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  1. Hey all, curious to see if anyone is anywhere near that 100,000 limit and how you manage your notes to stay under it? I’m new(ish) so I’m waaayyyy low just now.
  2. It’s a real frustration when that happens. The only way I have found to counteract it is to use split screen on the iPad. On the phone you would be better downloading the pdf I think and viewing it through another app. Hopefully this is resolved on the upcoming new app. It really hinders productivity which is kinda the point of Evernote. edit - I actually had to copy and paste my note into another notes app earlier! Not only did the note refresh when the screen switched off (I was reading from it for a recording) it then opened a different note once it had refreshed.
  3. The app isn’t capable of replacing a laptop version I’m afraid. Not just for some of what you raised but also features like merge note are currently missing too. The app also suffers from the bug where it refreshes every time you leave it to read something else then return to it. In the iPad I get around that by using split screen which works fine. The app is great on the iPad in many ways don’t get me wrong but some key things are currently missing.
  4. Yeah, it does seem there has been some pretty big delays. My hope is that we see some change soon, I’m trying to get into the iOS beta to see how it is, will wait and see if that happens. I’m learning a system of notes and tags that is really working for me so I do hope that they get things going soon as I don’t know any other notes app that has a similar system and I mess about with them all lol.
  5. I’ve just grabbed the 40% for a year deal and I’m happy to give the year. In that time I expect the updated release of all clients and for greater stability. I do think they are working hard to do this so I’m not too worried but things like the iOS app refreshing every time I leave the screen to multitask must be resolved by the new version or I would have to review the app I use.
  6. I would echo what others have said - if you have found something you feels suits your usage better then better going for that. If it’s down to frustration due to waiting, which isn’t always easy then I would say wait it out. I don’t know of another notes app that has the flexibility of stacks and tags and for me that is the fundamental feature I’m using a lot as I settle back into Evernote (I was a subscriber and have just returned).
  7. Yeah, the issue is, for the system I have been developing based on the secret weapon Evernote works perfectly. I am also using it for productivity though as a catchment for everything and that’s where there is this issue. Hopefully it’s resolved, I am willing to wait it out a bit as they do seem to be trying to improve overall stability.
  8. The current Evernote mobile app is being phased out with the new one. I am encountering this really frustrating issue too and about it refreshing which is really frustrating when using Evernote for email. My question is then more does the new app which is in beta still have this issue. If so then I think I would need to try another platform, if it doesn’t have this issue I’ll grind it out and wait.
  9. Have you got a system with this and Evernote? I am just back to Evernote today grabbing the 40% discount for the year. I might just have to use copy and paste though I don’t know how well that will play out.
  10. Hi I was wondering if it’s in the pipeline to vastly increase the export options for notes? I would really appreciate being able for instance to export to pdf so I can send a note as a file or as a docx file. I know a fair few of the other notes platforms do this and it would be really handy. I work in attachments for work and I know if I was to send Evernote links or the content in the email body I would very quickly have an irritated group of colleagues.
  11. Hi I am having difficulty with evernote desktop on windows. It keeps red lining words that are UK spelling and when I go to options and language english UK isnt there only English US. I am not sure why this is? How can I change this? It is not due to the system as the PC has had English US removed completely from it. Thanks.
  12. I use the Android app, there are no issues with the app at all in my experience it works well. Never observed any glitches or sync issues on it, it works as you would expect it too. Just someone trolling it seems.
  13. Im on the green text side, I dont mind the Android app much, it works as I would hope. My only slight frustration is the inability to add a new row to a table, though I am not going to worry to much about it as it seems there is a lot of work going on to unify the various note experiences into one more cohesive. I like the control I have for offline notebooks and also background sync too. Its not very often I am not in a data area but nice to know if I am it wont be too much an issue.
  14. Hi all, aware that there is often a lot of leaving posts so figured I would post a returning one. I used to subscribe to premier I think it was called but have been away for a year or so. Returning and have subscribed again for the following reasons - background sync on mobile templates for new notes good mobile apps the use of tabs Will use extensively over the next several months and see how things go. Only concern so far is that I am unable to add new rows to tables on mobile? This is a bit of a problem when using the meeting template on an ipad.
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