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  1. Hi zaius0930, last time i checked that was the problem. Scan a card, enter information on my phone, but can't edit it afterward in desktop version. I've given up using Evernote to scan business cards for this reason. Would love to know of an application that does it properly. It's definitely needed Best
  2. Semal, you're right! It's a mac desktop issue. Works fine in Windows 7 Pro. I use my Macbook at conferences, which is where i scan bus. cards and need to edit notes. Evernote, please fix this bug in the Mac desktop app.
  3. Yes, very similar to my workflow, except I'm not using Scannable. I'm using the business card scan feature inside Evernote. Regardless, in desktop, I have the option to edit the business card note, it appears that I'm editing, but the edits are not saved. Conversely, edits are saved when I make them in the mobile Evernote app. So it's not that certain fields aren't editable, they're just not editable in Evernote desktop. This is a real workflow bummer when I'm trying to log contacts at a trade show.
  4. No, it's not that I'm editing in desktop, then not seeing changes in mobile. It's that I'm editing in desktop, but those changes aren't saved in desktop (or mobile). I Save and sync after editing (in desktop), but when I exit that note, then return to it, none of the edits are saved.
  5. Thanks gazumped, I'm using a phone with Evernote's card camera. I can edit the note/card scan on my phone, but I can't edit it in desktop. Synching isn't the problem -- the note syncs fine between mobile and desktop. I'm not trying to edit the format, just the content. For example, I can edit/add a job title in the note on my phone and the change is saved. I can also edit the job title in the desktop app, but the change isn't saved. I'll try your suggestion of making a new note and merging. thanks
  6. Hi, I've been scanning business cards -- creating notes -- at a conference today. When I go to edit them in the desktop app (much easier to type), Evernote will not save my edits. I hit "Save" but when I return to the note, all my edits are gone. The same problem does not exist with notes that are not scanned business cards; I can edit these notes on either platform and syncing works fine. This is a problem because I can't rely on Evernote to save my edits. I'm losing valuable business contact information. Suggestions? Thanks.
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