thank you, Jeff. That is a solution. But it is still a "local to each device" solution.
  9. Yes, that is what I have heard as well. But I just don't buy it. The kind of consistency across platforms I am talking about is not at a deep, basic level implicating the efficiency of the code. There is nothing about the basic design and architecture of the operating systems that demands that you use a control key plus H to insert a horizontal line in Windows, but control key plus the plus and minus keys in OSX. That is just laziness, failure to communicate and a lack of any consideration for how users in the real world might actually use the product. And it is surprisingly parochial and myopic for a company and product whose whole value proposition is "access your stuff from anywhere" to eschew even a basic attempt to achieve consistency for the user, accessing his/her stuff from anywhere.
  10. That is useful, Dawn. Thank you. But it does highlight something I have always found mystifying and myopic about an otherwise innovative and highly adaptive company and product. Evernote is designed and operates as the one place to organize and access all your data, information and content. I can (and do) use it precisely because it is always there and always current, whether I am at my desktop at work (Windows), my desktop at home (Mac OSX), or anywhere in between (which might be my Mac OSX laptop, my iOS phone or tablet, or via web access on a public computer/workstation. Yet they treat product development as if the OSX, Windows, web, iOS as if they were entirely unrelated products. As if anyone who uses the Windows version ONLY uses windows and nothing else. That means even very basic features, like macros (insert date and/or time, for example), basic formatting (like font selection, and attributes, like font size or bold or italic) and a long list of others work differently or their availability varies depending on platform. Am I the only user who lives his life in a multi-platform world? It is great to have instant and easy access to my one, comprehensive central organizing and content management database. Evernote achieves that and it is no small accomplishment. But it would be nice if I didn't constantly have to stop and think "Now, how do you insert a horizontal line, or indent or copy a note link ... Or can I even do it on this piece of hardware?"
  11. Searching on todo:false brings up every note with a "to do" item I have not checked off. So far so good. I can search EITHER in the specific context (the currently selected notebook or stack) or across ALL notes. What I want to do, though, is search for open to do items in only two of my notebooks (allowing me to limit the search to work-related items and not bringing up personal shopping lists, books I want to read, etc.) What is the proper syntax to get Evernote (desktop) to search for todo:false in EITHER notebookX OR notebookY but nowhere else?
  12. We live in a multiplatform world. I use a Windows desktop at my work. An iMac at home. An iPhone or iPad during the considerable parts of my day I am not sitting at my desk in my office. An MacBook Air when traveling. If I could limit my worldview to a single platform (the way Evernote's development teams appear to do), I would. But I can't Evernote is my one constant. It is what a Daytimer used to be before technology allowed us to move past pen to paper options. I keep notes on specific topics as well as a daily log of phone conversations, emails, etc. It is the foundation around which I organize and document my life. I need it constantly at my fingertips. Some variations from operating system to operating system are unavoidable. Different keyboards... different screen configurations, etc. What I find maddening are the inconsistencies that are, to be blunt, the product of pure laziness or the failure of different Evernote development teams to think like their users and to communicate with each other. Take simple tasks like indenting in notes to set hierarchy to their content. Or even the most basic font settings (for titles and headings). I might be wrong, but I do not think there is ANY inherent operating system differences that REQUIRE these to be handled entirely conceptually differently in iOS or Windows. But if I start a note in a meeting on my iPad, I have several pre-formated headings I can just select from a menu. If I come back to the note on my desktop, I have to open up a fonts screen, select font size, format for bold, etc. And that is just one example. So Evernote is a program I can't live without, that I am in and out of constantly, and yet every time I use it, my notetaking is hampered and I am distracted by the necessity to stop and think ... "now how do I get this heading in bold on this platform?" The program gets in the way of its own functionality. One of Evenote's great strengths is that it works on every platform. Instead of thinking like they worked for Microsoft or worked for Apple, Evernote teams ought to work together to try and maximize the transparency to the end user and consistency across platforms.
  13. I was wondering, but have not been able to find a way to add "auto correct" entries in the Evernote spellcheck dictionary or otherwise create shorthand for common text entry ... For example, I journal all my phone activity throughout the day and would LOVE to be able to type "/p2" in the body of the note and have "Phone Call To: " inserted. Or "/pf" to get "Phone Call From: ". Or some such system. In Word you can make this happen by creating autocorrect entries in the spell check dictionary. Other programs allow keystroke macros. Is there anything like that in Evernote, or does this fall into the "requested feature" category?
  14. Somewhere along the way, the Evernote on my Windows desktop seems to have stopped remembering my display preferences. That is, my preference is for notes to appear in order of CREATION DATE. Every time I open Evernote/Windows it has defaulted back to displaying notes in DATE UPDATED order. I do not remember this being a problem with Evernote/Windows before ... and it is NOT an issue on other platforms I regularly use to access my notes (iOS, Mac OSX). Is there anyway to set CREATION DATE as the preferred display order for Evernote Windows? Thanks for your help.
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