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  1. Re: the paste issue in below post, we have now logged the issue and will address it, but ETA on it is TBD at the moment.
  2. For EN Win v6.8, we will be reverting Ctrl-Shift-V (Paste & Match Style) to the way it was in prior to the EN Win v6.6 release. I.e., only the text will be pasted in - links, images, attachments, etc., will be stripped out. That is the behavior that users have come to expect, based on their experience with Evernote over the years, as well as with many other apps and web browsers. Based on user feedback, we will consider other improvements to paste in future releases.
  3. Regarding paste & match style: in the next beta, the header style from source will no longer be retained
  4. Fyi - In the next beta, when you use paste & match style, the header style from source will not be retained
  5. Thanks for reporting the issue. For tags, we use Apple's native token autocomplete, which unfortunately overwrites format when you attempt to create a new tag that is similar to an existing tag. As workarounds for this issue, you can create a tag in Application Menu > View > Tags, or you can type the tag in the editor and copy-paste it into the Tag field of a note. Thanks, Alex
  6. Hi all, I’m pleased to announce the release of Evernote for Mac v6.7! The team did a great job delivering this release. Please reply to this post and let us know how you like it! And if you find an issue, please let us know in a reply to this post. You can download the new version here or from within the app. New: • The switcher (Command-J), which allows you to switch effortlessly between your notes and notebooks, now also works for tags! • Also improved is the switcher’s matching algorithm, which now recognizes possible misspelled searches. Fixed: • Fixed several issues that were causing crashes. • Made improvements to sync performance. • Fixed an issue that prevented users from being able to accurately crop high-DPI images. • Fixed an issue that caused certain PDFs to display improperly after being annotated. • Fixed an issue that occasionally rendered links as plain text. • Enhanced the accuracy of business card scans via ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanners. • Fixed an issue with “copy note link” functionality that sometimes prevented users from opening the links. • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented business tags from displaying. Cheers, Alex
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