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  1. Tapping internal links often brings up the keyboard/editor, rather than opening the link. Having a more precise better tappable area would be useful.
  2. The ability to swipe list items to indent them, like the native Apple Notes app, would be fantastic. Similarly, buttons on the toolbar to rearrange the vertical stacking/layout of list items (or simply dragging items) would make my workflow faster.
  3. I can no longer find notes in the native iOS Spotlight search (on the homescreen and lockscreen). This was my most frequently used feature in Evernote and saved me a lot of time – I’d love to see it back.
  4. Using the system font/SF Pro, or at least making it an option over Lato, would be fantastic.
  5. Losing quick access to checkmarks and the highlighter really compromises my workflow. It’d be amazing to have the ability to customise the toolbar, and add whatever symbols/tools we most use to the scrollable area.
  6. Thanks for sharing (and writing)! Initially it wasn't working, but I now it is (I just had to leave it a while for anyone encountering the same issues) – I'm delighted 🙂 Also for anyone else as script-illiterate as me, change the first line from ”DTLow” to whatever your computer name is 👍🏼
  7. Thanks for the responses. Upgraded to Catalina and it's working fine
  8. Would you be willing to share your script? I'd love to be able to convert a list (in Evernote or otherwise) to a separate notes.
  9. I got a new laptop in February, upgrading from OSX 10.9.5 to 10.14 (Mojave). Unfortunately, many of the keyboard shortcuts don't work, including Search Notes, Strikethrough, and Copy Note Link. I've gone into Keyboard > Shortcuts in System Preferences to manually adjust these, but no matter what I do, the shortcuts either don't register, or trigger another action (e.g. creating a new note or copying the public link). Even using the default shortcut (e.g. for Search Notes) doesn't trigger the action. Can anyone provide guidance for what I might try?
  10. Since upgrading to the latest version of Evernote (after installing OSX High Sierra) searching in evernote only finds notes I've recently created. It's as though it hasn't indexed older notes, even if I search the exact name and open & edit them. The search dose work on the web version. Any help would be appreciated – thanks!
  11. I'm using Freedom on OSX 10.9.5 to block the internet. I've managed to whitelist a few websites, including evernote.com, but I can't get Evernote Mac to continue syncing. What domains/hosts does Evernote Mac use to sync (that I might whitelist)?
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