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  1. Ryq G's post in Can't edit document was marked as the answer   
    Hi Gazumped.
    I was using the application on my Mac.  I highlight text, but it allows me to do nothing.  But you did get me to look at the situation.  At the top of the document is an icon labeled web clipping.  (See the picture below)  When I click on that line, it allows me to simplify the formatting (remove HTML) and I can edit it.  I just didn't expect an extra step....I thought it was much like cutting and pasting.
    Oh, Evernote;..can you create an error message, so that if someone clicks on text from the web clipping that says it cannot be edited until one clicks on the right place?  Or even better let's them choose to do it if they click on the text.
    Solved! (For me, but will be encountered by many other.  (Amazing how simple many things are if there's just  a sign.)

  2. Ryq G's post in Default to start new notes on Title was marked as the answer   
    Well then it seems to me that the best solution would be to have users select their choice in Preferences.
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