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  1. While I was wandering around today, I discovered that Dropbox Business provides a reporting option which I have been asking for from Evernote Business for a while. The ability to create reports from Evernote Business - even just generate lists - would be awesome. Here's what Dropbox Business can do for it's admins: Dropbox Business Admin - Export member data report
  2. Noticed that the created by and the shared with are the same name. Created by should be JGE Linda, and shared with should be JGE Mandy.
  3. YES! I agree Sayre. This would be great. I'm an ECC with a Evernote Business Client - 12 users, 200+ notebooks, 14,000+ notes. I want to be able to share groups of notebooks with users within the EBA, rather than individual notebooks, one at a time. This would help tremendously when staff is promoted, moved within the corporation, or bringing on new hires or temp staff. The ability to share specific Spaces with external users - such as accountants and consultants - who belong to a different EBA, or are individual Evernote Premium account holders would be incredible. As I convince mo
  4. Hi Leo! Where would you like questions sent regarding this Beta version of Evernote Business with Spaces? I've been working with it steady for the past two days and I have I have many questions!
  5. Noticed that the user's icon (their first initial) does not match the user's first name. It does match the first name of another user in the account.
  6. In 2014 I asked for the ability to generate a list of notebooks each user has joined in an Evernote Business account. Has this come to fruition yet? My original request stemmed from staff changes, and setting up the "new person" with the same notebooks their predecessor had. Now, I'm shuffling corporate employees' access with multiple Evernote Business accounts. This would really be helpful. Perhaps an add on to the admin console? Has anyone found a way around this?
  7. Feature request: Audible sound when sync is finished. Let me say I hhave been requesting this since 2013, and the response has fairly consistantly been, "would you not want us to just make the sync faster?"  Well, trying to do anything while syncing is crazy making.  My database is huge.  I mean really huge.  Synchronizing takes a long time, and if I do too much work in my Evernote, bad things can happen.  So I sync often.  I would like a sound to happen when sync finishes.  I would also like some way of knowing when (time and date) that the latest sucessful sync occurred.   Pleeze?

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