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  1. This is a bug I was encountering in the Beta program and I have both posted to support the issue (brick wall) and here (everytime a user posts it staff respond with astonishment like its a new issue). What I have learnt (not sure if you are having the same issue) is Evernote for ios is not doing well when left in the background. Normally, we use an app we hit home, we go back to the app when we need it, often its sitting in the memory waiting to go. Not quite waiting to go in Evernotes case, I have found if the app is left in the background for long periods when we open it (the app op
  2. You need to work out what spam means, spam isnt people sharing their options, it is most definitely posting the same message over and over and over and over and over again all over the forums.
  3. The guy should be banned, its so rude what he has done.
  4. No you spammed the entire forum, ruining threads and conversations on some ego trip to promote your own reddit.
  5. STOP spamming this forum! You have posted the exact same message in 5 threads now. This space is for people to discuss ideas, bugs and currently frustrations, please dont abuse it like this.
  6. Oft! The iOS ones lol! Nice to know you are still around all these years later! 😂
  7. This doesnt always work. I have frequently encountered issues where notes are not syncing. I pull down and think it works, then when i go to settings and sync and press that, the app crashes because somehow sync isnt working. Pull down doesnt show these failures for some reason.
  8. Oh it’s one I’m watching closely, I have so many in my device and when I see updates I’m in checking them out. Personally, until they have a proper wysiwyg editor, even if it’s markdown based, no issue with that! But until that’s there it’s not an option - and I know markdown but I’m writing notes to write, not code. I’ll keep watching and hopefully soon the iOS app leaps forward.
  9. Yeah this is my thinking too. I really like the windows app, its working so well for me and search found something based on two words that may have linked to something I vaguely remembered so I could share it with someone else, was really impressed with that! The iOS app as I said, - it’s got sync issues when brought from background for a long period back to foreground, it doesn’t sync at that point for me and data is lost. I just need to close the app before I use it again, it’s fine for short periods, even a few hours but much longer and it wont sync. So I wouldn’t say I really like that
  10. It’s not a web app from what I understand. I think this view is based on a hate of electron and a twisting of some of what Ian said. He said look at the web and it will give you and idea where we are going, it has for that look is being implemented elsewhere. He has recently said that each app has shared code but each will evolve in ways appropriate for the platform it’s used on so its not the case all are the web app. A lot of this seems to come from some people’s strong dislike of electron which is the JavaScript platform they have used to write the new apps. Some people despise this and bec
  11. I have Joplin and love the theory of it, my notes on my platform, but the notes editor is prehistoric. And the new beta one is somehow worse, a split screen with one side code and the other what it looks like....it should be wysiwyg and I can’t take it seriously when it can’t get basic things like that simply executed. It’s still an app for markdown folks, not general public sadly. Which is a shame because it could be awesome if it did the basics properly.
  12. If they add this I hope it can be disabled. I cant stand notions faff approach to everything. It’s different things for different folks I guess but the option to make notes pretty with zero actual data functionality doesn’t appeal to me.
  13. I have found this too, I have a few test notes in Numbus on an iPad Pro and each takes at least three seconds to open, even if I click one to the other and back it’s three seconds each time. I though the Evernote app was slow but it’s around a second, two when it’s playing up. And these notes I’m testing, no images, just a few sentences and some tick boxes.
  14. Yeah, I know, cause I would be one of the first to do it lol! But, if they want basic to pay, there needs to be something closer to their actual needs, considering the 60mb etc restrictions that costs around half of premium. When you consider the price of office and what you get there for the subscription Evernote premium is costly in comparison.
  15. I think I echo a lot of the users here in that if we are using it on more than two devices we probably are getting a fair bit of use out of it and paying our way isn’t an unreasonable expectation. I would strongly urge them to bring back a plus tier, even it if had device restrictions to 3 or 5 or something. The difference between basic and premium is crazy high in upload and storage etc.
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