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  1. apologies if this is already posted somewhere, cannot find it after a few searches. would like to find summary of each set of release notes by product for example - all the 10.1 ....10.8 release notes for Mac in one place also, would love to see a summary of all keyboard shortcuts for Mac??? thank you for any help and direction.
  2. *** UPDATE *** latest iOSx update includes a fix for above issue. Tested on my end and seems to be working again - YESSSS!!!!! In App Store - it shows me version 8.9.1 and update notes list "a fix for opening public note links in notes" as a bug fix.
  3. @DTLow - always appreciate you (and others) with the wealth of knowledge you all have and share!!! Sorry, if I was giving off the impression of trying to prove a point, was nothing more than a heads up after getting confirmation from Evernote Support late last week. IMHO the ability to share notes publicly, especially with people who do not use Evernote, highlights the power of the feature and gets them asking questions about Evernote (and increasing people who give Evernote a try). Thanks again for all you share, assist, and support here on the forums!!! Count me a huge fan!!!
  4. @DTLow 1.below / attached is screen capture trying to use the link you sent. was "opened" from MacBook using MacOS 10.12.6 2. below / attached is screen capture trying to use the link you sent was "opened" from iPhone X iOS 11.2.5 exactly the same action(s) when tested with Evernote support on Friday. Evernote, after seeing the same error message(s), said #KnownIssue
  5. Heads up - was having issues sharing public links with people who did not have Evernote. Was on a tech support session yesterday and was told it is a #KnownIssue and iOSx public sharing is broken. The workaround is to use Mac app or web browser to share all public links. After a bit of quick testing on my end, it seems broken from trying to share a public link FROM MY iOS device shares a dead/unresponsive link that recipient cannot open if not using Evernote app if the recipient has Evernote app - tries to launch the app (not a browser) and put you in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) trying to open a shared public link ON MY iOS device in this instance, as I have Evernote, it tries to launch Evernote (not a browser) and puts me in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) Was informed that there is no timetable for a fix. Was informed that the fix would probably come in the next inline update - UGH!!!! If anyone else sees a fix or has a better workaround, would love to hear about it. Thanks!!!
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but did quick search and did not see this topic answered - Trying to do a search and get ALL NOTES that have tag "abc" or "xyz" or "123". When asking chat support, they said it could not be done. when using mac app and adding tags in search field it is acting like an "AND" search not an "OR" search Thank you for any help / support.
  7. @EdH @csihilling @DTLow - unfortunately, having to revisit this topic as had a "unable to sync" error with "could not connect the evernote service. Please try again later." after 4 days, no joy. had to engage chat support and they, of course immediately said delete the app and reinstall - ugh. I pushed back hard and the person who was trying to help me was not coming up with any options that were working (dreaded level 1 support - "is it on????? or similar questions) - so I decided to just delete and reinstall. Sorry - as I mixing in a few questions here, but - has the downloading of notes to the device gotten any better (I am currently seeing the same experience as above thread - ugh!!!!) the latency on the app is still bad - anyone seeing any better performance in the overall iOS app? is anyone having any success with any type of evernote "direct" support? (chat, email, twitter) - I am struggling with the pain of engaging on chat, then having first level switch me over to a "senior support person" by converting chat session to email thread which inevitably goes on and on and on.
  8. @DTLow - thanks for the quick response. got it on delete and reinstall - already did that already rebooted background sync on If you all have any other recommended topics / threads that I can keep my eye on as it relates to this specific topic and / or Evernote 8.x as well as updating here if you can, it would be much appreciated. Thanks once again.
  9. @csihilling - had just created "temp" notebook (until 8.x becomes stable) and added 11 notes that are critical for me while traveling. That notebook downloaded in minutes (status bar "fully" green) but the inbox notebook with 30 notes has been trying to download over 24 hours??? I know I am probably asking the impossible, but does anyone have an explanation / fix for this type of Evernote behaviour?
  10. @EdH @DTLow - Appreciate the quick and honest responses!!! Will take your advice and hold off for now. Any intel on my original screen shot and the "status bar" - is a "real thing" / accurate??
  11. I have had all the same type of issues, I have seen here in the forums with iOS 8.x. I have deleted and reinstalled. How long should it take to download notes to iPhone after reinstall. I have a great wifi internet connection. I have done a random check and seems ok, but with below image it leads me to believe its not complete?? is that "status" bar a "real thing"? FYI - inbox has 30-50 notes at anytime. filing cabinet has 3000+ notes. Thanks for any help / insight.
  12. Agree with RMK - similar to the ease of using multiple notebooks within Evernote for biz and personal, quite a few folks use Google Apps for both biz and personal. Look forward to the "expanded" functionality of multiple google apps accounts. Great job getting this going for the Mac OSX!!! Thank you!!
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