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  1. I use Scannable 2.2 (998) on my iPhone to capture business card and this works well. On Mac OS Sierra (v 10.12.6) and Evernote 6.12.1 Beta 1 I still have the issue that whenever I try and type in the "add notes" section to the business card, after 1 or 2 key strokes the cursor jumps to the beginning again, making it almost impossible to add notes to the business card.
  2. Hi, also agree with this and I did log a ticket separately and they asked me to log it on this forum as said the developers followed this closely ;-)
  3. Hi, Thanks for answer, however I am on 6.12 beta 2 and am still seeing the problem and therefore wrote the post. Possibly the bug still exists, and I am not sure to check if the issue was there in beta 1 and just rolled over to beta 2 or still occurring in beta 2.
  4. Business card bug - In "Add Notes" section I use Scannable to load my Business Cards and then when trying to add notes, if you wait for a few seconds the cursor jumps back to the start of the note, and sometimes this also occurs when entering a "space".
  5. Reboot done and issue remains. I have not done the uninstall /re-install process and will try if I am the only one with this challenge. I never had this before this last version.
  6. As an ECC I am on version 6.12 Beta 2 (455250 Direct) and using macOS Sierra (10.12.6) I am seeing notes where in the notes sidebar I can see the note contains the correct information, when I open the note it is empty, when I click on history I can see the correct information and after I import it to a new notebook it is empty again. I can see the note in the web version, and have done the force sync on my Mac version. The force sync did not seem to work as it did not run for very long and I was careful not to use the system as advised. The note is still not correct. I can see also see on my mobile device and am using an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.3.3 and Evernote version as below empty note.pdf
  7. Hi, I have noticed on the Beta feedback stream, there was some chatter about TextEdit (on MacOS) integration with Evernote (and other Apps). There seemed to be some experts on that topic and I can't seem to make this integration work. Could somebody please give light to the settings or integration steps that are required to make this work together? @DTLow was one of the contributors. Thanks in advance Donald
  8. Search functionality limitation - For me the biggest downside of this release is the limitation to only search one account at a time and this is a serious consideration in my workflow as it changes my entire manner of working. Is there not an option in the search bar (like in the iOS version) to search in ALL:PERSONAL:BUSINESS. If this was made configurable, people would be able to use in a manner that suits their own work style. Missing functionality: Improved back-up options - I would like to be able to back up (to my own servers) a selection of Notebooks / Notes and this is not very easy at the moment. Would like to see this improved.
  9. Hi, The strange thing is I have an old macbook pro that has been upgraded to the same versions of Mac OS, Safari and EN and the web clipper works perfectly there, so I know it works and it works very well when it does. There has just been a further release of the web-clipper ver 6.9 and I tried the one as well, and still no luck. I will log an issue and see if that helps. Thanks Donald
  10. @BSR, Hi, I have the same challenge on my iMac, but not on my old Macbook Pro, that is running the same versions: I am on OSX 10.11.5, with Safari 9.1.1 and Evernote 6.7.1 and don't have any extensions installed to "uninstall". I have shut down Safari, restarted computer, logged out of Evernote Premium and out of Web Clipper on my other machine but continue to get the following error message when downloading from the Apple Extensions (or for that matter directly from the developer). Quite urgent as I am participating in the Evernote Certified Consultant training, and am feeling a bit helpless at the moment with this issue. Regards Donald EN webclipper.tiff
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