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  1. Hi I am having difficulty with evernote desktop on windows. It keeps red lining words that are UK spelling and when I go to options and language english UK isnt there only English US. I am not sure why this is? How can I change this? It is not due to the system as the PC has had English US removed completely from it. Thanks.
  2. I use the Android app, there are no issues with the app at all in my experience it works well. Never observed any glitches or sync issues on it, it works as you would expect it too. Just someone trolling it seems.
  3. Im on the green text side, I dont mind the Android app much, it works as I would hope. My only slight frustration is the inability to add a new row to a table, though I am not going to worry to much about it as it seems there is a lot of work going on to unify the various note experiences into one more cohesive. I like the control I have for offline notebooks and also background sync too. Its not very often I am not in a data area but nice to know if I am it wont be too much an issue.
  4. Hi all, aware that there is often a lot of leaving posts so figured I would post a returning one. I used to subscribe to premier I think it was called but have been away for a year or so. Returning and have subscribed again for the following reasons - background sync on mobile templates for new notes good mobile apps the use of tabs Will use extensively over the next several months and see how things go. Only concern so far is that I am unable to add new rows to tables on mobile? This is a bit of a problem when using the meeting template on an ipad.
  5. Onenote is a great product too, however its syncing is not as flexible as evernote. Quick example, on my android its set to automatically sync once per hour, onenote can only sync when I open it. So with evernote I can be confident within a fair reason that when I open my android app and I have no signal my documents are likely to be there. Onenote needs me to hold its hand through this, whilst for many thats not a problem, my Android tablet is often in no wifi places, so onenote would not be helpful there. Evernote is not massively expensive, I think the pricing is fair, if people want to move to onenote, fair enough, its a good product but planning ahead with things that can be automatic will be required. Id rather not do that.
  6. Hi all, I'm curious as an Evernote database grows how much data it's using storage wise on your android device? I ask because I'm new to Evernote database is small but my device only has 8gb storage. I know for files that are not available offline they still take up small amount of storage so I'm curious how it grows. Thanks.
  7. Still no response from technical support, submitted a further ticket, no response to that either. Really bewildering, I've never experienced a support vacuum like this before with any other company.
  8. The issue is not to do with this community, was given good advice here and tried it all. The issue for me is one no response from support which is not great, but secondly, and actually more importantly, is this a company that I would be able to trust if I used their program as I planned and get support when needed, to that question i have to conclude the answer is no sadly and that's why I have cancelled my subscription. This is a good community! Sadly technical support have not got the same high standards or willingness to help, in my experience. Thanks again.
  9. Still no response from support. Really quite a shame, this is a good product but no support ruins it. I'll be changing my subscription to the free one and moving my notes across to onenote. Quite appalled that technical support has responded in no way after over 24 hours.
  10. Thank you, tried replying to support email too, still silence.
  11. Hi all, yesterday I submitted a support request, handled initially by an Evernote expert who escalated it to technical support. Since then no communication at all! No email even saying someone will be in touch, escalation was 24 hours ago. Is this normal level of customer care? Currently trialling Evernote plus deciding whether to use this as my document solution but this experirnce is concerning, poor support means poor product in my book.
  12. The opening post says the new editor is not yet available on tablets, any ETA on when it will be, the current editor for tablets is not great at all.
  13. Surely then it would allow me to send the note to my email client? If I understand what you are saying... Evernote wrong do this as the feature is not present, but stops me doing it simply by sending it to my email client?
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