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  1. Penultimate already does offer a very rudimentary level of integration within Evernote. But it has such a poor handwriting experience and is so limited and clumsy in its functionality, as compared to any of the numerous alternatives that I would not view Penultimate as a viable or desirable path towards integrating typed and handwritten notes within Evernote.
  2. On your iPad, open a note containing typed text. Press and hold your Apple Pencil between the lines of text where you want to insert inked notes. A space is created where you can ink. (You can expand or shrink it with the triangular buttons on the left margin. This works fine on your iPad. But it doesn’t work so well if you print to PDF to add the content to Evernote. All of the typed text appears on the resulting page first; all your separate inked insertions are pushed to the bottom of the page.
  3. Dear MJG,

    Pls elaborate on how to insert handwritten notes in between typed text in apple notes. I am new to apple notes and want to learn how to do this but unable to figure it out. 

  4. I have found several IFTTT widgets that will do what I want to do: automatically create a new note each day for my daily journal entries. The title is always the date. What I haven't figure out how to do is get the note title to show date only (not time of note creation). I am not overly particular about the format. Jan 2, 2021 Jan 02, 2021 January 2, 2021 Saturday, January 2. 2021 January 02, 2021 Any of these would be acceptable. [I have also found ways to create notes with date in the title shown as something like: "210102" and variations on this style formatting. They are useful for performing chronological sorts and searches, but are nerdishly unhelpful if you are trying to create a journal/diary that captures history in a format that actual humans can relate to.] The IFTTT widgets I have been able to find or cobble together can perform the task, of creating the note but the TITLE of the note created always includes the time trigger as well:: January 02, 2021 at 5:15 AM It's not s huge deal to go in and manually delete the time indicated, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of creating an automation. Can anyone help?
  5. If I use web clipper in Safari on any of my Macs I am getting a bizarre behavior. Once the clip is done, you are offered the options of opening the newly created note in the web version or the desktop version of EN. (I have noticed that Web Clipper is a little unreliable unless you immediately open the note in Evernote on the same device that you used to create it.) If I choose to open the desktop app, an old version of the app (one that isn't even installed on my computer) launches (Version 5.0), starts the slow and lengthy process of loading all my notes (several thousand of them) and freezing out any further activity until the process is either finished or I force quit the old Evernote. Evernote, Safari, Web Clipper and MacOS are all fully updated on all my computers. Searched the discussion boards and didn't see anything like this. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing it?
  6. I am afraid Notability shares the same defect as Noteshelf and Goodnotes in this regard. All those lines of typed text (including any blank lines in between) are contained in a single text box. It is a possible, but crude solution to add blank lines of text between lines to create space for ink - but all that does is increase the size of what is still a single text box that a single layer of inked notes are added on top of. The rub with that: Say I insert line breaks to the typed contents and add inked notes after the first agenda item, and then do the same after item 2. If I need to go back to add additional inked notes under item one, I need to add additional line breaks from my keyboard, and now the inked notes that come later are out of place and overlapping other typed text. What I need is something that will allow be to actually INSERT an adjustable ink “canvas” to write on BETWEEN separate lines of typed text - not create white space within a text box that I can write on top of. Apple Notes lets you do that, but there are other problems with transferring the final note to Evernote. If the meetings I am in always proceeded in a direct, linear fashion, and I could always predict how much space for handwritten notes would be necessary under each item BEFORE the meeting began, I could construct a template to work around this ... but that’s not real life for me. Thanks anyway.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to respond, DTLow. I know that (like Noteshelf and GoodNotes) Notability allows you to combine text, ink and images on a single page. But the specific thing I am looking to be able to do is this: Copy 8 lines of text from a Word document (for example, eight topics from a meeting agenda) and paste them into a note. Create space between any two lines of text, where handwritten notes can be created (and everything else shifts down to accommodate the ink) Neither Noteshelf nor Goodnotes can do that. Can Notability? Apple Notes can do this, but can't handle the transfer to Evernote.
  8. I am a longtime Evernote user, and it is my core and single point where all knowledge is capture and stored. I take handwritten notes on my iPad in meetings, seminars, etc. I capture and store them in ink and do NOT often convert handwriting to text. All I want to do is to be able to capture both handwritten and typed text inputs into a single note in Evernote. I have tried ALL the big note taking apps (Noteshelf, Notability, Nebo, Apple Notes, etc.). The handwriting experience is superior, but getting things into Evernote is a tedious, multi step process, and it does NOT allow me to combine/mix/alternate between typed and scribed. Here is my use case: I can import a typed agenda into an EN note. I now want to go in and add handwritten notes of various length under each agenda item. So, essentially, create space between typed lines of text, and nest my handwritten notes on that agenda item under the appropriate typed text. I know that this is precisely what Evernote allows you to do by inserting a sketch, but to be frank, the Evernote handwriting feature is poor. It doesn't feel like a pen or pencil, the resulting handwriting is sketchy and even worse than my own poor penmanship. I need another way to do this and still end up with an Evernote note entry. Once that's done, I may come back to that same note and add additional typed notes, document attachments, etc. So solutions like Penultimate and Noteshelf, which segregate the notes into synced notebooks and don't allow editing in Evernote won't do. So far, the best "integration" I have found is with Apple Notes. It's handwriting capture feels natural and looks great. It lets me insert handwritten space between lines of typed text. (Albeit, often leaving a lot of white space before and after the handwriting, but I can live with that.) I can then send a copy of the Apple Note to Evernote, but Evernote takes all the handwritten sections as separate images and moves them to the bottom of the note, leaving the originally typed text at the top of the note. (My handwritten notes are no longer connected to the written text item they are associated with.) Does anyone have a better solution or app to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish?
  9. Thank you, Scott. You are correct that emailing PDFs then combining notes gets the job done, but that is an extremely Rube Goldberg kind of work around. Multiple steps and time delay and live internet connection necessary to accomplish something simple. I am better off waiting until I get back to my desktop and just adding the PDFs to meeting notes after the fact, when I can do it in a few clicks of the mouse. I think the tenor of this entire discussion is not that it is impossible to accomplish an end objective (attaching a PDF to a note from the iPad ap). Yes, it is possible to get there. The issue is going through a multiple step process in order to do so defeats the purpose of the utility ... taking notes on the fly and adding non-textual content. I can do that on the full desktop version, But most of my live note taking is in meetings without my laptop (that is, on the iPad). If adding attachments means getting out of the note taking process in order to execute multiple steps, it isn't worth it. It is faster, simpler to just go back after the fact when I am next at my desktop to fill out my notes. There seems to be some debate in this thread as to whether making the iOS version act like the desktop version in this regard is simple (sjm88 seems to think so). Others seem to differ. I just don't know. I am not an app writer. Just trying to take notes. And wishing I could do it on my iPad with something close to the facility I can do it on the desktop.
  10. Yianniss asled: "Also, is there any way to view a pdf file on a note, like if it was a photo without having to use my Mac??? Only iPad or iPhone. The reason is simple, in meetings or surveys I don't have my Mac, so I'm mostly interested to see what the mobile app can offer". As GrumpyMonkey has indicated, there is unfortunately no way to (or no GOOD way) to add PDFs to an existing note (or multiple PDFs to a note) on the iPad or iPhone. BUT: There is absolutely NO problem opening or viewing any PDFs that are already part of a note from ANY of your devices.
  11. No problem doing it on my Mac or via Web access when I am at a "real" computer ... But is there a way to attach a document (PDF, Word, Excel) in a note within the iPad Evernote app? The file is accessible on the iPad. I can always forward it to Evernote as an email and then combine the separate notes later when I am at my computer. But is there anyway to just click attach and identify the file in the iOs app itself? (And yes, I know I can embed a link to the file in the note ... but Evernote is my ultimate file cabinet archive ... i want to get the file itself there (for example, embed an attachment from a meeting into the notes for that meeting while I am in the meeting taking notes on my iPad.)
  12. What is being asked for here is actually just for a feature that is already available on Evernote in one platform be available in Evernote on another platforms. Having a small and set of "one click" heading styles so you can easily indicate a change in topic as you take notes is a "it would be nice to have" feature. The fact that it is available and I can do it in the iOS version of Evernote on my iPad, but can't when I move back to my "real" computer on my desktop makes it a little frustrating.
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